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Published: July 13, 2020

The Internet is filled with articles and guides on how to lose weight – and that’s a great thing! However, what people sometimes fail to understand is that being underweight is just as problematic as being overweight. In case you belong to the former category, then we know you have spent many days wondering how to gain weight. And yes, it’s much more complicated than saying you need to eat more. It doesn’t matter in which point of your life you are currently at, or which season you are reading this in. Whether you want to know how to gain weight during Ramadan, Christmas, summer holiday, or really any other day, we have come up with a few tips that will help you achieve your goal.

Consume nutrient-rich foods

In case you are underweight or just look like you could use a couple of extra pounds, we are sure you have sat through many family meals where your loved ones were almost force-feeding you a donut or a slice of pizza. Even though it is true that all you need to do to gain weight is to eat more, you are not going to achieve that by eating empty carbs. What you will need to do is eat more, but you should focus on eating right. What does that mean?

  • Load up on protein. If we had to set aside one crucial nutrient for gaining weight, it would be this one. Protein will help you turn those extra pounds into muscles instead of body fat. So make sure you include meats, fish, dairy, and eggs into your menu.
  • Get your fiber. Fruits and vegetables should be on your menu no matter what your weight is.
  • Make your snacks count. All types of nuts make a great snack that you can consume as soon as you start feeling peckish.
Different types of nuts.
All types of nuts count as a good and nutritious snack.

We suggest that you don’t try to get your nutrients from supplements. While supplements do serve a great purpose, it’s better to get your nutrients from the food you consume in a day.

How to gain weight while breaking a sweat

If you thought that to gain weight all you needed to do was sit at home and eat all those calories, you thought wrong. You are actually going to be much more successful in your journey if you attend some gym sessions. While a good dose of cardio is important for our daily lives, the focus of your workouts shouldn’t be on getting your heart rate up. It should be on building muscles.

Whether you decide to do that by lifting weights or through boxing Dubai sessions is totally up to you. But do try to cram in a few weekly sessions in your jam-packed schedule. It will help you have more appetite, meaning it will be much easier to load up on those extra calories.

Eat more frequently throughout the day

Ever since we were kids, we have been told that we needed to get three meals a day. While breakfast, lunch, and dinner should never be skipped, you actually need to aim for five meals a day. As an underweight person, you will feel full very quickly. So instead of aiming for two or three big meals a day, try to go for five or six. You will be able to consume more calories this way, leading to more pounds on the scale.

A bowl of nutritious foods.

Avoid drinking water before or during a meal

Water is the most necessary component of our bodies. So telling you not to drink water before a meal seems contradictory. However, water can very easily fill your stomach, taking up much of the empty space. This way, instead of filling up your stomach with food and calories, you would be filling it with water. That being said, refrain from consuming liquids 30 minutes before a meal.

Speaking about the importance of water and liquids for our bodies, you need to make a difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ beverages. If you have been wondering how to gain weight, the answer may lie in your choice of beverages. Try skipping coffee and sodas and go straight for fresh juices and, you guessed it, water. A high-calorie smoothie that contains milk will quench your thirst while providing you with a healthy dose of calories.

Adding extras to your every meal

Have you been struggling to get to that 2 000 calorie mark? Well, then you probably haven’t tried using extras to help you reach your goal. Sauces, spices, and condiments will not only give additional flavor to your meals, but they will also increase the total number of calories consumed. Moreover, you don’t have to stick strictly to condiments and sauces. Add cheese in scrambled eggs or fat-free milk in soups and stews – just get a little bit creative. Our DubaiPT team is certain that you can muster up some creativity, especially since it will help you gain those few pounds you have been yearning for.

Spices - the answer to your how to gain weight question.
There is certainly a spice or a condiment out there that you simply love.

How can you gain weight if you are craving sweets

It’s simple – give in to your urges every once in a while. It’s completely okay to indulge in a slice of pie or a scoop of ice-cream – as long as you are not doing it on a daily basis. We all have our bad days and we are all allowed to get side-tracked from time to time. The important thing is to get right back on track and continue with your healthy diet as soon as possible.

So, do you now know how to gain weight in a healthy way? Then we hope you will be successful in your efforts and will put on those extra pounds as soon as possible. From that point forward, you will just have to maintain your healthy weight, which might take just as much work. But that’s a completely different topic.

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