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Published: October 31, 2019

When looking for a healthy body, exercise is, naturally, recommended. After all, it has been scientifically proven that exercise improves a lot of aspects of your life. First and foremost, you will find that you are in ever better shape. That is a given, but also it has various impacts on your everyday life. It encourages self-discipline and has great endorphins production effects, leading to the runner’s high, but also a general sense of contentment in life. But what happens when this is extended to sports. For example, a popular sport that comes to mind – basketball. What are the health benefits of basketball?

It turns out there are a lot of them and we are more than happy to list them here. So be sure to read more to find out exactly what we have in store for you.

Building up endurance and self-discipline

One of the great advantages of sports is the development of self-discipline. This is shared in some form or another with any exercise, such for example aerobic exercise. However, in multiple studies, it has been found that, for people who in particular find it difficult to keep up with a healthy and (ever more demanding) exercise schedule, it is best to enroll into a sport with high demands of physical activity and the great need for teamwork. In this health benefits of basketball shine. Basketball may be played with only one player, but also with 10, so it has a very flexible team structure. This means that in this game you can learn to play with both small and big teams, and feel yourself contributing to the win. It is this feeling that pushes you to further strides towards physical excellence!

And you will soon find that you are making great progress. After all, basketball is a fast-paced game. There is no sitting around – no one is in reserve somewhere at the pack of the field. Everyone is active all the time – with the ball or without it. With constant passing and blocking, careful maneuvering and brave charges there is a lot of demand for good endurance. You will find that you will build it very fast indeed, practically replacing any existing cardio workout.

Building your muscle mass and burning calories – One of the most important health benefits of basketball

While of course there are many benefits to hiring someone like a freelance personal trainer Dubai, or wherever you may find yourself while reading this, you will that you don’t necessarily need such things for building your muscle mass and burning those extra calories. Intensive basketball will greatly strengthen your leg, arms and core body while also burning around 700 calories each play session!

Improving concentration and spacial awareness

Basketball, being a team sport, will do wonders for your ability to calculate movements of both teammates and opposition. Not only will you have to know what your opponent is thinking of doing (all five of them in an official setup), but also of what are your teammate’s intentions.

Improving concentration and spacial awareness - concetration
Playing this dynamic and fast-paced sport will develop your mental capability

There is a lot of non-verbal communication in basketball. It is only natural. One show of hands and the pass is made. One man moves to a specific spot and, without a word, the whole team knows how to position itself for a perfect breaking of the opponent’s defense. These things can be learned, of course, no one is born knowing them. However, they will also help you intuitively implement these skills in day-to-day life outside basketball.

Positively affecting your balance and coordination

We already talked about how dynamic as port baseball is. It is a good way to be staying fit while on vacation or every day. Anywhere and at any time. However, we would like to use this opportunity to talk more about the wonders it will do for your balance and coordination. 

Positively affecting your balance and coordination
Your coordination will get a lot better at playing this famous sport!

You will find that all those fast turns at sharp angles while bouncing the ball of the court will make you learn how to balance yourself – and fast. Within weeks of active play, you will feel that you have a much better awareness of your body and the ability to control it.

Other than the health benefits of basketball

These benefits include:

  • Better teamwork – Which could be considered the health benefits of basketball into themselves, considering that they improve your social life and psyche. In basketball, you will learn how to coordinate with your team, read body movement and implement tactics without a verbal agreement. A sense of a win or a good game played also does wonders for social cohesion.
  • Not expensive and widely available – Other than some good shoes and a hoop, you don’t really need a lot for your basketball experience. It is really accessible in almost any part of the world and you can often find people on the spot ready to let you fill in for a teammate that they lack.
  • You don’t need anyone – you can always practice alone or with a single friend. This game is highly adaptable! Even though playing with friends is always good, you have the option of just letting off some steam and putting your mind to rest while shooting at the hoop.
Other than the health benefits of basketball - playing alone
As mentioned, playing basketball alone is not at all unusual

You will feel a lot of these things yourself while you figure out how to improve at basketball. You can always do some online digging for tips, however. We won’t tell. 

In conclusion

When you some it up, the health benefits of basketball are very extensive. They cover huge areas of personal health. But not only that. In addition to building up muscle and bone strength, flexibility and coordination, etc., it also improves mental capability. It even has a great effect on life in the form of better and easier socialization that naturally comes when one identifies with a team. Furthermore, it is widely available and popular, meaning that it is easy to access and requires little to no investment. And while it does require certain physical characteristics (such as height) to be particularly/professionally successful, those characteristics are not relevant to health benefits.

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