Hidden Dangers of Online Training and Why You Need an In-Person Trainer in Dubai

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Published: April 3, 2023

Nowadays, numerous certified and uncertified fitness trainers and influencers post their workouts and workout-related content on social media. Since the choices are so many, we can’t often be 100% sure if someone is legit or not, so we choose someone who is most appealing to us. After all, it doesn’t matter who we choose; all that we care about are the results. Well, things may not be so simple, and they shouldn’t be. Choosing random workout sessions you find on social media or working with a non-certified online coach can reveal some hidden dangers of online training. This is why the best idea would be to work with professionals, such as DubaiPT Personal Trainers. Nevertheless, if you are doing random online workouts, reading this article may prove to be very helpful to you.

Most common problems that occur if you train online

Sometimes, it can be very challenging to motivate yourself to go to the gym; we get that. You calculate how much time you will need to get ready, get to the gym, do a session, and come back, which can feel overwhelming. Instead, you find an online workout or a random online coach so you can manage your time more efficiently. But is that a good idea?

Women exercising in person avoid dangers of online training
With so many online workout options from influencers and uncertified personal trainers, there are many hidden dangers of online training.

Very often, when not knowing the hidden dangers of online training, we can encounter many problems that can prevent us from reaching our fitness goals, even if we find the best exercises to lose weight. Some of the most frequent dangers are the following:

  • High chances of injury –  This is one of the most frequently experienced hidden dangers of online training. Even if the person on the screen knows what they are doing, they or may not perform the exercise correctly, which can lead to injury.
  • Not seeing the results you want – Since there is no structured plan for exercising, it’s very likely that you won’t achieve the results you want.
  • No nutritional advice – Without proper nutrition, working out won’t have much of a point.
  • You are more likely to quit – When engaging in online training, you are highly likely to experience all the things we listed above. If that happens, you will most likely lose motivation to work out and quit before reaching your fitness goals.

One of the most frequent hidden dangers of online training is experiencing injuries

People often think that exercising is something that they should be doing alone. However, most people who try to be their own personal trainers without experience and proper education injure themselves when working out. For example, your search for back pain exercises and find some of them online, but do them in an incorrect way that leads to even more back pain. This is certainly not a wise thing to do. Even if the online trainers you are watching do all the exercises correctly, watching them on a tiny screen isn’t enough to perform an exercise.

a pair of weights
Training alone can increase the chances of injury, prevent you from reaching your fitness goals, limit your knowledge of nutrition, and even make you lose motivation.

Instead, if you insist on working out at home, you can find some of the best workout apps where there will be instructions on how to do an exercise properly. However, working with a professional trainer will bring the risks of injury to a minimum. A certified trainer will show you exactly how to perform an exercise, and they will even correct your form if you slip out of it while doing an activity.

You probably won’t see the results you want

Imagine you want to achieve specific fitness goals; for example, you want to get abs. Most people who think they can reach them without the proper knowledge that a personal trainer has will probably start doing crunches every day, maybe for a significant amount of time.

However, a certified trainer knows that this isn’t the way to do it. In order to achieve this specific fitness goal, you will have to modify your nutrition and perform a personalized workout routine that takes into consideration your physical characteristic and abilities. Last but not least, crunches aren’t even the best exercise to get abs. Have you ever heard of CrossFit training? A certified trainer will tell you all about it.

You won’t learn the importance of nutrition

We already know that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, and one is pretty much useless without the other. This is why working out with a professional trainer is so crucial! They know what type of nutrition would be best to achieve the results you want. If a professional trainer comes up with a meal plan for you, you can rest assured that you will lose weight or gain muscle while eating delicious food!

food with nutritional values that will help you avoid one of the biggest hidden dangers of online training
You can’t have fitness results without the guidance that can only be given by a certified personal trainer.

You are more likely to lose motivation for working out

Consistency is key to getting results. However, when you don’t have a carefully planned workout program, things can get difficult. When you do workouts randomly, without a plan, you most likely won’t see results. Furthermore, all the things we mentioned above will likely happen. When you don’t see the results you want, giving up is quite likely. Nothing brings motivation down like not seeing results for your hard work. Therefore, do your best to avoid this!

Value expert’s knowledge and experience

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will see what are some hidden dangers of online training. Whether you are doing random workout videos or have an online coach, it’s likely that you won’t see the results you want unless you work out with a trainer in person. Working with a trainer in person will help you get results faster and avoid the dangers mentioned, and enjoy Dubai, UAE to the fullest.

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