How to find good personal trainer for kids in Dubai?

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Published: June 27, 2021

It is more and more common that kids and younger generations suffer from obesity. Usually, it starts early in childhood. With those increasing numbers, the ones for physical education should increase too, but they, unfortunately, are not. If you are afraid that your kid might get obese, it is time to find your personal trainer Dubai offers. Also, you can use one for yourself, too. It is for sure not hard to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, but you will have to do good research about it. Find out what are they in the first place, why are they good, and start looking for the best trainer for your kid and even yourself too!

A personal trainer with group of kids behind him exercising.
Find a personal trainer for kids in Dubai who provides group training so your kid doesn’t feel like it’s missing out on fun.

What are personal trainers?

In addition, to find a proper and good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, you should know what they are. So, basically, a personal trainer is a person who will help you to achieve weight and fitness goals. Everyone’s body is different, all everyone needs different sorts of exercises. Your trainer will make a perfect workout routine for you, and you will have a nutrition list made special for you. Of course, they are much easier on kids than on adults. They must motivate you, give you reasons to work out efficiently. The hardest is to start. But once you do, everything will become a routine, and you won’t even mind it anymore.

They will talk with your kids, making them open up, which is really important. Overweight can also be a consequence of stress, not only food. You have to understand that having a personal trainer is not only for the exercise. It will do good for your kid’s growing up and development.

Why do you need a personal trainer for kids in Dubai?

It is not mandatory to have a personal trainer for kids, but it is preferable. When living in Dubai, be prepared that your kid will get used to driving around instead of walking around. If you are parents who are busy all the time working, your kid will make a habit of eating outside, most likely in fast food restaurants. These are only some of the factors that can actually need to gaining huge amounts of weight. If you care about your kid’s health, you won’t let that happen. Obesity can lead to some serious health problems, that might not be even curable in the end. Also, having a personal trainer, your kid can start being more organized, and it will lead him to a healthy and successful lifestyle.

A personal trainer alone with the kid excercising.
Don’t let the trainer push your kid over the limits.

Which kind of personal trainer does your kid need?

You have to understand that the personal trainer you have, is not also good for your kids. They are still kids after all. With that being said, you understand that they require a special person who will work with them. The trainer should at least have the following things:

  • A certification that is nationally recognized, or a degree.
  • Previous experience with children, which is successful.
  • Good sense of humor, patience, understanding for kids.
  • He or she should make exercises and training sessions interesting and fun, not the typical gym ones.
  • Balanced training, together with a balanced diet.
  • The trainers have good and positive references from other parents.

To make sure you have chosen the correct personal trainer for your kid, participate in at least the first three training sessions. This way you will immediately realize his or her intentions, and if that is what your kid needs. Also, include the kid in this and ask for their opinion. They are the one’s training after all.

How to find a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai?

Searching for a good personal trainer for kids in Dubai, might not be the easiest job ever. You are well aware that Dubai is enormous, and in this segment, they offer a huge amount of trainers. And you need to find the best one for the sake of your kid, right? Well, it’s time for you to do the research then. The best option here that you have is the word of mouth method. You can ask your relatives, friends, or colleagues for a recommendation. It is the most secure way of finding a personal trainer and hiring one. But, of course, it is not the only way.

What is also preferable is that you search for the National Register of Personal Trainers in the Dubai area. Also, don’t forget that we live in a time where everything can be found on social media. Search through each media platform, to find the best trainers. Internet is developing so much, that now you can find everything through it. So start searching for your kid’s trainer options online.

Don’t forget to actually visit the gyms. This is for sure, the quickest solution. You can visit the best gym in Dubai or the ones nearby your apartment, it’s your choice. But what is sure is that you will find successfully find a trainer there. Also, who can give you better recommendations and advice than them? Depending on if you are looking for yoga power Dubai can offer, or some cardio training, find suitable gyms.

Mother with a daughter stretching out and doing yoga in the living room.
Don’t forget to do the home training or at least stretching with your kids.

Don’t be harsh on kids

Try not to be harsh on your kids, and don’t push them at any costs. They are in the phase of growing up, before puberty. Not everything is only about the outer look. You need to be careful about their feelings and mental health too. Avoid turning against your kids and forcing them to focus only on exercising. If your kid refuses to collaborate, there are tips and ways how to make them exercise. Talk with your kids and understand them. You should be their biggest support. Not the opposite. Try to be their friend instead of a parent from time to time. Don’t forget to reward them sometimes too. They deserve it. Dubai is full of good personal kids trainers, so find them a proper one, not someone strict who will only force them to exercise. It won’t be good.


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