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Published: February 7, 2020

So, you want to get started with Zumba in Dubai? You’re at the right place! We got you covered with personalized Zumba classes in Dubai, as well as some tips on how to start on your own! This very popular and fun way of exercising reduces fat, strengthens muscles, improves coordination and lights up your mood. Well then, what are we a+waiting for – let’s meet the magic world of Zumba!

Not sure how to get started with Zumba in Dubai? No worries!

Zumba, a popular fitness program for quite some time now, came to the USA from Colombia and immediately gained popularity! It’s because it makes effective exercise while being fun and relaxing. And there are really so many amazing benefits of Zumba dance workouts, so let’s just name some. We probably won’t be able to name them all, but we’ll try to show you the best way to get started with Zumba in Dubai!

get started with Zumba in Dubai
Zumba is a fun sport that will help you improve your health

Combining fast and slow rhythms of popular music of different genres, Zumba combines quality exercises with elements of samba, rumba, salsa, hip-hop, and other dances. And it’s not just Latino dances! Zumba mixes various dance moves. The final product is a blend of dynamic exercise and elements of many dances that makes you feel more like you’re having a good time instead of going to a boring gym.

How it all began?

Zumba dance was created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pérez during the 1990s.[The legend says it all began when this fitness instructor forgot his music at home and decided to create an aerobic class with his samba and merengue music. So this fitness move was founded in 1998 by Pérez in Cali, Colombia. He partnered with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion and they released a series of videos. After this, the legendary tape expanded into class instruction and by 2015.

Of course, this fitness program is always evolving and developing, but the idea is the same: have fun while working out! One thing is sure: people loved Zumba so much that it became a movement, and came to all parts of the globe, including Dubai. This spontaneous mix of fitness and dance created a special kind of energy, and you can almost never see anyone going out of the Zumba class without a smile.

How does one Zumba class look like

Although there are many benefits of low-intensity training, Zumba is not really a basic type of fitness. The Zumba fitness class lasts 55 minutes. It starts with a warm-up session where basic steps from different dances are used. After that, the instructor introduces a part during which different combinations of basic steps and rhythms gradually raise the intensity of exercise and move from one type of dance to another. The “cardio” part is followed by the cool down part and stretching or sometimes even low-intensity strength training.

Zumba was created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pérez in the 1990s.

Overall, Zumba aims to mix a harmonious body moves with good fitness… And the main goal is to have fun! Amusing rhythms, simple dance steps, and a cheerful atmosphere create a desire in people to come to workouts, to be persistent and to practice continuously. In addition, Zumba is for all ages, regardless of dance experience, fitness or gender. So you don’t have to know how to dance – all you need is your goodwill! Everything else will follow: you will get an amazing body, have fun and gain more confidence.

Why is Zumba fitness so good?

With exercises accompanied by rhythmic body movements, Zumba fitness is good because it simultaneously strengthens and forms your condition. It also establishes a good and balanced heart rhythm, and thus circulation, tightens muscles, especially those in the back, abdomen and leg regions, and improves coordination of movements. Besides, Zumba strengthens the endurance of muscles and spinal column and at the same time, contributing to reducing stress because it awakens in you a sense of rhythm and triggers positive thoughts and energy.

Also, since Zumba fitness workouts are extremely dynamic and require a lot of energy… So they are fantastic for burning excess calories! One Zumba class can burn up to 450 calories in an hour. Still, the only thing you should pay attention to is that you need to bring enough water with you to this training. Otherwise, it can easily happen that you dehydrate or maybe feel excessive fatigue. In any case, if you have any serious health complications, do not start training before consulting your doctor (as with any sports for that matter!).

Greatest music hits get you in the groove

The fun thing about Zumba is that you listen – and dance – to the latest popular music hits. Trainers usually choose what’s most trendy at the time… But you can maybe ask if you can create choreography to your favorite tune! If you haven’t caught up on the moves, do not despair! You will repeat steps at some future class, and learn them gradually, and improve them over time.

 This spontaneous mix of fitness and dance creates a special kind of energy!

How to make it even more fun when you get started with Zumba in Dubai

Zumba fitness training can be much more interesting if you practice in a good company – like with a good friend. The truth is, this is one of the rare fitness practices where you can exercise with someone. If you go to aerobics or to the gym, then chances are you’ll be better on your own. So Zumba is ideal for people who like company and team spirit.

As for the clothes, for each workout, dress in a way to have maximum mobility – because Zumba fitness certainly requires this. So loose t-shirts and tights will be ideal. You can, of course, make your own choice according to how you feel. In any case, we hope you now get a better idea of how to get started with Zumba in Dubai! Good luck!

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