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Published: November 19, 2020

Boxing is an amazing sport and it will help you get fit, feel great, and get stronger faster than you think. You might even get to your goal faster than you hope if you make sure you know how to get the best boxing Dubai trainers. But, once you start, giving your best will be almost enough. Boxing is one of the sports that require you to have high-quality equipment to succeed as well. And, in boxing, gloves are extremely important. They are, after all, there to protect you. So, if you choose the best boxing gloves, you will have less trouble while boxing, and you will have more protection while doing it. Start looking for them as soon as possible, and once you find the ones you like the most, you can simply use them for as long as you wish!

Boxing gloves are more important than you think!

If you decided to start boxing and even started looking for the best personal trainers in Dubai residents recommend, you should make sure you look for the right boxing gloves as well. It is more than important for you to find the best ones, and there are many reasons for you to try it before you move. The thing is, boxing gloves are not just there to make you feel safer or stronger. Even tho they look amazing, they are not here to do just that. They protect your hands and your wrists while you train, and that is just what makes them so important. But, low-quality boxing gloves can do more damage than they are actually useful for you. This is exactly why you should make sure you know how to choose great gloves for boxing.

a man boxing
Boxing is a great sport, but you just have to protect yourself

How can you tell if the boxing gloves are good for you?

There are many types of boxing gloves, and the first one you need to know is their weight. So, once you decide to go out and get these gloves, make sure you try them on before making a decision. They usually come in the following sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz, but you can find 18oz and 20 oz as well. The lighter ones will help you be stronger and more agile while sparing, while the more heavy ones provide you with more protection. So, if you are just getting started, you should choose more protection. In case you are not begging, you will be able to choose whatever suits you the best. Never buy gloves before trying them on as well. It’s the only way to make sure they fit just right.

How can you tell if they fit right?

Now that you know what are the weights of the gloves, there is something more you need to know. If you decided to try on the gloves and see if they fit, you should know how to tell. First, you will be able to glaze the gloves inside with the top of your fingers, and you should be able to make a fist without trying too hard. If these are the things you can do, you found the right number. When looking for the right weight of the gloves, you need to mind your weight as well, so you don’t get too large gloves. If you decided to lose weight in a healthy way, don’t forget to factor that in while choosing the new gloves.

boxing gloves
Trying your gloves on is the easiest way to see if they fit you right

Laces or Velcro- what should you choose?

Next up, Laces or Velcro? Laces might be a great choice since they give you a tighter grip. Still the inability to tie them by yourself, so being forced to get help each time, is what pushes most people away from these. So, for a begging, Velcro is a better choice. There are many boxing events in Dubai for you to enjoy, so get the gloves and start preparing for these!

Leather or Vinyl?

Another choice you need to make related to the material of the glove. This time, you should choose by the price as well. Leather ones might feel and look nicer, but vinyl will do just as good of the job. So, you should simply go with them. Still, you might realize that your hand can become really hot in these gloves, really fast. If this is something you can’t handle, then you should choose leather ones. There are so many different gloves that it can be hard to choose. But once you try them on, you will do it in no time.

What if you can’t try them on?

You might need to get the boxing gloves but are not able to go to the store and try them on there. This is not a problem, since you can do it from home as well. You should ask the salesperson what weight of the gloves you should get for your body weight. Then, make sure you measured your hands’ circumference, without the thumb, at the widest part. This way, you will be able to tell what size you need to get.

man sparing
The best-case scenario is that you can try them on, but if you can’t, that is not a problem

If you need to make sure you will choose the best boxing gloves in Dubai, no matter if you are just begging or a pro, there are ways to do this without trouble. All you need to do is decide if it’s more important to be safer or faster and what you can afford. The rest will come to you in no time if you can try the gloves on. If you need to get them from your home, you can do it and simply exchange them if you need to, later on. You will have a great time working out since boxing is a great sport. You will just love it!

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