How to add cross training to your workouts

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Published: June 4, 2019

We make our workout routines so they can produce the most results in the amount of time that we have. And we also tend to mix up different exercises not exclusively because they target different muscle areas. But also because we want to make our workout routines a little bit more interesting and diverse. And that’s where cross training comes in. It uses many different types of exercises that are different then what we are used to. So, implementing in your workout routine can be a nice change of pace. But, how to do it properly? With so many different exercises it can be hard to put it all together.

The benefits of cross training in your workout

Changing up your exercise routine can have a great impact on your workout. It will improve your overall health and fitness. And will keep you from getting bored by the same exercises repeated over and over again. A change of pace can also be very beneficial for your workout. By implementing CrossFit workouts into your workout routine you will also make it a little harder.  And that will keep you on your toes and make you work on a wider range of your muscles.

man doing cross training
Implementing cross training into your workout routine can have a great impact on your body!

Make workout more interesting by implementing cross training

Working out is something that we all like to do. We work long and hard in order to gain results from it. And once we find the workout routine that we feel comfortable with we tend to stick to it. But, repeating the same sets of exercises every time can become tedious and boring. That’s why implementing cross training into your workout can be very beneficial. It will keep things interesting. And keep you motivated to continue with your workouts and work even harder.

Wider variety of exercises are good for the muscles

The main goal of exercises is to increase the demand on our body. Which in turn make us breathe harder, increase the blood flow and muscle load. We stress our body so it can adapt to it and become even stronger. But, over time, by repeating the same sets of exercises, our body can adapt really well to them. They become easier over time and our bodies no longer need to put that much extra effort. So, changing the pace of exercises can be very beneficial. You can work with your personal trainer Dubai to change things up in the gym. But, given enough time, the body will adapt to the most regular exercises. So, by implementing cross training exercises we can shake things up a little bit.

man in a gym
Cross training can be very fun as well

Cross training increases metabolism

When you first start working out, it’s a big shock to your body. And so, the metabolism increases to compensate for the added load. But, over time, as you get used to the set of exercises you have chosen, the metabolism tends to stagnate. CrossFit workouts are great for breaking the routine and kickstarting it again. By doing many different workouts without a set routine your body will have to work hard again. And you will start burning calories much faster.

Decrease the chance of injury

Doing the same exercise for a long time is bad for your body. It increases the chance of injury since only a certain part of the body is put under stress. Your bones, ligaments and even muscles can degrade due to repeated stress. Just ask professional athletes. But, by mixing things a little bit from time to time, you can avoid workout injuries. It will allow your body to properly recover while you continue working out.

injured fingers
Mixing up your workout routine can prevent injuries

How to implement cross training into your workouts?

The way that you implement cross training into your workouts depends on what your workout routine looks like. But, the beauty of it is that no matter if you are working out in a gym or exercising outdoors, there are always ways to implement cross-training into your workout routine.

Mix running and swimming

Running is a great form of exercise. It’s easy to do and you can do it just about anywhere. It’s no wonder that many people do it on a regular basis. But, doing it every day for a long period of time puts unneeded stress on your joints. To mix things up a little bit, you can substitute running with swimming. Talk with your fitness instructor Dubai about ways in which you can incorporate swimming into your routine. For example, instead of running every day, you can pick two days a week and go swimming. Not only will it be more interesting, but you will give your feet time to rest and recuperate.

man swimming in a pool as part of cross training
By adding swimming into your workout routine you can have fun and make your results better

Yoga is a great way to break the repetitive-movement routine

Another interesting way of breaking your routine is to do Yoga once or twice a week. Yoga is especially beneficial to people who play sports with repetitive movement patterns. Or for people whose workout routines involve a lot of repetitions. So, finding a good Yoga instructor Dubai should definitely be an item on your list. Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind tight muscles. While at the same time providing you with a workout for your entire body. Benefits of it don’t stop there. It’s also very beneficial for your flexibility, balance, and mind as well.

Hiking is a fun way to workout

Cross training is a great way to introduce a little bit of fun into your workout. And one of the best ways to do so it by doing fun activities that actually help you gain endurance. Hiking is a great way to do that. You can do it alone or with a couple of friends. You can go hiking in the UAE once a week or even once a month. And it can be a great substitute for a day of an intense workout. All while spending time with your friends doing something that you like. And enjoying nature.

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