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Published: May 9, 2022

Nowadays, we are surrounded by many children and younger generations that suffer from obesity. Mobile phones and computers have become an integral part of life, and most children spend their days at home eating fast food without any physical activity. Parents begin to recognize this as a problem only when their child begins to suffer from some health problems caused by lack of activity. When it comes to exercising and regular physical activity, it is never too early to start! Working out keeps us healthy and satisfied and improves posture as well as our body image. Encouraging your child to partake in any type of physical activity is something that will help you shape that little person into a healthier adult. Really, the benefits of exercising are endless, and you have many different options for getting your daily dose of working out. In case you want to teach your child to start working out and to view regular physical activity as a part of daily life, then you need to learn how to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai. We at DubaiPT are here to assist you and give you great tips on why your kid needs a personal trainer and how to locate one. Working out with an approachable and friendly trainer will make your kids fall in love with exercising, just as much as you did.

Working out with a personal trainer goes beyond a great training session

Before you embark on this journey and decide to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, you need to learn more about them. You often hear a lot about these people, but what do personal trainers actually do? So, basically, a personal trainer is a person who will provide you with the support and tools you need to reach your fitness goals. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone needs different sorts of activities in order to make exercising a routine. Your personal trainer will make a perfect workout routine for you, and you will have a nutrition list made special for you. They must motivate you, and give you reasons to work out efficiently. Additionally, a good personal trainer will take an interest in your family, career, and struggles and will root for you in every aspect of your life. The hardest thing is to start. But once you do, everything will become a routine, and you won’t even mind it anymore.

A ballet instructor explaining a dance move to the little girl
Allow your children to develop their mental and physical strength through numerous activities.

Is it necessary to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai?

A lot of people feel skeptical about children working out with personal trainers. They view this as a sort of a luxury, one that might instill undesirable behavior in your children. When living in Dubai, you have to know that a lot of children are used to driving around instead of taking a walk or doing some physical activity. If parents are too busy working, as they usually are, children will make a habit of eating outside or visiting fast-food restaurants. However, there are instances when getting a personal trainer is a must if you want to get your child out of his chair and engage him in a fitness session. Recognizing that you are at the moment not as physically capable as others is not shameful. Additionally, you need one if your kid has any medical condition which requires the constant supervision of a trained professional. Don’t worry just yet – that’s what we are here for. Let us help you find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, and watch him/her become a fitness enthusiast.

What to look for when finding a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai?

There is no reason for this to be a hasty decision. Sure, you can change the trainer in case you make a wrong choice, but that won’t be beneficial for your child. Having a stable environment is crucial for their well-being, and this situation is no different. To make sure you have chosen the correct personal trainer for your kid, participate in at least the first three training sessions. This way you will immediately realize his or her intentions, and if that is what your kid needs. Also, include the kid in this and ask for their opinion. They are the ones who will be training after all. With that being said, you understand that they require a special person who will work with them. The trainer should at least have the following things:

  • a degree, certificate, and experience in working with children;
  • good sense of patience and understanding for children;
  • balanced fitness diet together with a good training;
  • great recommendations and references from other parents;
  • interesting and creative workout sessions for kids that will engage them;
A girl talking to a personal traininer in the gym
Find a personal trainer for kids in Dubai who provides group training so your kid doesn’t feel like it’s missing out on the fun.

Ask other parents and colleagues for recommendations for a good personal trainer

Searching for a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, might not be the easiest job ever. You are well aware that Dubai is enormous, and has a variety of personal trainers that you can choose from. And you need to find the best one for the sake of your kid, right? Well, it’s time for you to do the research then. The best option here that you have is the word of mouth method. You can ask your relatives, friends, or even people you are playing football with every Sunday for a recommendation. If you already know some trainers that will be the best match for your child, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Some people feel ashamed asking for references. They think it shows a lack of trust in what the other person is saying, so they refrain from it, trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. You absolutely need to ask for references and make sure you check them. Most likely, you will get a confirmation of what you already know, but still – it does not hurt to be sure. Your child deserves the best and talking to other parents from school or neighborhood is quite beneficial.

