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Published: February 27, 2019

Are you feeling not like yourself lately? Is the lack of energy and motivation bothering you? Do you have plans piling up because you can’t manage to finish anything you start? If you recognize yourself in these situations, it’s time to make some changes. Everyone goes through different and difficult stages in their lives. It is only natural that you can’t maintain the same level of energy all the time. It’s normal to have ups and downs, of course. However, it is important to know that you don’t have to stay in the down phase if you don’t want to. Take some time to consolidate and then make sure to find ways to help yourself move past those blue times. We have prepared some healthy lifestyle-changing time management hacks to help you as well. Brace yourself for lifting up and enjoy the process.

Why do we need healthy lifestyle-changing time management?

Many people believe in destiny and genes and that it doesn’t really matter how they live, because what will be will be. However, deep down they probably know that their destiny is in their own hands. They just didn’t find the right motivation to do something good for themselves and start healthy lifestyle-changing time management. Firstly, they believe that with all those daily obligations around work and family they don’t have the time to commit to themselves. But, the good news is that when there’s a will there’s a way. Maybe all you need is this article about time management to help you put your priorities into perspective and take matters into your hands.

Text about physical and mental health
Take care of your physical and mental health

Living a healthy lifestyle will come to you naturally after some time. So, all you have to do is start! And don’t wait for another Monday or the 1st in a month. Even today you can find your personal trainer Dubai and start living a healthy lifestyle. He or she will help you firstly with motivation, which you need the most in the beginning. Afterward, you can rely on them for healthy lifestyle tips about workouts and nutrition. When you combine that with effective time management, even the sky will not be a limit for you. You will learn that with good motivation and proper organization, anything is possible and manageable.

The answer

So, to return to a question from the beginning – why do you need healthy lifestyle-changing time management? Because you want to be the best version of yourself. You want to wake up happy and believe in yourself every day. When you comprehend that you are in control of your life and time, you will suddenly realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. There will still be days when you will be feeling down. Primarily, because life isn’t just about what we do and what are our time management skills. Life is also about external events that can cause various emotions, which you shouldn’t dismiss. You are allowed to feel sad, angry or disappointed if those are the circumstances. However, when you master the art of healthy lifestyle-changing time management, you will be able to get into the right track fairly quickly. And resume a healthy lifestyle.

Time management hacks that successful people use every day

People are not born successful. They can be born into a wealthy family, but that is a long way from being successful. You become successful. And you become that by being persistent, focused and organized. You need to have your priorities straight and then figure out what are your goals. After you decide on that, you have to understand that you can’t achieve a goal overnight. So you should divide your effort into many smaller tasks. Completing one by one, you will be closer to your goal every day.

Time management hacks successful people do daily
Try these hacks to be more successful

You shouldn’t give up when things get hard, of course, but you should set realistic expectations from yourself. Also, in order to lead a prosperous and healthy life, you need to be able to recognize when enough is enough. At that moment, find the strength to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. A good consolidation can take you a long way. After a while, you will know exactly what are your strengths and weaknesses and that is a great thing. Knowing that information will help you to figure out what can you do by yourself, and what activities require you to get some help. That isn’t applicable only in business. On the contrary, it should be one of your guidelines in life.

What sets the best managers apart?

The best managers know how to effectively delegate tasks. They know that the day isn’t long enough for them to do everything by themselves. That is why the ones who are most successful are actually the best at effective time management. They don’t pretend that they know everything and that they can do everything alone. They get help. And because the physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle, they make sure to put their time management skills in work and put that in their daily routine.

Since they can’t afford the time to learn everything there is to know about fitness and healthy lifestyle tips, they play it smart. In order to stay fit and healthy, you too should consider hiring some fitness trainer Dubai to help you accomplish your goals. A personal trainer will meet your needs in terms of timing and possibilities. He or she will make sure to guide you according to your own shape, form, and goals. They will provide you with motivation and useful tips for a healthy life.

What does a healthy lifestyle mean?

A healthy lifestyle can mean a lot of things. There are so many health tips for women and men everywhere, that it is getting confusing. That is why we have prepared some main points in order to lead a healthy life.

healthy lifestyle facts
Use these healthy lifestyle tips to feel better
  • eat healthily – stay away from junk food (unfortunately, nine out of ten people prefer fast food over healthy meals and snacks, 1/4 of adults eat 3 or more fast food meals every week, it is recommended to have 25g of sugar for women and 38g for men daily and 1 big cup of carbonated soft drink contains 86g of sugar, you need more than 3h to burn 2,000 calories, and one fast food meal contains around 1,500 calories),
  • maintain physical activity to stay fit and control your bodyweight – if you don’t like gym, try Zumba dance classes (it can burn you between 350 and 650 calories per hour!), Salsa, Pilates, or Yoga (around 300 million people worldwide practice Yoga, mostly for stress relief and flexibility),
  • avoid auto-destructive habits – make sure you love yourself in order to be able to love others, that goes from not smoking (1.1 billion people smoke worldwide, 30% of Dubai population are smokers, one cigarette cuts 5 – 11 minutes from your life, reducing your life expectancy by almost 12 years) to using the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • express your emotions properly – health tips for women and men both include clear expression of emotions (numbers are pretty low, people who visit psychologists regularly – high class 4.8%, middle class 1.6%, low class 0.5% of the whole population).

