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Published: May 5, 2019

The biggest issue that today’s generation is faced with is a lack of time. Everyone is in a hurry, and everything that one wishes to achieve must be done super fast. If you can’t do it in a week or two, it’s not worth doing. This is one of the many reasons for obesity across the globe. People do not have any more time to make proper, healthy food. No, people have time for fast food in order to save time in the fast life. Fast food is bad. This is something everyone knows. But, if we are talking about how to become fit, fast food is not going to help.

Quite the contrary, fast food will make it impossible to do so. Another obstacle to everyone’s path of becoming fit is the fact that it cannot happen overnight. At least not in a healthy way. You could potentially become fit in a very short period, but it could end up hurting your body quite a bit. We are talking about how to become fit in a healthy way, and the healthy way requires time. The good news is that, if you invest enough time and commitment, the results are going to stick around far longer than if you did it using some shortcuts. So, how to become fit in a healthy way? Let’s find out!

How to become fit – the long road

If you wish to become fit, and more importantly, stay fit, there are several things you should be doing. The most important part of each fit plan is your diet. A mistake that people make is to think that diet means not eating anything in order to get slim. This is a very common misconception, and something people should not be doing. Not eating in order to get slim is something that is very bad for your body, and we usually advise against it as often as we can. Ask any of the female fitness trainers and they will tell you the same! Not eating will deprive your body of many important nutrients that are not making you obese. The fact that you are eating too much of something is what your body reacts negatively to.

Man running on a road
Road to being fit is long and hard but worth it in the end!

Long Road – Part 2

The road to becoming fit, in a healthy and sustainable way is not to stop eating. The trick is to eat smart and at the right time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Basically, people think that hitting the gym means they can eat anything, whenever. The truth is, the gym is maybe 40% of the process. The other 60 percent is with the appropriate diet. The best thing you could do is combine the right ingredients with a good workout and some cardio. This will not change your life routine much, it will just add a few things to be careful about. And the last ingredient to this mix is persistence. If you are ‘obedient’ for a week, and then cheat for a week – you won’t get anywhere. Might as well not do anything then.

So, how to become fit? Eat the right ingredients and mix it with a light workout and cardio you don’t skip on. Do that continuously and there is absolutely zero chance that you will not make results.

How to become fit – the right training

The training should be basically your normal three times per week routine. We will provide you with a basic weight loss exercise. Divide the three workouts in order to target different muscle groups, so that the ones you’ve finished have time to heal. This means that you should do, for example, chest and biceps on Tuesday, back and triceps on Thursday and legs + shoulders on Saturday. This is a pretty basic routine, and there is nothing bad about it. As we like to say – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The only thing that is slightly different from all the other workouts is that you should add about 40 minutes of cardio at the end of each of these workouts. Since your cardio will be walking on a high incline, you could potentially do 20 minutes after leg day.

Your cardio should be the same all the time, although if you get bored you can use different machines. But, the one that will be the best for you is the treadmill, at the fast walking speed and with a very high incline (about 7-8%). This is something that should cause your heart rate to stay at something like 127-135. If your heart rate is much higher than this, reduce the speed and/or incline. All newer treadmills have the option that allows you to monitor your heart rate. You wish to ideally maintain about 130. This is a healthy pace that will make results, over time.

How to become fit? Easy, right training!
With the right training, everyone can become fit!

Add to this the right diet – and you’ll be golden!

What is the right diet? There is no right answer to this one, as all body types are different. However, there is one universal approach that you could use. This is a low carb diet, something that is a mix of a keto diet and some carb filling.

Tomatoes, eggs and zucchini
Keto is one of the most popular diets!

The keto diet is very aggressive, and it should not be used constantly. However, some bits of it are useful. The basis of the keto diet is that you intake zero sugars and zero carbs. Given that carbs are one of the main sources of energy, you should have a carb intake, but only on days that you have a workout. The other days, the ones you are not working out on should be a keto day. With one day where you will have carb filling. But, this filling is not you going to McDonald’s and eating your soul out. These are not good carbs.

Good carbs are in beans, rice, and potatoes. Potatoes being your last resort. So, how to become fit? Eat carbs on Tuesday and Thursday (if these are your workout days), eat no carbs on all the other days, and have Saturday to be your carb filling a day – where you eat carbs all day long. Take your sugars only from fruits, and you will be good!

And remember… Persistence!

Good luck!


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