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Published: August 25, 2020

Do you want to become a personal trainer? There are many amazing personal trainer jobs in Dubai – and you can be one of them too! However, this is not an easy feat – you will need to learn and do a lot! But worry not, we are here to help you and guide you to the process. With us on your side, you will become the best personal trainer you can be! That’s why we wrote this article! Today, you are about to find out how to be an awesome personal trainer! Buckle up, keep reading, and let’s start!

Make sure you lead your trainees

One of the main things that separate good personal trainers from the bad ones is the way they lead their clients. You are not there to “cheer them on” or demand that they do one exercise after another. Instead, you should be a bit more supportive – a leader. Your goal is to create their desire to pursue fitness and activities even when they are not working for you. This way, they can be independent, but you can still give them pointers and support them along the way.

Think about this when you get new personal training clients. You’re not supposed to make them break a sweat, and then say “great job” and call it a day – especially if they didn’t do well. Instead, you should lead them through the exercises. Try to find out why they reached out, and use that as an “internal motor.” Basically, find a way to push them forward through their needs. For example, if a person wants to gain more muscle mass, get them interested in doing that themselves instead of through your help. They will keep coming back, but they will also be more confident and independent.

a person feeling sick
Intense training can make a person feel nauseated.

The little hidden secret only amazing personal trainers know – you make yourself unnecessary and people flourish as you have never seen! They will put in the work while you get the credit all for yourself. The reason is simple – your clients started looking at fitness as something engaging. When you change the way they approach exercises, you change their attitude – and thus their body changes because of this.

Don’t ask how to be an awesome personal trainer – listen to the client!

Another thing you will need to watch out for is not to fall into a niche. If you start a fitness business from home, you might want to do this based on what tools you have. Instead, try to focus on the results that you want to achieve with your clients. Your equipment might limit what you can do with your trainees – but you can overcome this with your creativity, your abilities, and your professionalism.

And this is where you can stand out from other trainers in Dubai! You can be the person that listens to the clients and their needs. From that – and what you have to offer – you can create a deeply personalized training schedule and routine. This way, you can work with their personal preferences, and they will highly appreciate it.


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Adjust your routine to the client and they will be happy with you!

We can say the same about the technology you are using. Nowadays, the internet is full of smart devices or software your clients can use to track their body shape or their weight and similar data. However, not everybody likes using these. While some will embrace whatever you have to offer, others will not feel at ease with these apps. This is why it’s important for you to work closely with your clients and come up with a fitness program that will suit people personally. This includes the exercises, but also the equipment and tools you are using.

Be smart with the intensity

As a good fitness trainer Dubai, you will need to be careful about how intense your workouts need to be. There are trainers who love working their clients until they are sick – but not many enjoy this. An intense workout can be quite useful but is just not for everyone. People will not want to work with you if they cannot get out of their beds in the morning! What’s more, intense workouts can lead to injury, which can even be more devastating.

But why is intense training so popular? Well, people usually want to get in shape fast. And this usually leads to many trainers to go for a super-intense training. And yes, it will give you results. However, if you are wondering how to be an awesome personal trainer, then you will need to modify the routine based on the person you are working with.

a man struggling with a jar of pickles
Don’t go too intense or your clients will never recommend you!

This will, of course, depend on how prepared the person is for their training. You will want to talk to them about their experience and their needs. Then, carefully create a routine. But it doesn’t end here! You will want to modify the routine as you go. Carefully watch how your client progresses and the gains they are reaping. Sometimes, they might not want to comment on it, or they will be too shy to do so. You, as the lead, need to take charge and change up the routine. This way, you will have your client and become the best trainer possible!

How to be an awesome personal trainer? It’s not that tough!

As you can see, becoming the best possible personal trainer in Dubai city doesn’t need to be hard! All you need to do is to carefully listen to your clients’ wishes and needs. They will be your best support if you support them – it’s a two-way street! Be thoughtful, considerate, and professional – and you will build your career in no time!

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