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Published: May 21, 2021

What is the most tiring part of every workout? If you are like the majority of people, then this is the leg day. It is a necessary evil for many – even the best personal trainers in Dubai! However, while you are walking around like a duck, with pain throughout all your legs, you should also think about just how essential this type of workout is. Today, we take a look at this dreaded part of your exercise week – hopefully, once you learn just how important it is, it will not come so tough further on!

Building more muscle is always good!

The largest muscle in your body is the gluteus maximus – or your behind. And since all your workout schedules need to include all muscles, this is the one you should pay attention to as well. However, the bigger the muscle is, the more energy you will need for it. Thus, due to its size, working out your gluteus maximus requires a huge amount of energy.

a man's legs
Never skip your leg day!

Working out your lower muscles – just like any other one, really – will get your heart rate going. This way, you will be also burning quite a lot of calories! This is always great – and might be one of the main focus points of your CrossFit training! So, doing things like compound exercises will work your biggest muscles, and you will be losing calories this way.

As a matter of fact, the Journal of Applied Physiology was tracking how much an average athlete loses energy and how his metabolism works after heavy resistance moves. What they found out was astounding! After just 90 minutes of training – which includes squats and deadlifts – helps your metabolic rates go sky high! This output remains for hours throughout your leg day, which means you will be losing calories like nothing when working these dreaded exercises!

Skipping leg day might get you compared to an animal

Of the most notorious terms in the personal trainer world is “chicken legs”. You get called this when you decide to skip on a couple of leg days – or just ignore them completely. When bodybuilding, you usually want your body to be symmetrical. However, by skipping a certain part of your body, you will build muscle in some parts of your body while others remain the same. And so, a lot of people build up their arms and chest while completely ignoring their legs – gaining this nickname.

a rooster
Make sure you keep your body symmetrical!

This is why it is important to switch up your workouts throughout your week. For the same reason, you should also keep exercising during the holidays, too! There are many workouts that you can do at home – and our professional personal trainers can easily show you how to do them when contacting us.

You will become a better athlete overall

There is a thing that our legs do that people often forget – or do not even know about. However, it is your legs and your core that help you a lot when lifting weights. As a matter of fact, these two parts of your body produce the most power during these exercises. This is true even when you are bench-pressing. Your legs and lower bodywork provide a stable platform for your arms to pump.

However, a lot of weightlifters ignore this fact and do not include a leg day in their exercise schedule. But this is why you need to make time for it, even with a busy schedule. If you lack the proper leg muscle, your big lifts will not be as big! But doing deadlifts and similar functional exercises will help build legs, glutes, and lower body, while also working on other muscle groups as well. This also helps build up your core, which then supports everything else your body is capable of doing!

Reduce the risk of injury with a good leg day

Other than building up muscle and helping support your body through other exercises, a good leg day will also be essential in reducing the risk of injury when working out! When you want to recover from a sports injury, make sure you have a chat with your personal trainer about how to do it with ease!

We already mentioned that it will help your body with all movements – including the range of motion in your muscles. So, by working on your legs, you will be able to create more effective workouts in other muscle groups too! This can only lead to getting better results and becoming a much better athlete – which is not a small thing! This is why these workouts are really essential in other sports too, as well as fitness.

a doll with back pain
Reduce the risk of back pain with a leg day!

Finally, there are many chronic illnesses that can happen from muscle imbalance, poorly conditioned hamstrings, and lack of mobility. These can lead to lower back pain and even ACL injuries. So, adding squats, lunges, and deadlifts into your routine will help you work out your hamstrings. They will also build muscle in your joints, which makes you a more stable and mobile person.


To conclude, there is a lot of work to do on your legs – and a leg day is something you should never skip! It will help you build more muscle, which then leads to the loss of calories. What’s more, legs have some of the biggest muscles in your body, so you will burn most calories with these exercises. You will be able to avoid being called names by working on your legs, and your body will be more asymmetric. Not only that, but you will become a better athlete since your legs and core help support you with everything. So make sure you pick up your phone and contact us today! We will help you develop a leg routine that will keep you strong and healthy!

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