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Published: August 9, 2019

Becoming a personal trainer is a great choice of career. You will get to do what you love. And help many people achieve their fitness goals and be healthy. But, every beginning is difficult. And finding personal trainer jobs in Dubai might seem difficult. But, there are many ways in which you can get new personal training clients. From signing up on PT websites to posting ads near local gyms. Here are some of the tips on how to do it.

Form a strategy on how to get new personal training clients

When you start offering personal training classes, you are essentially starting a small business. And that business needs a good strategy. So, essentially, you will need a business plan. You need to think about who your customers are. And what can you offer to them that others can’t? Or in which ways can you offer the same thing better? Only then can you get new personal training clients and expand your business. But first, you need to know who your focus group is. And which services you can offer.

strategy to get new personal training clients
Form a good strategy for getting new clients

Decide who your potential personal training clients are

When starting any business, you need to know who your potential customers are. And what it is that you can offer to them. You need to know your potential clients’ age, gender, location and so on. Whether they prefer male or female fitness trainers. Do they prefer an outdoor workout or in a gym. Answering all those questions will help you focus much better. And get new personal training clients faster. 

Narrow your focus group

While you are probably capable of serving both outdoor runners as well as indoor bodybuilders, at first you will want to narrow your focus group. That way you can create much more personalized offers and classes. For example, if you are a good boxing personal trainer you should start with that. Don’t offer too many services. Otherwise, you will seem and feel too stretched out. 

You should also start by targeting just one location. A neighborhood or even a city block. That way you will be able to spend less time traveling and more time attending to your clients. And as time goes on you will be able to expand your business into other areas of the city. 

Decide which services you will be offering to your personal training clients

There are many personal training services out there. And many other personal trainers. And while you are probably capable of offering both yoga classes Dubai as well as powerlifting assistance, you should focus on a few services at first. That way you will be able to advertise your services to a small group of individuals who are all interested in your service. And you will be able to get new personal training clients through word of mouth faster. 

Ways to get new personal training clients

Like with any other profession, the first few months are the most difficult ones. You still don’t have clients, but you know that you can be the right fit for many people. And yet, you don’t know where and how to advertise your services. With so many personal trainer courses in Dubai, it’s difficult to stand out. But, there are many ways to get new personal training clients. You just have to be persistent and flexible. And in no time you will have well-developed relationships with many clients.

Visit local gyms to get new personal training clients

The first way to get new personal training clients is to visit local gyms. Talk to the employees and owners and see if you can strike a deal. They can offer your services in exchange for a fee. Or you can even get a full-time position there. That way you will be able to advertise your services to people who might genuinely be interested in them. 

find clients in a gym
Visit a local gym first to find new clients

Get noticed on social media

You’ve worked hard, trained hard and learned a lot of things. And you certainly don’t want it to all go to waste. But, just becoming a personal trainer is not enough. You need to get noticed by people. You need them to hear about you and eventually hire you. So, in order to get new personal training clients, you need to get noticed. And one way to do it is through social media. You should set up accounts on all the popular websites and share photos, tips, and instructions. That way, people will start following you and learn about your services.

social media icons
A great way to get new clients is to be noticed on social media

Apply on personal trainer websites to get new clients

There are many websites where you can post ads about your services. And while that is a good strategy it doesn’t always work. You will need a website that specializes in personal trainers. You should sign up and list your skills and programs. That way, you will be able to get new personal training clients quickly and without much effort. And then it’s up to you to stand out and keep all the new clients that you get. 

Meet other personal trainers and share experiences

Odds are, you already know a lot of people who workout. And some of them are probably personal trainers, just like yourself. Talk to both female and male fitness trainers. Networking is important in any business. And it’s a good way to learn new things and techniques. So, meet and talk to other personal trainers and share experiences. Ask them how they got their clients and what helped them. 


In the end, you just have to be persistent and good at what you do. And eventually, the clients will come. You can use the above-mentioned techniques to get new personal training clients faster. But, like anything else, it can be difficult at first. You can lower your prices for the first few clients until you get a decent portfolio. Or you can print out flyers to give to people. But what’s more important is that you work hard, provide a good service and help people. And everything else will come.

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