Start searching for your child’s trainer options online

We live in a time where everything can be found online and through social media. You may find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai by checking their online websites, pages, and social media accounts where they promote themselves. This way you will be able to find out more about them, their techniques, and their approaches. Search through each media platform, to find the best personal trainers. Internet is developing so much, that now you can find everything through it. You will be able to view videos of what training look like and you will know what to expect even before scheduling an interview with them. What is also preferable is that you search for the National Register of Personal Trainers in the Dubai area. You will be able to find a great fit in your neighborhood and thus be able to ask around more about your best options. Finding a great trainer for your child takes time and devotion.

A man teaching children how to surf in Dubai
Make sure your child can do what he or she loves, all the while being safe in hands of a professional.

Your children need a lively and cheerful trainer to engage them

Remember, your goal is for your child to start loving physical activity and maintain good health in the process. It doesn’t have to be strictly going to the gym and doing classic exercises. Activities vary starting from basketball matches to karate sessions where kids will have fun while improving their body and health. Rest assured that if you hire a coach that is too strict, it will take all the fun out of exercising. Instead, find someone who will be able to motivate your kid, and connect with him/her. When working out with a personal trainer, it is very important that your personalities match. They should not feel like going to these sessions is a punishment or they have to do it to please you. They should feel excited and enthusiastic before every session willing to engage and activate their body to the fullest.

Talk to the candidates before settling on your kid’s personal trainer

Before deciding and hiring a good personal trainer for your kids, make sure to interview them. One conversation can reveal a lot of things – for example, whether or not you are dealing with a licensed and professional personal trainer. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking with boxing trainers in Dubai or fitness instructors – there are some things you should check. Are you looking for someone who will come to your home and do exercises with your child? Maybe you wish to drop off your kid at a nearby gym where he or she can work with gym equipment? On the other hand, trainers are the ones asking questions and you will know if that person is the right fit. Every decent personal trainer should inquire about your child’s health. They will want to know whether there are any health issues they should be aware of so that they can create the best possible workout program. If they skip this question, consider this the biggest red flag you could ever get. And be careful, as not every trainer is equally qualified for working with your child.

Children doing exercises together
Don’t forget to do the home training or at least stretching with your kids.

A great personal trainer will teach your kid to love sport and physical activity

If your children are not really interested in sports and physical activity, don’t worry.  Then you can certainly benefit from finding a personal trainer who will turn every session into a fun occasion. It’s no secret that kids love to play and have a lot of fun. So when you combine that love with a fun personal trainer who will make workouts seem like a game, you get the recipe for success. Remember that children tend to copy their parents so they might do the same things as you. This can be perfect when improving their physical activity. For example, they might see you having a yoga session and decide to try it out with you. Having a personal trainer can encourage them to try out new things and eventually discover a hidden talent or love for something. Just remember that this isn’t a race – it’s a marathon. It doesn’t matter how quickly you find the right trainer for your child, as long as you find him/her.

Your kids can enhance their sports gift with a great personal trainer

Have you noticed that your kid is particularly gifted in some sport? If you see your child showing remarkable capabilities early on, it could be up to you to ensure they get the best chance for success in the future. So if your child loves football, find the right football trainers in Dubai. In case you notice your little one watching every tennis game like a hawk, then go out and find a good tennis coach. A good personal trainer that specializes in a certain activity will help your child develop skills that are necessary for that sport. Most importantly, they will be able to estimate just how gifted your little one is, as well as track his or her progress. So do have this in mind the next time you ask yourself whether your child needs a personal trainer.

A boy playing tennis
If your little one is exceptional in a certain sport, make sure to provide them with the best professional assistance.

Get your kids involved in planning their healthy meals

Children can be particular with regard to eating and picking food. A lof school-age kids are used to eating fast food and do not wish to try any other healthy options. This can cause numerous health issues growing up besides obesity. You don’t want to force your kid to lose weight with strict diets and working out. A great personal trainer will include your children in planning their weight loss meals and getting them interested in the thing they are eating. Children can help pick recipes from a nice cookbook or help with grocery shopping. Picking a theme night based on a particular holiday or ingredient can also be fun and beneficial for a healthy diet. Having a new friend in form of a personal trainer will allow them to try out new things and start their new healthy journey on time.

