How to exercise to build immunity

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Published: October 27, 2020

As you probably know, COVID-19 has taken the world by the storm. It is one of the most common topics you hear every day. People are right to worry and wonder how they can protect from the virus, and many experts are sharing their own tips on how to do it. However, one of the most common “solutions” you will hear is to try and boost your immune system in some ways. By doing so, you “prepare” for the virus. Even if you do catch the virus, your body should be strong enough for it to pass without any serious consequences. But is there a way that you can boost your immune system through working out? Well, there is – and we will show you how. In this article, we take a look at how to exercise to build immunity, with the best types of training for it.

If you can, try to include walking or hiking in your regiment

One of the best things you can do for your immune system is to lead a healthy lifestyle – even in quarantine. Many gyms nowadays had to close their doors, and therefore a lot of people do not even know what to do from home. However, if you can do so – think about taking a hike now and again. Sitting at home all day, looking at your phones, your laptops or TVs will never be good for your health. You do not need medical experts to tell you this – you already know it.

Walking outside, you will do a lot for your body and your mind. First, you are helping your muscles stretch and work. You will get your heart pumping blood, which is great for burning calories. What’s more, you can even increase the intensity of your “work out” by going trail hiking on difficult terrain. You will get to see more nature and just find your inner center again.

walking can be a great exercise to build immunity
Take a hike to help your immune system cope with any virus and infection.

This is the second big benefit of walking outside. There are researches that show walking outside for 90 minutes can help decrease activity in the parts of your brain connected to depression. What this means is that not only will walking and hiking help keep you healthy, but they will also make you a much happier person.

Of course, you should always listen to expert advice. If there are quarantines and restrictions in your area, you should plan your activities within them. These exercises, though, are great because you can social distance and walk alone – or with a partner.

How strength training exercise help to build immunity

When talking about strength training, we usually think about what you can do in order to get your body strong and your stamina high. How does that work? Well, you start with stressors to your working muscles. For example, by doing pushups, you are working on your chest, shoulders, and arms. When this happens, your muscles respond by tearing, and the body fixes these micro-tears. In the end, you will get bigger and stronger muscles.

Luckily, you do not need to start with a lot of weight right at the beginning. Instead, you can work up to it with your fitness trainer Dubai. Make sure you start slow and build up to it through reps, sets, and reducing the rest time. Work closely with the trainer, cause these can be dangerous exercises to perform as an amateur.

But how does a strength training exercise help build immunity? Well, there is a lot that will happen to your body when you are increasing your muscle mass. First, you will be burning more calories at rest as well as having less fat mass. This means that you will start getting more energy and being (and looking) fitter overall. However, beyond that, you will improve your coordination and cognitive function. Your bone will gain density and your back pain will decrease along with it. All of these benefits are working together to boost your immune system’s response against everything – whether it is COVID-19 or a common cold.

a man weightlifting
No need to start with heavy lifting.

What are some routines you can do? Well, you can really do anything that moves weight against “resistance.” For beginners, this can mean just doing pushups – and resistance is your own body weight. Make sure you just force your muscles to rebuild stronger by doing slightly more each time.

High-intensity workouts can also help you with your immune system

Finally, if you think you can manage it, then you should take up high-intensity workouts. Usually known as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), these exercises will push you hard for a set amount of time. Usually, you will do a rep for 20-60 seconds, then rest for the same time, and keep going for 15-20 minutes. These will also get your heart pumping fast, which carries many benefits (that we already discussed).

However, just like the name suggests, these can be very intense. Make sure you talk to a personal trainer Dubai before attempting to do them. If you have not been exercising in a while, then strength training and walking might be the way to go first. This is because HIIT is intense and tough, and can create quite an afterburn. Your body will be using calories hours after you are done with your session, which can cause this burn.

gym bike
Many people do bike sprints as a part of their HIIT.

How can HIIT exercise help to build immunity? Well, there were studies that showed these exercises are great for human growth hormone production. In turn, this hormone repairs both brain and muscle tissues. It boosts metabolism and also helps with losing fat. All of these help your immune system fight any infection that it comes in contact with.

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