How to get your kids interested in sports

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Published: March 18, 2020

Maybe you thought about how to get your kids interested in sports. It is a great thing to strive for. It is not only commendable but also very much recommended. We talked many times about why you should try to get your kids to do sports. However, we are still to cover exactly how should a parent address this. Luckily, we are doing it now. We made this post so we can explain exactly what are you to do in order to get your children interested in sports!

Why you should know how to get your kids interested in sports

But first, if you haven’t seen our previous content, let us talk about why before we talk about how. So, as any personal trainer for kids will tell you, it is very important for children to do sports. They are, naturally, growing, and so are their physical and mental capabilities. In order to ensure a healthy development to our youngest, we should make sure that they are exposed to physical exercise.

how to get your kids interested in sports - kids playing football
Why sport is good for your kids?

Any and all forms of sports are a very good option in this regard. This is because of many factors. Firstly, we ought to acknowledge that, even though fitness is very important, it is not really fun. You might find it useful in your adult life as a way to blow off some steam or work towards a better body, but such progress is slow and incremental. There is no instant gratification. No short term goals. For children, which are naturally less inclined to be able to keep focus for extended periods of time

This is why the sport is better. Sport offer goals kids should aim for. Physical activity is not a goal unto itself, but rather means towards scoring a point or a victory for yourself or your team. This works a lot better with child mentality as they naturally like dynamic, game-like activities.

As for the benefits your child will experience, they are many, but we will emphasize three.

Benefits for their development

These are the 3 most important benefits of playing sports for your child growth according to our personal trainers in Dubai:

  • Social skills. Doing sports, especially team ones is very important for the social skills development of your child. You will find that your child will practice teamwork, communication and grow social confidence when actively doing sports.
  • Health benefits. When you are trying to find out how to get your kids interested in sports, what you are really doing is to get them to experience all kinds of health benefits sports activities provide. Muscle growth, bone strength, back strength, coordination… all the areas your child might soon exceed in should it start doing a physical sport.
  • Self-discipline. Finally, sports teach us self-control and rules, determination and hard work. These are excellent values to instill upon your child. Be sure that

Get them to watch sports

So, on to actually how to get your kids interested in sports, now that we know why. First off, try to get them to watch sports. If you are sitting down on the couch to watch Dubai football, why not call them by your side. Kids are almost always trying to imitate adults. They will probably try to watch it with you.

Now, don’t expect a silent observer. Actually, you will find that a silent observer is not what you want. You want them to get excited and curious about the game and its rules. The first step of getting your kids interested in a sport: Show them others playing it. With so many sports channels these days, you will find a wide array of sports your child might get interested in.

Do it with them

Lead by example! One of the great ways to make sure your kid likes sports is to practice and play with them. Try to exercise with your kids! You will find that this method is highly effective. Why? Well, we mentioned it earlier. Kids relly upon imitation in order to get closer to adults. If you show plenty of good habits and a healthy attitude about physical activity and sports, they will be sure to follow suit.

Start early, but let them choose

Also, try to begin early. The earlier you start, the more time they will have to get better and get more benefits from the sport. However, there is one important thing to note… Don’t get too excited and pick the right personal trainer for kids before the kid even knows if they like the sport.

A kid jumping
The earlier – the better

Furthermore, on that point, be sure to not push on them, or even worse enlisted in, some sport they do not care about. This is about them. They might develop a hatred for a sport, or do it badly by purpose. You cant simply make someone like the sport from sheer pressure alone.

Be sure to let them chose, and simply advise and guide them, not for them. A little nudge, not a push.

Tell them about the greats

Help your kids find a sport they enjoy by talking about the great icons in the sport, the all-time stars. Kids love having idols, someone great they can emulate and whose success they wish to match or overcome.

Basball playing kid
Give them stars to strive for!

Many great sportsmen of today started with the stories of those before them, etc. It is a very simple tool, but a powerful one. It will give your kid a good role model. While also being a great answer for how to get your kids interested in sports.


When it is all summed up, what does it come down to? Well, you should let them pick, start early, talk about and watch the sport together. And, of course, try to do the sport with them. This will all be a great answer for how to get your kids interested in sports. Be persistent. Be patient and expect them to change the sport a few times. It will take time for them to find the one.

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