How to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories?

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Published: March 9, 2022

Losing weight is such a difficult process and if you ever tried it, you probably did it by eating fewer calories. You have certainly felt constant hunger and cravings, rumblings in your tummy, and fatigue. Most people think that if they eat less they will lose weight in no time. What if we tell you that you do not have to feel like this ever again. The secret recipe is to avoid food that keeps you hungrier and start consuming calories that make you feel good and full. To help you in this healthy journey, DubaiPT has prepared some useful tips for you on how to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories. Stick around to read this article and enjoy your favorite food without any guilt.

Be in control of your own appetite

A lot of people do not differentiate between hunger and appetite. These two things are quite different and what you need to do is be in control of your needs and cravings. Hunger is actually a physical necessity for food. On the other hand, appetite is your desire to eat something that you crave, like chocolate cake or a delicious slice of pizza. Hunger is what keeps you alive and moving, while appetite causes us to gain weight. This is why you never feel full after eating something you craved for a long time. The first thing you have to do is suppress your cravings and start this healthy adventure properly. Ask yourself whether you are really hungry or just need a snack because you are bored.

A man holding a burger
You don’t have to give up your favorite food in order to be healthy and lose weight.

Don’t ignore the signs your body sends us

Your body knows you better and it has been sending you signs that you ignore most of the time. You probably already have a weight loss diets plan that you follow daily, but still struggle with feeling hunger. Listen to your body and if it tells you that it is time to stop eating, then do it. Your body will signal you when it is full and everything after that is simply a waste of calories. Remember that people are different and each body reacts in a different way. If you are on this journey with your friends or family, you might have different needs, or everyone experiences fullness differently. If you want to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories, don’t compare yourself with other people and focus on yourself.

Increase daily water intake

Often people feel hungry, but in reality, they are just thirsty. Your brain that regulates hunger and thirst sometimes mixes up these signs and you will start eating although you should just have a glass of water. You need to make sure to drink enough water during the day, especially before eating. This way you will fill up your stomach a bit and your body will receive a signal to eat less. Be aware that water does not replace food! You can start by drinking two cups of water before meals, or even a cup of tea. Being hydrated will help your body to function better. Don’t overwhelm yourself on your very first day and take it slowly. If you feel dizzy or nauseous, go slowly and do not gulp glasses of water in one go.

A person measuring her weight
In order to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories, relax and stop measuring your weight every day.

Make your portions look larger

If you are following the healthy meal plans Dubai trainers prepared for you, be creative and play with them. These health plans require small portions of food. Often you feel hungry when you see a few bites on a large plate and you think that you need more and more.  Start placing your food on small plates and you will trick your body into thinking it is the same portion as before. Your brain will send signals that you are full and that you do not need to take more food. This can be fun since you can get creative and prepare your portions in advance. If you are working and feeling busy, meal prep for the week is something you should consider.

Don’t rush through your meals and eat slowly

Often people are in a hurry and finish their full meal in just five minutes, Whether because they are way too hungry to slow down or need to go somewhere. This delays the signal that your body sends to your brain that you are full. Afterward, you will still feel hungry and you will continue eating snacks or desserts. Try to enjoy your meal for at least 20 minutes. Depending on your condition, you may want to explore some good insulin resistance meal plan Dubai nutritionists have for you. Remember that staying healthy is the number one priority. The best thing you can do for your body is to eat meals every day at nearly the exact time. This will help your body to process food better,

A person eating salad in order to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories
Eating healthy does not have to be boring and difficult, rather fun and creative.

Throw away all the junk food you have

Junk food does not have any nutritious value and it is simply there to please our cravings at the moment. Start by going through your kitchen and getting rid of all the junk food you have stored in the pantry. All these foods are created in a way to trick our brain into thinking that we need more and more food even though we ate a full burger or a large pizza. This circle needs to stop, and you are in control of it. It is not simply about losing weight, rather than living a healthy lifestyle. Following our tips, you will learn how to lose weight and feel full on fewer calories. Remember to relax, listen to your body, go slowly. This process requires time and energy, and you will see results when you least expect them.



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