Why is it important to follow these guidelines when creating a healthy lifestyle?

Once you master these health tips for women and men both, you will start to see big changes in your life. You will feel much lighter, well-rested and energetic. And when you combine them whit the time management skills that we have prepared for you, there will be no stopping you!

Eat healthily

Firstly, you must stop skipping meals. We know that you are busy, but so is your body. It has to carry you through the day, and through your life for that matter. So you need to respect it and take good care of it. If you starve it, it will develop the bad habit of overeating every time it has a chance. It is always better to eat many smaller dishes a day, as opposed to eating two or three times a day bigger amounts of food.

However, it is crucial that you don’t eat unhealthy food. Make sure to have as much as possible fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy fats. We know you sometimes have to eat even the unhealthy food, but try to restrain yourself from processed meat, sugar in all shapes and forms (in sweets and beverages) and trans fat.

How to plan your meals

Of course, you need to plan your meals in a way to not disturb your workouts. Make sure not to eat at least one hour before you start exercising. And, the most important thing – drink a lot of water. All-day, every day. People sometimes forget about this healthiest beverage, but it is crucial you increase the consumption of it. If you have a problem remembering it, set the alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder to drink water. Better yet, always have a bottle of soda-free water by your side. Whether you are at work, in a gym or a grocery store shopping, take your water with you. Your cells, muscles, and brain need you to stay hydrated all the time.

Maintain physical activity to stay fit and control your body weight

Our bodies are not meant to be always in the same place. To progress in life, we need to move. Metaphorically and literally. However, nowadays, more and more jobs require us to sit for more than eight hours a day. We sit in our cars while we commute, and then in our homes again. So you have to find a way to put your time management skills in work and organize some physical activities. A lot of people automatically assume that they are obligated to go to the gym. Although having a personal trainer is the best way to have your work monitored, that is not the only way to start moving.

Any kind of workout will do wonders for your well being. You can set aside 45 minutes a day to start your morning with jogging. Or do some cardio workout at home, if the weather is bad. There is no special equipment that you need, just a pair of sneakers and leggings or shorts, and a T-shirt. You don’t need to have a gym nearby or any special skill in order to go out and run. The streets around your home can provide terrain for that. Just make sure to stay safe and avoid injuries.

Make a healthy lifestyle fun!

If you are a person who loves music, you can find some physical activity closely connected to music. We suggest you try Zumba dance classes. Again, you don’t need any kind of special equipment, and you will be able to shake off any type of stress very quickly. The great news is that you will have a Zumba dance trainer to monitor your moves, motivate you and help you prevent possible injuries. And the best part of it is that it’s really fun!

No excuses!

As you can see, working out doesn’t have to be strictly in a gym, with big equipment. Sometimes it is enough to have any kind of excuse to move your body at least for an hour, three times a week. It will help you control your blood pressure, maintain your weight and stay in form.

Of course, if you have specific goals in terms of body weight and body shape, the fastest and safest way to that is with the help of a personal trainer. But, if you just need recreation to be living a healthy lifestyle, do your best to avoid sitting and incorporate any kind of movements in your everyday life. You will stay in form and exercises will help you get rid of the back pain you are suffering from. Quit using elevators and start going up and down the stairs. Avoid the car and walk every time you get the chance. Go out and dance, instead of staying in with a TV on.

Avoid auto-destructive habits

A purple fruit shake
Instead of alcohol and smoking, get addicted to fruit and power shakes

All healthy lifestyle tips have something else in common. If you are interested in leading a healthy lifestyle, you should stop with all auto-destructive habits. That means moderate alcohol drinking, no smoking and certainly no drugs. When it comes to alcohol, health tips for women suggest between 5 and 15 grams per day and 5 to 30 grams for men. That is approximately one glass of beer, wine or spirits. Meaning that there is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice wine over dinner, you just have to be in moderation.

The different story goes with smoking and drugs. Any amount of both is unhealthy for you. Not just they have a bad influence on your body, but on your mind also. Auto-destructive habits include over-eating, eating only junk food and sweets, not having enough sleep and not doing anything good for your body. In this modern age, when you can find so much help and health tips online, there really are no excuses. If you don’t have enough time or money to commit to gym training, there are some free workout apps to get healthy and stay fit. Use them to dismiss all the bad habits you have, or at least as much as possible.

Express your emotions properly

In order for you to lead a healthy life, you should be able to get in touch with your feelings. Whether you are sad, angry or unsatisfied in any way, you should figure out what is causing that and find a solution. The same goes for positive emotions. Talk to your friends, family, significant other or a therapist to get the proper help. Make sure to express yourself accordingly and you will feel much better every day. However, no matter what your emotions are, you should find a way to incorporate these healthy lifestyle-changing time management hacks into your everyday life. That will help you maintain your balance, strength and, of course, health.

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