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Published: December 4, 2019

Everybody knows that working out regularly is the best way to transform your body. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or define your muscles, exercise is the way to do it. However, if you want to get the best results, you’ll need to do some research before planning out your abs workout. Depending on what your goal is, you’ll have to do different kinds of exercises and at different intensities. If you’re looking to increase your muscle definition, you’re probably already in good shape and you just need some extra tips for making the best of your workouts. Well, we’ll give you some advice on what to do to improve your muscle definition. Keep reading to find out what you should do.

First things first, food

You’re probably all aware that your diet has a massive impact on your body. Not only do certain foods give you less energy, but some types of food are downright bad for your body and health. When you’re eating clean and choosing the right foods, your body functions better, you have more energy for working out and you’re an all-round happier person. So, when you’re looking up arm workouts for women or the best type of cardio, take some time to research the best foods for you as well.

Eat your proteins to increase muscle definition

When you’re trying to gain muscle definition, your fitness instructor Dubai will tell you that you need to focus on protein intake. As you may already know, proteins are building blocks of our muscles. So, protein-enriched foods are really good for those who want their muscles to grow. Of course, eating high-quality proteins isn’t enough – workouts are necessary. But, having a good diet is definitely a big part of increasing muscle definition.

Spinach and chicken salad - eat proteins to increase your muscle definition
Eating proteins and maintaining a generally healthy diet is a good way to improve your muscle definition.

If you don’t know which foods include high-quality protein, don’t worry. We’ll give you a quick rundown. You should stick to foods like lean meat (chicken and beef), eggs, fish, beans, milk, and nuts. Other than that, you can also dabble in introducing protein powders or protein shakes to your diet. Not only does protein help with growing muscles, but it can also help you lose weight and keep you full longer. So, as you can see, it should become an important part of your day.

Use carbs to your advantage

A lot of people will tell you that you need to stop eating carbs when you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, if you completely cut out carbs from your diet, you won’t have enough energy and you’ll feel fatigued. And let’s face it, you’ll also be missing out on a lot of delicious treats. Well, there’s a way to use some delicious carbs to your advantage.

Fruits and vegetables
Keep on eating your carbs, especially the healthy ones, but try to use them to your advantage.

The key to having a good excuse for eating carbs is when you eat them. Basically, what you should do is eat carbs for your post-workout meals. This will fuel your body and increase your insulin level all the while helping you rebuild muscles quicker. You should also keep in mind that there are some healthy carbs that taste great and are good for your body. So, think about introducing things like brown rice, oats, whole grains, fruits, and veggies to your diet if you want to increase your muscle definition.

Don’t skimp on calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, a calorie deficit is what you need to achieve. However, when your goal is to gain muscle definition, you shouldn’t shy away from eating more calories. If you aren’t eating enough calories, your muscles won’t be able to grow. Your body simply needs food to fuel it and give it energy for all of your workouts. So, eat enough carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Don’t starve your body. You can eat more food on the days you’re working out and a bit less on your rest days.

Working out when you want to increase muscle definition

Now that you have a general idea of what you should be eating in order to gain muscle definition easier, you should also learn how to work out to accomplish your goal. As we’ve said, different goals require different types of workouts. Well, here are some things you should pay attention to when working out to increase muscle definition.

Don’t go crazy with cardio

Cardio workouts are amazing for your body and your health, everyone knows that. However, they’re not the ideal choice when it comes to gaining muscles. If you go too heavy on cardio, you might end up losing some of your muscles along with the fat you’re burning. In case you enjoy cardio exercises, you can still do them, of course. For instance, you could start doing HIIT workouts that burn fat while helping you build muscles.

Man on the treadmill
If you want to build your muscles and not lose weight, don’t go too heavy on the cardio.

Focus on powerlifting to increase muscle definition

If you’re a beginner in the muscle-building world, you’ll benefit from an all-round workout. However, those who have been powerlifting for a while should focus on larger muscle groups to get the best results. This means focusing on the chest or legs, for example. Something that can be helpful is lifting heavier weights and doing smaller reps (within the six – 12 range). Do different types of powerlifting to avoid getting into a rut.

Start your transformation today

So, these are some of the simplest ways to increase your muscle definition efficiently. Do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle and focus on those weights. But also, don’t forget to leave the gym and have some fun after all the powerlifting.

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