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When buying workout clothes, you need gear that fit relatively close to the body. Close-fitting attire is safer than baggy clothes because you’ll avoid getting caught in equipment such as elliptical or curl machines. Your instructor always needs to see your form. That’s how they ensure you’re completing moves properly and using the correct techniques.

The first factor you should consider when buying new workout clothes is the type of exercise you’ll be doing. After you create a workout routine, choose your attire according to movements that you perform. Then think about the types of fabric which could help you stay comfortable and dry. For yoga and stretching, polyester and spandex are good fabrics for allowing the body to bend easily. For high-paced cardio workouts like running and aerobics, we recommend moisture-wicking fabrics. Nylon will help you stay dry while sweating.

Running shoes
Find breathable, lightweight shoes to serve many purposes: running support, cross fit workouts or a simple walk by the lake.

What are the most effective fabrics for the ultimate workout clothes?

While once favorite exercise fabric, cotton absorbs too well, therefore becomes very heavy and uncomfortable drenched in sweat. To stay dry today during a workout you have a wide range of synthetic fabrics to choose from. Take Nike’s Dri-FIT or Polartec’s PowerDry. There’s a chemical finish applied to sweat-wicking workout clothes that upgrade its performance. It draws moisture through non-absorbent fibers and pulls it to the exterior part of your attire.

Also staying cool in the heat or staying warm in the cold is achieved by a high-performance cooling fabric, COOLMAX. It uses moisture-wicking technology as well. In cold weather, synthetic fibers like Polartec’s Thermal Pro create air pockets that insulate the body. Usually, thermal wear gets a water repellent finish that acts like a shield for different weather conditions.

The most adaptable women’s workout clothes money can buy

One of today’s best workout gear’s traits is that it’s no longer bound just to the pilates studio. Some of our favorite workout clothes will take you from your fave yoga class to the neighborhood bar. The technology will ensure that there will be no sweat stains or smells when you make that transition. When it comes to figuring out what workout gear will best suit your needs, listen to your body. If you’re uncomfortable in any way, leave the cute leggings or a popular brand for someone else. Also, keep durability in mind. So when you need to save for a while by buying something of more quality, do it. Your body will surely thank you.

Girl in workout clothes stretching by a river
Classic leggings are multi-purpose: for walks with friends, yoga classes, gym, even your favorite bar. Just pick your accessories and stay fit and practical!

The best fitness gear that transfers to work attire

  1. Workout clothes from ADAY look as cool and convenient as they did at your morning yoga session, or as they will at your Zumba dance class in the evening. For those occasions when need one outfit for before, during, and after the gym, ADAY is the brand for you. Their elegant and minimalistic garments can be transformed from a yoga outfit to a casual office scenario.
  2. ADAY is a simplistic brand and they advocate fabrics and clothing that are multipurpose plus long-lasting. And, what is most important for us, they make them sustainable. Featuring modern quick-dry material, also, sun cream, and oil resistant, ADAY leggings also have an adjustable design. Change the elastic waistband to make the fit tighter or looser.
  3. They are cropped length, so when you finish at the gym, pair them with espadrilles, for an office-ready look. ADAY bras feature an Italian fabric that wicks moisture and mesh materials for added breathability. Furthermore, its fashionable back details make it a cool look outside the fitness studio.

The best activewear for the eco-friendly yogi

Live the Process produces simple, beautiful clothes and all of its pieces are ethical and from the United States. They use practices that reduce their environmental impact. They incorporate recycled/recyclable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. The design is full coverage to the front and back and is a classy version of the traditional sports bra.

  1. Pros: Simple, clean lines with straightforward design and serious comfort.
  2. Cons: These are high-end prices for garments, even if you are looking for multi-purpose were.

The best men’s workout clothes on the market

The ladies aren’t the only ones who need workout clothes that are comfortable, and functional. Men also want to look good at both the gym and on the go. Some of our favorite men’s fitness clothes are not one-dimensional. They want to help you perform your best by keeping you cool and comfortable. And while your workout clothes must be ready for any strenuous regimen, they also need to stay presentable. You want to be able to use them outside of your exercising environment.

Man in gym clothes during a rope exercise
Men are getting everything they want as well on the gym attire runways. We know you need practical solutions for your busy lifestyle! Elegant workout gear does not offer an easy transition from casual office to gym wear.

Vuori offers clothing that is lightweight and comfortable, taking inspiration from the beach. Take the Trail Short, a lightweight multi-purpose pair of shorts with an elastic waist, and amazing Coolmax anti-odour fabric. The shorts also have front pockets and a phone holder in the liner. Also scoring high in this line are the Tradewind Performance shirt and the company’s now famous joggers. The Tradewind Tee has micro perforation for ventilation, sweat-wicking and dries quick fabric, making it perfect for a run, a hatha yoga session, or running errands on the go.

The best budget-friendly workout clothes

MPG Sport can help you live a financially responsible lifestyle. They provide a wide range of workout clothes that won’t ruin your budget.
Their Defender Performance Cashmere Shirt ($46) feels like luxury without the extravagant price tag. And it gives you amazing benefits during your workout. They combined Tencel, a recyclable and environmentally-friendly material derived from wood pulp with cashmere. That mix helps you adapt to changing temperatures. It will keep you warm in the winter but cool and dry in the summer. And last but not least, the highest tech Premier 1/4 Zip Stink-Free Seamless Pullover. Its NILIT fibers protect against bacteria build-up and sweat stench. On sale for $24. Overall, MPG promises plenty of flexibility and moisture-wicking features.

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