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Published: July 5, 2021

Dubai is a great city, and it is nothing if not a place that offers countless possibilities to an aspiring individual. As a modern, cosmopolitan city, the desire for leading a healthy lifestyle is widely present here and wanting to become an aerobic instructor in DubaiPT is definitely a promising career choice. Of course, that is not something that happens over the night, and there are a few things that you must do in order to make that happen. The reason why we have decided to write this article is to help shed more light on this and to provide some practical advice on how to achieve such a goal. So, without further ado, let us begin. 

You need to acquire proper qualifications 

In order to become a professional, fully licensed aerobic instructor, first and foremost you need to be qualified for that. In today’s world of social media such as Instagram and TikTok, there is a never-ending sea of fitness “trainers” out there. So many that think that all they need is a six-pack and a diet and fitness regime that has worked out for them, and that those are all the requirements to become someone’s trainer. Of course, the truth is quite different. Firstly, being someone’s trainer brings along a lot of responsibility. After all, you will be responsible for some person’s health, and they will expect the best back pain exercises. With that out of the way, the second reason are obviously the actual technical requirements for such a job. If you want to be an aerobic instructor in Dubai, you need to be a proven professional. 

people running
Customers want professional instructors because they can work with amateurs for free

The default way for exactly this is to have a degree in the fitness field. The minimal requirement for this is level 3 of the Diploma in personal training. This (usually) part-time course entails studies, exercises, exams, and a case study that lasts over several weeks. Once you get this degree, you will be qualified to start working with actual clients in a gym or to organize training sessions on your own as a freelance instructor. The great thing about this course is that since this is a part-time course that takes place during the weekends, you can still continue working on whatever job you have been working so far, meaning it won’t burden you financially that match. Of course, there are many other, more valuable, degrees that you get from universities. Furthermore, don’t forget that continuous improvement is a sign of a true professional, so keep taking more courses. 

You must register to become an aerobic instructor in Dubai

Once you have become a qualified aerobic instructor, the next step is to register yourself with the United Arab Emirates. The way you do this is to apply to UAE’s Register of Exercise professionals to become their members. The function of the Register of Exercise Professionals is to keep track of all the professional fitness workers in Dubai. According to the decision of the Dubai Sports Council, all the fitness professionals are obliged to become a member. The direct consequence of this decision is the fact that every potential client looking for a quality aerobic exercise program will look for a trainer that is a member of the UAE. So, once you become a member of this body, you are free to start working as an aerobic instructor in Dubai.

You need to register to become aerobic instructor in Dubai
Before you find a job in a gym, you need to become a registered professional

Get a job in a gym

While it is of course the best to be your own boss, it is probably a good idea to not get ahead of yourself with starting your own business right away. Freelancing is always an option, and it is a good way to earn experience quickly. But, starting your own actual business is probably something you should put on hold for the time being. Instead, what you should do is to find a job in an already established gym. Gaining experience is simply the crucial component of any successful career. So, start working on your CV and once it is ready, look for a job. 

people stretching
Social media are a big part of the fitness world today, so get used to that

How long should you stay there? It depends on a lot of factors. What would probably be the best solution is to give yourself a timeframe which would serve as a checkpoint. Let’s say that this period is one year, and you get close to the end of it. You can then look back on your progress and see whether you have learned all you can learn there about the job itself, but also the managing part of it (you probably won’t). Do the math, and then you can either give yourself another checkpoint and stay, move to another gym or start your own gym if you deem yourself ready. 

The final step towards becoming an aerobic instructor – the social networks

It is a simple, unavoidable fact of the modern world that a young professional’s presence on the social media is one of the key steps towards success in more and more industries. They are the ultimate tools of marketing and (self)promotion. This is especially true in the fitness industry. There are so many ways the technology has become a part of it, with the best workout apps being one of the clear examples. Having a fitness account on Instagram is now a must-have. You are not an expert on using Instagram and TikTok? Well, you need to start working on it right away. The key part here is that even if you are yet to get yourself the qualifications for an aerobic trainer, you can and should start building your following now. This will make things much easier for you in the future. 

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