How to exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget?

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Published: August 20, 2021

It can happen to anyone that they end up without a job or other financial issues. Maybe you even need to save money for something important. Living on a budget is not one of the most pleasant things, but you can easily adapt to it. Even to exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget can be interesting. No matter if you do it on your own or with your cheap personal trainer Dubai can provide you with, you can make it happen. Just force yourself and don’t stop. At any moment, for any reason. Push yourself to exercise and stay healthy and in good shape. Once you stop, it’s harder to get back on the same track. Working out has a lot of health benefits, and it’s not only about the physical look. If you had your routine, being on a budget shouldn’t stop you.

Girl exercising inside of a gym.
If you want to exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget, there are multiple solutions for you.

Before you start to exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget, figure out what is your goal

It is quite simple. You cannot start exercising if you don’t have a specific goal. Working out different each day and doing it without even knowing what you want to reach out with it is pointless. So stand up and go to a mirror. Stand in front of it and look at yourself. Think well. What is it that you want to change so much, and what would you want to look like? Make a perfect version of your body and yourself in your head, and remember that image. That is your goal. And you will reach out. Your trainer, if you choose to have one will ask you the same question.

Exercising with trainers and coaches is for sure better and has more effect. They will show you how to work out properly. They will take care of your diet, your schedule, and everything. And more important than anything else, they will motivate you more than anyone. But, very often trainers are quite expensive. Lucky for you, if you live there, you can find affordable personal trainers Dubai has. And remember that just because they are affordable, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not good.

According to your goal make a plan that you will follow

When you finish your first step and you make a goal that you want to achieve, it is time for another step. The second part is to make a perfect plan. Nothing can work perfectly without one. Organization and plan are keys to plenty of things and achievements. So you should, and you must make one. If you decided that you will hire a personal coach Dubai can offer you, then you should make a plan together. It’s most likely that they will make you, or offer you one on their own, but you should have one too.

If you can, you should make a sketch of your current body shape and measure yourself. Write down on the sketch each one of your measures. On another paper make a sketch of a body that you wish to have. Your goal you want to achieve. And also write measures. This will make you follow your achievement easier. Now that you definitely know what you want to work on, you can make a plan for working out. And that needs to be done before you start to exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget. Check with your trainer if your plan is valid and after they confirm you, start with exercising. But remember not to force yourself and to target a specific group of muscles each day to work on them.

Girl in a park doing some exercises.
You can start exercising outside if you can’t afford a gym.

If you exercise in Dubai when you are on a budget, you must take care of your food diet

Very often you can hear people saying “you are what you eat”. And this is completely true. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, exercising is not enough. You need to be careful about what you eat. Having to exercise on a budget is already tough enough. Imagine food. Most of the time healthy food is the one that is more expensive. But, not always if you know the tricks. You can still do it, even when you are on a budget. You can search on the internet a little bit, check out in the library, or discuss it directly with your trainer if you have one.

If you don’t want to spend any money on extra groceries, or different ones, try to make other changes in your diet. For instance, make sure that you have exactly three meals during the day, and each day at the same time. Like breakfast at eight, lunch at one, and dinner at six. What you can also do is kick out the bad ingredients from your diet. Carbs in the first place. Try eating less bread, pastries, mayo, and things like that. You will see in no time how big the change will be. It will also help you out with skin issues if you have them.

Start walking and moving around as much as possible

Condition is very important. You shouldn’t be lazy and use a taxi, bus, or car to go somewhere. Dubai is huge, but you can still manage to walk. The more you walk, the better it is. It also counts as a sort of working out. And doing this, you will basically work out all the time. Which is exactly what you need when you are exercising while being on a budget. It’s completely free, and it’s healthy. And at the same time, you go from place to place, you finish your obligations, and you get to see everything around you.

Also, you can start jogging each morning, for instance. Or maybe take a walk to some park, bring out your mattress, and exercise in nature. You can even do yoga and improve your flexibility. There are many solutions that you have when you are out of your money, but still want to stay fit.

Three girls exercising together.
Sharing a personal trainer with someone is cheaper.

Don’t spend money on clothes just for this, improvise instead

These days most people think that clothes are extra important for the gym, or working out anywhere. Well, it’s actually not. You can for sure find something comfortable and appropriate in your closet that you can use for exercising. But it’s important to put it aside and use it only for that. Nothing else. And of course, to shower after each session and to wash that clothes. If you really can’t seem to find anything, you can find some second-hand stores in Dubai that are nearby and buy yourself something cheap for this.


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