Eating smart when having medical issues requires the help of a professional

If you have a kid with type 1 diabetes or insulin resistance, meal planning is significant. All that your kid eats can influence their glucose. This is why having a personal trainer can be quite beneficial at this point. They will let you know that carbs are found in many food varieties – not simply bread and potatoes. Additionally, personal trainers will help and teach your child about foods that have nutrients and minerals that will control their blood sugar. If you are too busy with work or not aware of how important an insulin resistance diet is, make sure to hire a professional who will look at this aspect as well. Besides maintaining a great physical activity, keeping your child healthy and secure is your priority. Don’t ignore this issue and start their healthy journey right now with the help of a professional. After some time, you will learn all about how to control your child’s condition and what works best for them.

A mother and child cooking together
If your child has a medical condition, talk to a professional about preparing a balanced meal plan.

A personal trainer can help your child perform different types of exercises safely

There isn’t a parent in this world that wants to see their child in pain. Unfortunately, there are many different types of sports injuries that can happen even when performing a simple exercise incorrectly. From sprains to fractures, the list of everything that could go wrong is a rather lengthy one. While hiring a personal trainer for your child isn’t foolproof protection, it’s definitely something that will significantly reduce the chance of anything wrong happening during a workout. So the next time you ask yourself whether your child needs a personal trainer, also ask yourself how much you want them to stay safe while exercising. A personal trainer will show them the right technique for different exercises which will prevent many injuries, such as sprains and twists. You’ll be able to relax knowing your little boy or girl is staying completely safe.

Childhood obesity needs to be controlled by a personal trainer

Nowadays, childhood and adult obesity is present, especially after the lockdown. Besides, parents haven’t got the correct knowledge to pass down to their children about nutrition. A personal trainer for your kids can work with both you and your child to teach you both a new healthy journey. Overweight children are more likely to be overweight than adults. This increases their risk of medical issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. Not to mention the impact it can have on their confidence during their puberty and adult life. This can have a negative effect on everything in their life. The new personal trainer will motivate and praise them as they do well. It can be a quite character-building experience. Moreover, they will improve their mood and can even help them to concentrate at school.

Children enjoying in water after their parents decided to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai
Find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai and let them enjoy a variety of physical activities during the year.

A personal trainer will adapt their program as your child develops

Training with children should always change and improve as children develop and mature over time. This is why many personal trainers prefer progressive training meaning that they change the exercises and the programmer according to the kid’s needs and abilities. Moreover, increasing the level of working out challenges the children’s bodies. When done in a balanced and controlled way, this improves their overall strength. They might start with some basic exercise games and develop into serious and challenging workout sessions that will benefit them in every possible way. You as a parent will be there to monitor this process. To create a good relationship with children’s parents, personal trainers always emphasize collaboration and transparency as well as the parent’s expectations.

Don’t be harsh on your kids if they don’t seem to enjoy exercising

Try not to be harsh on your kids, and don’t push them at any costs. They are in the phase of growing up, before puberty. Not everything is only about the outer look. You need to be careful about their feelings and mental health too. Avoid turning against your kids and forcing them to focus only on exercising. Maybe this is not something that you are interested in at the moment. Perhaps they do not enjoy simply doing exercises in the gym. There are numerous sports and activities they can try. For example, girls might be more interested in Zumba classes while boys might prefer football matches. Talk with your kids and understand them because you are their biggest support. Try to be their friend instead of a parent from time to time. Don’t forget to reward them sometimes too. Dubai is full of good personal kids trainers, so find them a proper one, not someone strict who will only force them when they don’t feel up to it.

A happy child playing outside
Make sure you participate in the enthusiasm your child is experiencing.

A great trainer will have a positive effect on children’s mental health

Exercise may also protect and improve children’s mental health over time. A recent study found that 7- to 9-year-olds who got more physical activity had fewer symptoms of depressive disorder years later. If your child has symptoms of anxiety or even just a “bad” day, physical activity may be the last thing they want. However, physical activity can help a lot with maintaining mental wellbeing. Endorphin is released by the brain during physical activity which helps to improve mood, energy, and even quality of sleep. Together, these effects will help to improve self-confidence in children. Additionally, if a child is feeling lonely and unable to make friends at school, shared physical activities can give them a sense of companionship and belonging. Sometimes your child will not open up to you, but will to a personal trainer they consider a good friend.

