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Published: October 19, 2020

You are aware that exercising is healthy and widely recommended to everyone on some level. It can be a way of life, a recreational daily task, or something that you incorporate with your weekly schedule as a healthy habit. Whatever exercising represents for you, you can experience a certain unwanted effect that is commonly referred to as exercise burnout. What this is, what it means, and what you should do to avoid exercise burnout, you will find out further in the article that we have prepared for you.

Before you find out how to avoid exercise burnout, find out what exactly that is

People who have experienced this know exactly how distracting it can be and how it can interfere with your daily life if you do not know that it happened. To explain it in a simple way, exercise burnout is something that you experience when you either work out too much or too often and not accordingly to your capabilities. This is what some of our best personal trainers in Dubai never allow to happen. Common symptoms of exercise burnout include:

  1. Exhaustion and low energy levels
  2. Constant muscle ache or delayed recovery time
  3. Decreased performance in the gym or in general every day activities
  4. Diminished heart rate and insomnia

These and many other symptoms can be an indication that you are experiencing exercise burnout. Of course, this only applies to people who work out regularly or every day.

A woman who did not avoid exercise burnout.
Bad performance at work and a constant lack of energy could be signs of exercise burnout.

What can you do to avoid exercise burnout?

Generally, people who exercise regularly, or have been working out most of their lives, have certainly experienced this more than once. It is normal and is not dangerous or life-threatening. Still, it can interfere with your daily activities and can be very stressful if you do not know how to detect it. We will now explain what you can do, on your end, to avoid or, better said, prevent exercise burnout.

Hire a professional personal trainer

The first thing you can do to avoid this is to hire a professional to train you. You can easily find a fitness instructor Dubai residents will gladly recommend. One who will give you the dedication you deserve. Instructors know exactly what question to ask you and what exercise and diet regime to give you in order for you to quickly achieve your wanted results without experiencing exercise burnouts. Especially because they tend to slow down the progress you would normally achieve. They have experience and knowledge that will be at your disposal which is almost a guarantee that you will avoid all negative effects of improper exercises.

A girl doing an exercise with her instructor.
Hiring a professional might help you avoid exercise burnout.

Plan your schedule accordingly

It is very important that your workout regime and your daily schedule are complementary to one another. You must have enough time to take breaks between all tasks that use up most of your energy. For example, when you finish your working hours, it would be wise to have lunch, rest a bit, and then exercise. Since many do not have regular schedules, the only important thing is for them to leave enough time for both breaks and healthy food. Low energy and skipping meals are some of the main reasons people experience exercise burnouts. It is fairly common in the world we know today, for people to have too many obligations and tight schedules. When they try to do everything, they end up incapable to do anything. We are not superheroes.

If you do not have time to exercise every day, then exercise a few days a week. It is better to visit the gym fewer times than you did than to visit it every day, burnout, and then not exercise for two weeks until you recover completely. Also, it is very important what you do after your work and how you treat your sore muscles

A healthy diet cannot be emphasized enough

This is an old story people keep mentioning but no one seems to take it seriously. A proper diet really does make that big of a difference. The important thing everyone seems to forget about is the fact that your diet cannot be downloaded off the internet. It must be made especially for you and according to your organism. Thinking that junk food affects your health only a little is definitely not true. Eating one meal that is unhealthy affects your performance more than you think. Having this in mind, maybe it is time to take your diet regime a little bit more seriously than you used to. 

If you want to avoid exercise burnout, you cannot compare yourself to others

There are many people who exercise and have a lot of energy, time for everything they must do, and they seem as if they can do everything. First of all, just because it seems like that, it does not mean that it is like that. Second of all, every person is different. You and your colleague cannot have the exact same performance and neither can you and the people from the gym. If you want to avoid overworking yourself, you cannot compare yourself to others. How can they do it but you cannot? It does not matter and you should not care. What you should care about is listening to your own body and mind and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. Maybe that is exactly what those other, almighty, people do?

A girl aiming to achieve the same position as another girl.
Do not compare yourself to others but keep getting better every day.

That was all from us, the rest is all up to you

If you follow our advice and suggestions, you will probably avoid exercise burnout. Nevertheless, the best way to do this is to have your own trainer in the city of Dubai who will help you make workout schedules, diet changes, and everything else. Treat yourself seriously and be aware that everything is relative. Your day can be a good one or a bad one and that can also have an impact on whether you experience burnout or not. We wish you good luck. 

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