HIIT workout for beginners – where to start?

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If you want to get in shape by the end of this summer, you need to start now. However, keep in mind that the process of losing weight, muscle gain, and everything related to that, takes time and effort. Therefore, don’t expect your results to happen overnight. Still, if you follow through, you could have the outcome you want much sooner than you expect it. Our Dubai PT will help you with that task and with HIIT workout for beginners. Before you start, make sure you have the power of will and determination. If not, better don’t start yet. The key is to start once you feel really ready.

Workout for beginners

Have you heard of the saying that it takes 21 days to make the change and 90 days to create a lifestyle? Well, that’s kind of how it goes. If you really want to make the change happen, you will, above all, develop a healthy mindset. Since everyone knows that change doesn’t happen overnight, you will be the first to embrace that fact. Having that type of mindset is what keeps you motivated even when you feel like giving up. If your goal is to lose weight, a fat loss workout program will be the first thing you will turn to. However, losing fat can’t happen if you’re not taking care of your nutrition. You can’t ride a bike without the peddles, so to say.

A swimmer swimming fly
Swimming is also a great way to achieve some great goals.

First of all, you want to get a positive boost from your first day of workouts. Therefore, you should engage your whole body in that process. Here are some of these exercises:

  • Plank
  • Glute bridge
  • Lunges and alternative reverse lunge
  • Pull down
  • Push ups

Starting off with that and then gradually moving towards some other workouts with higher intensity will get you closer to your goal. Aerobic exercise also has a positive impact on your body and will definitely boost your shape.

How to achieve the maximum results?

When it comes to choosing the best exercises for achieving maximum results, you should know that those vary depending on the body type. If you have a different body type than someone, the type of exercise you shall do will also be different than that person. Our exercises are the ones you can practice at home as well. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. You might as well exercise in your favorite room next to the TV. However, don’t let any external factors distract you from your workout.

Here are some of the most effective exercises you can do for maximum results:

  • Walking – You can use the treadmill for things other than running. Or, you could develop a routine where you will walk 10,000 steps each morning or evening. That will help you burn calories without even noticing.
  • Squats – This is a simple workout that includes several groups of muscles. It can help you get in shape faster and will help you strengthen your quads.
  • Swimming – This is more than an exercise. Swimming is a sport. No wonder it’s one of the main three sports. It affects all your muscles and gives you incredible power and strength. It also burns a lot of calories and gets you in shape quickly.
  • Kettlebell swings – This exercise helps strengthen your back, lower back, bottom, and arms. It will also help you find balance.
Man running outside
You can do your HIIT workout outside of the gym as well.

HIIT workout – what is it and what to know about it?

So, we have come to the main part – HIIT workout for beginners. It’s time to dedicate yourself to this workout plan because it will really benefit you. Whether you’re new to the gym or you’re a regular visitor, this will definitely be a new thing for you. HIIT or high intensity interval training is a form, or better say a type of workout that does two main things – boosts your strength and speeds up your metabolism. Moreover, it affects your core muscles and helps you get in shape faster. The workout itself varies with the time you have at your disposal. If you, for instance, decide to start off with 5 or 10 minutes per session, you should do:

  • Side plank rotations
  • Jumping jacks
  • Half-burpees
  • Jump rope
  • Repeat the cycle

HIIT workout for beginners – how to accomplish your summer goal?

To continue, HIIT workout for beginners is something that affects your entire body. HIIT workout can even bring your energy level on a higher step. However, you should know that whatever you plan on doing, you should start off easy. You can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the exercises, which is why taking things slowly is a must.

You can make a different kind of combinations with your HIIT workout for beginners. Whether you will choose to start with burpees and then switch on to plank, is up to you. However, be consistent! Intensity is not the point in this case. Even though this type of workout contains the word intensity, it doesn’t refer to that.

Woman exercising in the gym
It all comes down to being consistent.

Have in mind things apart from your practice

HIIT workout for beginners is a great way to get shredded for the summer. But, keep in mind that this workout will not pay off if you don’t make some other changes in your life. For instance, you know how nutrition is important for your health and workout. Additionally, you need to have rest days and focus on something else. Everything will happen if you’re determined and dedicated to your goal.

Get ready to look fit

Once you discovered HIIT workout for beginners, you can get right to it. Life in Dubai kind of dictates a healthy lifestyle and the overall way of life. It can really motivate people to look their best. As time goes by, you will notice some change in your body. That is good. Just make sure to continue with your work and you will definitely look just the way you imagined.


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