A flexible schedule is something you need if you work full time

Parents sacrifice everything for their kids. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get to enjoy their free time every once in a while. Unless it’s something you absolutely love doing, wouldn’t it be better to hire a personal trainer for your child and take that pressure off you? You know that your child needs regular physical exercise and you know that someone has to show him/her different workout routines. Instead of investing your time, we suggest you hire a reliable personal trainer. Having a personal trainer ensures that your child will have a setup routine without any changes or interruptions. Even though you are busy at work or a meeting, that doesn’t mean that your children need to suffer and miss their appointments. Maybe afterward you could go for a healthy shake and get some quality bonding time. Everyone deserves their own time, so make use of it.

A father playing with his daughter
Make sure you participate in the enthusiasm your child is experiencing.

How much exercise is enough for children?

One of the best ways to get kids to be more physically active is to limit the amount of time spent watching TV, playing games, and using phones. For school-age kids and teenagers, 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day is enough. This should include bone and muscle-strengthening activities at least 2-3 days a week. For preschoolers, active playing throughout the day is just enough at this age. A reasonable target could be 2-3 hours each day of light and moderate activities. These should include active free play and planned, parent-led physical activity. Young children should not be inactive for a long period of time unless they’re sleeping. It is never early to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, and as sooner you start the better it will be for them in the future.

A woman doing exercises with their child
Every child should start exercising or at least warming up their body from an early age.

Moderate physical activity for children

A lot of young children should include moderate physical activity that will raise their heart rate. Moreover, it will make them breathe faster and feel warmer thus engaging their entire body. Children should do a variety of moderate activities that include:

  • walking to school or taking a dog for a walk;
  • playground activities such as jumping, rope skipping, and running;
  • swimming;
  • sports like football, basketball, or tennis;

If your child is shy or rather insecure, maybe it is best to start training at home where they can do simple activities in your backyard. Some children prefer doing activities with their siblings or close friends. Give them some time and allow them to get used to these activities and gain confidence in themselves.

Children skipping rope at home
Allow your child to train with their sibling or close friends if they feel rather shy in the beginning.

Strength training should be part of the program from the age of 7

During childhood, a lot of kids improve their coordination, balance, and control during active play. However, strength training should be part of their physical activity from the age of 7. Your kid is aware of its benefits and is old enough to follow directions from a personal trainer. Even if your child is not really interested in any sport, strength training has many benefits:

  • it can strengthen your kids’ bones;
  • helps to promote healthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure;
  • helps your child maintain a balanced weight;
  • improves your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

For children, light and controlled technique is the best emphasizing safety. Let your child begin their healthy journey as early as possible and join them if you can for better overall results.

Training children require professional assistance from the beginning

If you never considered hiring a personal trainer for your children, this is your chance. Every parent should know that each child deserves at least an hour of physical activity. This activity should be fun and enjoyable for children all the time. This is why we recommend hiring a personal trainer that will help your children stay at a balanced and healthy weight while eating whatever they like. Thus, children will improve their overall health, teach them about a healthy diet and boost their sports performance. Their fitness program is different than yours which is why you cannot properly train them. Children require modifications in their training because they are growing, and their physical and physiological system is changing as well. This is why you need to constantly follow their growth and act according to their body changes.

Children playing with a ball in the playground
Every child should have at least one hour of physical activity daily.

Talk to your kids before hiring a personal trainer

If you get your kid to train and you end up hiring a personal trainer, that is great! But know that you need to talk to your kids first and educate them on why this is important. If they are at the right age to start training, explain to them the benefits of physical activities. It is always good for them to have a reason and know why they are doing that. Don’t push them and make them do things just because you think that is the right thing. Engage your child in sports or physical activity as much as you can. Only then, you can go around and find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai. Emphasize overall wellness, health, and how their bodies can do wonderful things once they learn and start taking care of themselves.



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