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Published: April 12, 2020

Once you get into fitness routines, it is hard to get out. They are addictive but in the best way possible. They fill you with a sense of fulfillment. With that feeling that you can do whatever you want! Feeling that way about yourself and your body is truly a thing to desire. Many personal fitness trainers are very proud and get a great feeling of satisfaction when they first see someone achieve that moment of self-actualization that can come from hard and persistent training. However, in times such as these, it is not always possible to go outside or to the gym and commit to a fitness program. Unfortunately, that means most of us will have to find home alternatives… Luckily, however, those alternatives can come in the form of online fitness training apps that will help you feel the runners high from the comfort of your own home.

Why online fitness training is important

It is always good to ask for the help of professional fitness trainer Dubai when you want to engage in physical training. After all, doing so can help you find the best training regiment for you. Help you develop the muscle groups you want, increase the strengths you need and generally find the tempo you will enjoy. However, it is not always possible to do so. Be it the current epidemic or simply having to work from home all the time, it is not always possible to train outside. 

And that can feel demotivating. Not being able to hit your favorite running track, to go to your gym or spend that great time with your fitness trainer can feel defeating. After all, exercising is all about never giving up. When you have that kind of mentality it is hard to accept the fact that there is not much you can do about it… or is it?

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How will online fitness training benefit you?

Home training has always been a viable alternative. Many people choose such training regiments for many different reasons. Firstly, it can be convenient. You can train at any time, and your showers are just a few steps away. There is no commute there and back. Furthermore, many people (mostly unfoundedly) are afraid of judging eyes at the gym. Exercising at home makes them feel better. 

However, at this particular time, it is also possible that this is not one of the alternatives, but your only alternative. IN that case, you need to make sure that you are not falling for some of the pitfalls of home fitness. That you are not doing something wrong, or even dangerously wrong, and that you are keeping with your schedule.  This is why you need online fitness training programs!

Read the reviews when looking for the best online fitness training program

Ok, so now that we figured out why you need online training programs, let’s talk about exactly how to find the perfect one. Well, if you want to simply see the list of apps, you can jump to the end of this text. You will find the apps we think are the best ones out there and you can select one of those. However, we always invite you to decide for yourself. After all, the same way there is an exercise regiment for everyone, there are different apps for different users.

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What do reviews say about the app?

So, what is the best way to see if the app is for you? Start with the reviews. Of course, the easiest reviews to be found are one on google play or app store. However, there is a skill to it. You need to know exactly what kind of reviews you should be looking for.

What kind of reviews do you need to search for?

First, they should not be too short. If the whole review is only 5 stars without any description, you should not take them into consideration. The same way goes for negative reviews with poor justification or no justification whatsoever. Other than that, make sure that the review is:

  1. Actually talking about a feature of an app, not some unconnected issue;
  2. …is not weirdly worded in such a way that would indicate a bot account.

With those qualifications out of the way, you should make your judgment. Make sure to carefully read the description of the app. That way you will know exactly what kind of service they provide. Finally, you can also see some youtube reviews. There is a lot of fitness enthusiast that review these apps online. Watching those videos can help you get a better, in-depth understanding of what the particular online fitness training app has to offer.

What equipment will you need

Many of the best workout apps you will find will have an option that will require no equipment what-so-ever. However, we recommend having an exercise ball, some weights or a bar to help you out. Furthermore, you will want something to stretch upon for yoga and other on-the-ground programs.

Other things to look into while you are at home

Be sure that online fitness training is not all that you rely upon for a fitter body while you are stuck at your home. You should also focus on eating healthy while working from home and taking frequent breaks from the screen in order not to strain your eyes.

Some of the top apps at the moment for online fitness training

Ok, now that we covered all of that, we should (as promised) go over some of the top online fitness training apps there are to make your home workout more efficient.

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What are some of the best apps out there?
  • Sworkit – Are you trying to increase straight or cardio, or simply trying to improve stretching or do yoga poses. This all-rounder of an app (for 4.99% a month) will give you all the personalized fitness programs you will need.
  • Daily Yoga – Getting tired of the same old yoga routine? Get 50 classes with 500 poses with this particular app.
  • Aaptiv – An online fitness training program that includes detailed instructions, cardio workouts, and a very good soundtrack. It costs 9.99$ a month. For the price, you get hours of fitness programs of all difficulties.

To summarise

So, there you have it. Our top online fitness training picks as well as instruction on getting your own. We hope that you will find your perfect program in no time!

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