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Becoming a personal trainer is maybe your lifelong dream! And right now, by all statistics, UAE is a perfect place to start your career. There are a lot of personal trainer jobs in Dubai on the market right now. So, if you want to explore the world now is the right moment to become a personal trainer in UAE. there are certain criteria and rules that you need to meet, but nothing to worry about there. We gathered all the important information, so you can easily fulfill your dream!

The first step to becoming a personal trainer in UAE?

Well, first of all, there is a certain criterion that you need in order to apply for permission to work as a personal trainer in UAE. Since there are a lot of personal trainers in UAE you need to have a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. That is the entry level for the UAE market of personal trainers. This gives you the opportunity to work in a gym with a client one on one or to be a freelance personal trainer.

diploma for an option to become a personal trainer in UAE
You need to meet certain criteria in order to work in the UAE

besides the basic qualification for this, you need to obtain a license. You must apply to a UAE free zone that offers sports services. After this step, the next step is to apply and become a member of the UAE‘s Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs UAE). This is a public register listing all fitness professionals who are approved to work in UAE. This is mandatory, and besides the fact that you will be working legally in the UAE, the clients will feel safe to hire you.

Do you want to open your personal studio?

This is a very important thing to decide since it will determine the course of your stay in the UAE. You need to gain some experience, and you need to build your client base. Also, if you plan on opening your own studio you will have to obtain more licenses, visas and similar. So, this decision is up to you. generally speaking, people rather start working with some gym or they sign up to some online communities.

If you want to become a personal trainer in UAE is it better to focus on only one sport?

Well, since as we mentioned there is a big market for personal trainers in UAE it is up to you. People sometimes are looking for personal trainers with some specific skill set. Someone wants a trainer that specializes in losing weight, other people might be looking for kickboxing personal trainer Dubai. Different people have different preferences, and even if you choose to focus on only one are as a personal trainer – you can find customers. You can focus on a certain age group or a certain sport.

girl kickboxing
It is up to you to choose would you like to specialize in only one area

If I become a personal trainer in UAE will I be stuck with a lot of paperwork?

The answer to this question is fairly simply – no! That is a great benefit of becoming a personal trainer in UAE. There are no requirements for personal trainers to be audited or to provide books to the authorities. You can simply run your business without being stuck in a bunch of paperwork. So, if you like the climate in UAE and you have a degree needed – you can come and fulfill your dream!

Also, opening a bank account is going to be easy. You can actually get help from authorities to do it right and to do it as easy as possible.

It is better to start off in a gym

We talked about opening your personal studio already, but for the beginning maybe it is better to start working in some of the gyms in UAE. That way you will be able to get experience, meet some clients and build your reputation. Also, one of the benefits of starting in a gym is that you will be able to learn a lot from your colleagues. They always know some tips and tricks, and you can continue to learn and develop yourself.

gym to become a personal trainer in UAE
It is better to start in a gym and work your way up!

Also, if you are at the beginning of a career as a personal trainer in UAE working in a gym will be a great way to start building a fund to start your own gym one day. People simply sometimes tend to go to the gym and hire affordable personal trainers. They feel safer and they are avoiding any possible problems along the way.

Social networks are important if you want to become a personal trainer in UAE!

If you are not a fan of social networks, now is a good time to start learning about them. Instagram is for example very important. It is the most popular social network for the image-conscious fitness industry in UAE! By using a certain image on social networks you are reaching to your customers. You are building a connection with them and you are giving them a unique opportunity to actually see how you work out.

Instagram icon
Building your Instagram profile is very important!

Also, if you want to make connections in the fitness industry – Instagram should be your best friend. Today, you can find a lot of courses online and that way learn a lot about it. You can learn how to lead a very successful Instagram profile that will represent you, your business and build your client base.


You should be aware that in this business, diversity is very important. So, you should always do your best to learn new things. Also, once you set off and start your own business you should do your best to create a very diverse offer of training but personal trainers as well. Some people prefer male fitness trainers in Dubai, others prefer female trainers. And if you can build a diverse offer you are off to a very good start. Having good connections, meeting people and learning new things is a good recipe to become a personal trainer in UAE. 

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