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Published: July 2, 2024

Are you looking for healthy brunch spots in Dubai? This simple guide points you to the best places where flavor meets nutrition. Perfect for locals and tourists alike, these spots offer a variety of tasty and wholesome meals. From quiet cafes to bustling eateries, discover where you can enjoy a healthful meal without sacrificing taste. Ready to upgrade your brunch experience? Let’s find your next favorite spot in Dubai’s dynamic dining scene.

Amongst Few Café

Step into Amongst Few Cafés, a gem for Dubai’s healthy eating spots. This café blends international flavors with a health-focused menu, offering dishes like za’atar croissants and miso noodle soups. Its laid-back yet appealing setting makes it a prime choice for anyone looking to balance taste with nutrition. Perfect for a casual meet-up or a quiet meal, it’s a spot where you can relax and enjoy a diverse menu. Even if you are following a training and meal plan designed by your personal trainer in Dubai this café is a great choice for staying on track while enjoying delicious food.

Healthy pancakes on a plate.
Opt for a place where you can find healthy and delicious meals.


Discover Apricot, a Mediterranean oasis right in Downtown Dubai. This charming spot offers a tranquil ambiance and a menu rich in healthy options. Thus, delight in fresh salads and nutrient-packed breakfasts, making it a prime destination for leisurely brunches. For those following weight loss meal plans in Dubai, Apricot provides delicious and wholesome fare that supports your goals. With its serene setting and health-focused menu, it’s an ideal spot for anyone seeking a healthy start to their day.


Visit Avatara to experience the fusion of vegetarian fine dining with Indian-inspired flair. Undeniably, this restaurant prides itself on using sustainable ingredients and delivering a luxurious yet health-conscious dining experience. Here, you’ll find inventive dishes that delight the taste buds, perfect for those who enjoy both indulgence and wellness. Moreover, Avatara’s commitment to eco-friendly practices enhances its charm, providing not just a meal but a holistic experience that supports sustainability.

Bounty Beets

Check out Bounty Beets for its Instagram-worthy decor and a plant-based menu. Perfect for those who appreciate meals that are as visually appealing as they are nutritious, Bounty Beets offers a variety of options, from smoothie bowls to organic coffees. For anyone following meal plan in Dubai, this spot provides delicious choices that align with your dietary goals. Explore a menu that supports your healthy lifestyle, all served in a setting that’s photo-ready at every corner.


Visit Brambles for a taste of Northern California right in Dubai. This cafe stands out with its inventive vegan and vegetarian menu, putting a fresh spin on healthy eating. Enjoy the chilled, stylish ambiance that reflects a laid-back West Coast vibe. Known as one of Dubai’s top health-conscious eateries, Brambles attracts those who love a culinary adventure. Overall, here, every dish is a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes, ensuring every visit offers something new.

Common Grounds

Discover Melbourne’s coffee culture in Dubai at Common Grounds. With multiple locations across the city, this café offers consistent quality and a range of healthy dishes, making it a favorite for health-conscious food lovers. There is nothing better than a nice brunch after a Pilates class in Dubai , and Common Grounds provides the perfect spot for it. Enjoy their diverse menu in any of the comfortable, stylish settings, perfect for a casual meet-up or a productive morning.

Meat and vegetables on a plate in one of the healthy brunch spots in Dubai.
Experience a healthy brunch in Common Grounds in Dubai.

Comptoir 102

Visit Comptoir 102 to enjoy bohemian-style dining combined with health-conscious meals. This café in Dubai serves a varied, healthy menu and also offers retail therapy with its eclectic decor and boutique items. It’s a great choice for those who appreciate a comprehensive dining experience, blending nutritious food with an artistic ambiance. The atmosphere is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy a meal that nourishes both the soul and body, offering a memorable experience that extends beyond just eating.


Cassette, nestled in Al Quoz, offers a unique setting that highlights its commitment to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. This café stands out with its diverse menu that spans all mealtimes, from breakfast through dinner. Each dish showcases the creativity and high quality of the ingredients used, appealing to those seeking innovative plant-based options. Cassette is the ideal place for food lovers seeking delicious meals and a relaxed, artistic atmosphere.

Daughter and Dad Coffee

Daughter and Dad Coffee creates a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere that complements its plant-based menu. This café embraces sustainability, offering a comfortable spot for those mindful of their health and the environment. Moreover, it combines eco-friendly practices with innovative cooking, making every visit beneficial for both personal wellness and ecological health. Firmly committed to sustainable methods and materials, Daughter and Dad Coffee also acts as a community hub for those dedicated to their health and the planet.

Feels Juice Bar & Kitchen

Check out Feels Juice Bar & Kitchen for its lively and fresh offerings. This brunch spot in Dubai is perfect for anyone looking to boost their health with superfoods and plant-based ingredients. It’s an ideal choice for a nutritious pick-me-up, offering a variety of juices, smoothies, and meals that are as delicious as they are healthy. Additionally, their commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients makes every visit a refreshing experience.

Fruit juice with lime and ice in the bucket in one of the healthy brunch spots in Dubai.
Take time to refresh in one of the healthy brunch spots in Dubai.

Which of These Healthy Brunch Spots in Dubai Will You Try Next?

Choosing the right healthy brunch spots in Dubai is about more than just food – it’s about embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes wellness. Each spot we’ve explored offers different qualities that cater to different tastes and health and fitness goals. If you are a local or even a visitor, these places promise delicious meals that nourish both body and mind. So, make your next brunch a step towards healthier living by visiting these standout spots. Each visit supports a lifestyle choice committed to wellness.

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