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Published: October 17, 2021

People who are passionate about training and fitness like to share their passion with others. Some of them even make a career out of it by becoming personal trainers. This enables them to train professionally on a daily basis, and pass their skills on to other fitness lovers. Sharing your interests and passion with others and enjoying what you do is fulfilling and rewarding. But the question is, how does one reach that goal? Once you get a personal trainer certificate, how do you go from there? How to get clients fast after becoming a personal trainer in Dubai? DubaiPT offers some useful tips on how to attract clients.

Best ways to get clients fast after becoming a personal trainer in Dubai

There are numerous marketing tips and tricks on how to attract clients in the world of fitness. Usually, people do not know where to start from and how to draw a plan. However, it is important to have a final goal, and the road to achieving a goal is called a challenge. With a good strategy and know-how, every challenge is surpassable. A combination of various techniques gives the much-coveted result:

  • utilize social media
  • use the old-fashioned ways – business cards and the word of mouth
  • ask for referrals from your steady clients
  • try to stand out and emphasize your qualities
  • use networking and community ties
  • offer special deals
  • leave time in your schedule for marketing activities

Utilize social media

One of the fastest ways to show how good a trainer you are is through creating a Facebook or Instagram page. Create a unique social media profile and ask your friends and steady clients to like and share. Design a workout program and post short videos with exercises and fitness content. Learn more about social media marketing and acquire the skills that will bring you more clients.

Use social media as a tool to get clients fast after becoming a personal trainer in Dubai

If you need a platform that allows more content, create your own website or a blog. This will allow you more space to show your knowledge and your full potential. You can write blog posts on daily basis and link them to your social media pages. Also, setting up a YouTube channel with lengthy videos with various forms of workouts will do a lot for your job.

Use the old-fashioned marketing tools

Although the expansion of social media gives the illusion that the print material is forsaken, it may still find its purpose in marketing. Print out business cards and hand them around. People usually carry these in their wallets, and they always have a reminder of you and the services you offer. Also, design and print out brochures that you can hand out to local businesses in your community. And last, but not least among the old-fashioned tools, the stories of your amazing training skills are best passed down by the word of mouth. It is especially helpful if you ask for referrals. You may politely ask your steady clients for a referral, so they may bring their friends over to your training.

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Print out business cards and brochures and hand them out to potential clients

Try to stand out and emphasize your qualities

Think about what it is that makes you stand out in a multitude of personal trainers. Determine your strong suits and try to emphasize them and communicate them to your potential clients. If you already work in a gym, try to stand out and be visible, in a positive way of course. Try to do something different, design a different approach to exercise that will attract the attention of clients. But remember to not be intrusive in the process of gaining more followers and potential clients. Use all your strength, charm, and creativity to let people know you can show them the best workout routines.


Use networking and community ties

Having strong connections with your local community can be a good stepping stone in your career. Clients come and go after they reach the desired level of fitness, or for any other reason, so it would be good to have an occasional influx of new ones. Reach out to medical practitioners in your area who are willing to hand out your brochure to their patients. Or get in touch with local hairdressers, dentists, or any type of business with a large number of customers.

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Remember that your community plays an important role in your marketing

Also, reach out to local high schools and universities. Check if you can fit in their academic programs and market your services as a personal trainer to their students. Whatever type of exercise you are an expert in, try and see if educational facilities need your services. If for instance, they happen to need the best yoga instructor Dubai has to offer, they will surely take you into consideration. This is a good way of building your career and being visible in your community.

Offer special deals

Offering free trials and special discounts is a sure and fast way of gathering more clients. For instance, if you ask your steady client to refer you to friends, come up with a special discount for the client, or a free week trial for their friends. Introduce discounts for family members or holiday special offers, anything will do as people are always in search of best deals and inexpensive training. Convince your target market that hiring an affordable personal trainer Dubai is the best choice for their wallet and for their fitness routine. Do extensive research of the prices in the field of fitness, find out what other trainers offer, and then design your own marketing program.

Do not ever neglect your marketing activities

In a fast-changing world nowadays, you always have to keep up with the novelties. If you strive to get clients fast after becoming a personal trainer in Dubai, you must be on top of the task all the time. Therefore, always leave sometime in your busy schedule to re-evaluate your advertising strategies.

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