How to Calculate Your Nutrition Needs?

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Published: July 13, 2022

What is the perfect daily calorie intake? This is the question that anyone concerned about their health or weight has often asked themselves. If you eat more calories per day than you need, you will only gain weight. In the long run, you risk becoming overweight. Being overweight can be dangerous for your health because you can risk developing cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, a low daily calorie intake is not good either. You should not deprive your body of essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. If you do this, it can cause you serious health issues in the future. So how do you know which number of calories is good for you? Well, this is what we are going to teach you today. After you read this article, you will know how to calculate your nutrition needs.

Food is the fuel for our body

In order to feel and look good both inside and outside you need to eat well. Food is the fuel for our body. Combining proper nutrition with exercise is the key to great physical health. This is why you should learn how to properly nourish your body. In order to do this, you need to calculate your nutritional needs. Don’t worry you don’t need to do this on your own. Some of the best personal trainers in Dubai can help you with this. They are experts in that field. They will be able to guide you and help you achieve the results you want.  

measuring tape next to the strawberries
Learning how to calculate your nutrition needs is going to be beneficial.

We all have different nutrition needs. Your recommended calorie intake depends on several different factors: your gender, your age, and your daily activity. In most cases, men have a higher muscle percentage than women. Additionally, muscle burns calories faster than fat, so men’s calorie intake should be higher than women’s calorie intake. A woman’s body is different therefore, you should consider opting for a female physical trainer that understands how the women’s body works and what are its needs.  

Age also plays an essential role. As we age, our bodies burn fewer and fewer calories per day. This means that as individual ages, their metabolism slows down and their need for calories per day also decreases. People with a physically active lifestyle will burn more calories per day and have higher caloric needs. For example, people that take Pilates classes in Dubai will have more muscles compared to the people that don’t exercise, and consequently, they will have a higher recommended calorie intake. 

How to calculate your nutrition needs 

Your nutrition needs are determined by looking at your basal metabolism and your active calorie expenditure. The basal metabolism represents calories that you burn while your body is resting, and active calorie expenditure represents calories that you burn while being active. By adding these two elements you get your nutrition score. Moreover, once you calculate your nutrition needs make sure you stay on track and consume the number of calories that your body needs.  

a woman eating and thinking how to calculate your nutrition needs
Keeping a nutrition journal will help you stay on track.

How to check if you are meeting your nutrition needs? 

You can do this by keeping a dietary journal. Write down what you eat and which exercises you do. Even if you are doing some simple back pain exercises make a note of that. Keeping track of your food will help you determine your daily intake and help you stay on track.  

Whether you are planning on losing or gaining weight it is important to watch what you drink and eat.  Before you buy something always check the labels. On the back of the product, you will find nutritional information. This will help you know how many calories there are in one serving, and you will see which vitamins you get from consuming that specific product.

Get professional help  

If calculating your nutritional score and keeping track of it seems like too much work you can always seek help from a professional. There are many great nutrition coaches and registered dietitians that can help you with this. Professionals can help you understand your body and its needs. Moreover, they can provide you with some of the best fitness meal plans Dubai has to go offer. We are all different, therefore what works for someone else might not work for you. A personal coach can create a plan tailored to your needs.  

Depending on what your goals are, you will have a more or less strict meal plan. If you are planning on gaining muscle there are certain types of foods that you need to eat in order to achieve the results that you desire. If you stay consistent and follow the 7 day meal plan for muscle gain you will see the change quite fast. Consistency and discipline are key to achieving your goals. 

To have long term results you need to maintain a balanced diet all while staying active. Any kickboxing personal trainer Dubai has to offer will agree that you should eat all five groups of food. This way you will ensure that your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals that it needs in order to stay healthy.  

a man working out in the gym with his personal trainer
A personal trainer can create a meal plan according to your nutrition needs.


You should not rely on online calculators if you want to calculate your nutrition needs. We always recommend seeking professional help. Only a qualified person can provide you with accurate information. Just like you would look for a yoga instructor Dubai for personal yoga classes, you should look for a professional that can help you determine your nutrition needs. Don’t be fooled by the cheap meal plans that many are selling on the internet. There is no one size fits all. We all have different lifestyles, therefore, our bodies have different needs. If you need help finding the right person that can coach you and help you understand which nutrients your body needs you are at the right place. Dubai PT can link you with some of the best trainers that will help you achieve your goals and help you live a healthy life. 





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