How to Lose Weight with Busy Schedule

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Published: January 10, 2021

Year after year, our lives get busier and more hectic. Therefore, we are able to commit less time to activities that we want to partake in, and the ones that are good for us. If you want to lose weight with busy schedule, you are going to need to adapt your lifestyle a bit. Of course, having one of the private trainers from DubaiPT to guide you through it will make everything a lot easier and more effective. But even without one, you can do much to get on the right track to losing weight. That is why in this article we will be sharing our top 6 tips on losing weight!

6 tips to lose weight with a busy schedule!

Consider doing the following, if weight loss is your goal:

  1. Eat less than usual
  2. Add more fiber to your diet
  3. Try not to skip any meals
  4. The high-intensity workout will help you lose weight with a busy schedule
  5. Sleep enough
  6. Always stay on the move!

Additionally, try to always combine some sort of small workout in your day. Whether it is carrying weights on your legs while you walk, or doing a small pull-up every time you go for a coffee, these will slowly add up. You don’t need to engage in elaborate fat burning workouts for men but they are what is most effective, to tell you the truth. However, these small workouts can combine into something greater and extremely efficient. But for the most part, follow the steps above and you will be just fine!

person eating at the restaurant
Eat less and more frequently.

1. Eat less than usual

The most obvious solution (and the most effective) is to simply eat less. Now, you don’t really need to starve yourself, either. All you need to do is figure out how much you are normally eating during the course of the day, then reduce it. Try to start small, though. Shave off let’s say 200 calories from each day and start with that. After a few weeks of getting used to that, reduce 200 more. Keep doing that until you can. This is the easiest way to reduce your weight, as it does not involve any workouts, male fitness trainers, or what will you. All you need to do is do less. Or, in this case, eat less.

2. Add more fiber to your diet

But eating less may cause other problems. You may feel hungry which may cause you to be anxious, nervous, or all matter of “not-normal”. One great way to combat these issues is to introduce more fiber in your diet. The advantages of fiber are numerous, and you should be intaking at least 30 grams of it a day. But the greatest advantage is that eating high-fiber foods will leave you saturated, which will make it easier to go on without more food. And this will actually make the most impact. You can ask any female fitness trainers in Dubai about the importance of fiber in your diet, as well. They will all concur that it is the most important part of your diet.

3. Try not to skip any meals

Even more about food. Who would think that losing weight has to do all this much with food, huh? In any case, you should not be thinking that if you skip a meal you are eating less, which is good for you. No, you don’t really want to be skipping any meals, you want to introduce more meals if you can! The thing is, going for long stretches without food will slow down your body. You are going to feel the urge to eat and then you will eat a lot. Your brain is going to provide you with all the reasoning for it when it comes to eating. So, don’t allow yourself to end in this situation. Create a habit of eating several times a day, with smaller meals. Never skip one if you can help it.

bowl of cereals
Try not to skip any meal, especially breakfast!

4. The high-intensity workout will help you to lose weight with a busy schedule

Alright, enough about food, let’s move onto the workout. The standard issue with busy schedules is that you simply can’t afford to visit the gym several times per week, for multiple hours. No, what you need is a workout that is of high-intensity, that can be crammed in a shorter period of time. However, this is something that you really do not want to be figuring out on your own. The workouts of this intensity need to be both safe and adequate for weight loss. It is easy to make it either too easy or too hard. Having a professional fitness trainer by your side is the preferred method. But you can do your own research, as well.

5. Sleep enough

Having enough sleep will help with your mental condition. While it does not have anything to do with weight loss on its own, more sleep will enable you to battle your cravings more effectively. Actually, the lack of sleep is what may force you to give in to them, if you allow it to. Therefore, it is best not to even allow that to happen, simply sleep more! You will be able to reap many benefits of a good night’s sleep, something that you can’t discount. Of course, having a busy schedule might mean that you need to lose some sleep here and there and that is fine. Just don’t let it deplete your energy reserves overmuch. Always look to recharge whenever you can.

woman sleeping in bed
Having a good nights’ sleep will make you withstand a lot more pressure!

6. How to lose weight with a busy schedule? – Always stay on the move!

Finally, it is all about calories when it comes to weight. Moving makes you spend those calories and is therefore one of the best ways to lose weight. Try to incorporate moving in all phases of your life. If you are sitting, and do not require a limb for doing something, move it! You can even create some small exercises that you do with minimal brain investment. These exercises are the perfect way to lose weight with a busy schedule! They may look silly at first but are truly effective at making that scale counter show fewer pounds!


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