How To Get Rid Of Love Handles?

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Published: August 18, 2022

Despite their charming and funny name, love handles are not something we want to have. Especially not on these hot summer days in Dubai. Love handle is actually that surplus fat that you have on the sides of your waist. Another cute name for it is muffin tops. Sounds lovely until it hangs over the top of your jeans or pants. Many people, especially before their vacation, try to get rid of this area with different exercises. Many choose side crunches, obliques, or strict diets. However, it is not that relatively easy to get rid of love handles. This is why our team at DubaiPT is here with you to show you how to get rid of love handles easily. It’s more about changing your daily habits than sweating in the gym every day. So, let’s get started and change your body!

Find a way to move throughout the day and engage your body

If you want to lose excess fat around your waist you can do several exercises to lose belly fat. However, simply doing them a few times a week is not enough. It will be tough to lose weight if you have an office job or spend most of the day sitting. A lot of studies show that sitting for hours is bad for your health and waist. This is why you need to find a way to move your body throughout the day and become active. Whether it is going back from work walking or going for a morning run. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you engage your core. Use a pedometer to keep track of your steps and set up a realistic goal for starters. A simple stroll or a walk can move your body into reducing the number of calories you intake.

A woman jogging in order to get rid of love handles
A morning jog or a walk can help you in your journey of getting rid of love handles.

Start doing cardio and increase the intensity

The cardio workout consists of activities that will increase your heart rate and help you burn calories. Moreover, it will aid you in reducing the unnecessary fat around your waist. This is why many people opt for fat burning workouts for men when they want to lose weight. Even though it may sound challenging, it actually is very beginner-friendly and shows great results. Swimming cardio is actually one of the best ways to remove love handles. After all, what better way to cool yourself on these hot summer days in Dubai?  15-20 minutes of swimming can keep your heart rate level in a burning zone. Still, if you prefer indoor workouts, an intense cardio gym workout can do wonders.

Cutting on snacks and candies is essential when trying to reduce love handles

Asides from different workouts to get rid of love handles, a healthy diet is essential as well. Firstly, you need to cut on added sugar and clean up your diet. By added sugar, we think of snacks, sodas, candies, and even alcohol. Besides giving you love handles, they are also bad for your heart, sugar level, and metabolism. Above all, these sugary foods are filled with calories that you unnecessary intake every day. Instead, choose a kcal meal plan Dubai that our nutritionists can prepare for you. After some time, you will feel much better, relaxed, and satisfied with your mind and body. After all, they are just empty calories that you don’t really need.

Candies and added sugar food on the table
One of the most important things to get rid of love handles is to cut unnecessary calories.

Include healthy fats into your new nutrition plan

There is numerous food that contains healthy fats that you need as part of your new diet. Even if you don’t eat meat, you can choose a great vegan meal plan Dubai has for you. Avocado, nuts, seeds, and olive pol can help you get rid of love handles. Not only they are healthy and delicious, but they can also help you consume fewer calories during the day. Yes, they are high in calories, but by changing your diet and incorporating various food, you can shed pounds as well. It is that simple, next time you prepare breakfast, have avocado toast instead. A healthy diet is the key to toning your body and getting the desired results. Include your family and start this journey together.

Add protein to your meals and reduce belly fat

A lot of great meal plans in Dubai contain food high in protein. High-protein food will help you lose that belly fat and keep you full between meals. Moreover, they will help you reduce the urge for snacks and empty calories. Include ingredients such as eggs, seeds, nuts, poultry, or seafood into your new diet. Therefore, you will quickly lose weight and get rid of love handles around your waist. You will feel much better and your quality of life and sleep will improve over time. Don’t be strict on yourself and try to make this part of your new healthy lifestyle. Above all, try meal prep that will help you stay on track even on your busy days.

A woman showing slim waist
Change your diet and start doing cardio to get rid of love handles this summer in Dubai.

Try pilates and engage your abs for a slim waist

If you ever wondered whether to choose between yoga or pilates, here is your answer. Pilates is a great workout for beginners and very beneficial for toning your abs. You can always hire a personal trainer who will show you all the moves you need. It is quite beneficial in reducing weight from your waist. If you want to get rid of love handles, what better way than pilates with your friends? Of course, you can modify the exercises based on your needs, age, and fitness level. Remember, everyone is different and everyone takes a different amount of time to achieve results. Only with constant work, motivation, and persistence, you can get rid of these unnecessary muffin tops.


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