How to Motivate Your Child to Stay in Karate

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Published: December 6, 2020

We have seen it happen countless times: a child gets really into a hobby, picks it up, but then gets bored after just a little time and decides to drop it. It doesn’t matter if it is arts and crafts or any sport – it happens to everyone once or twice. How can you help your child? Is there anything you can do about it? Can you help boost their motivation to keep pursuing their hobby, since it is often quite healthy for them? Well, we have the answer for you – at least when it comes to martial arts. If your kid is taking the best karate classes Dubai has to offer, then we will help you motivate your child to stay in karate. By reading this article, learn how to keep your child motivated and interested in their hobby.

Encourage them to pursue the sport

Oftentimes, you will sit at the sidelines while your kid does their karate. It doesn’t matter if they are presenting their techniques or sparring with opponents. While you are doing it, you can often get tired and not feel like cheering for them. However, pushing yourself to do so is quite a significant factor in your kids’ motivation to pursue the sport.

a mother and a child
Always encourage and cheer for your child.

Whether they are aware of it or not, your kids pursue your affection. Therefore, the more involvement you have in their karate pursuit, the more they will strive for. That will make them keep training – so make sure you pay close attention to what’s happening. Then, back home, tell them just how much you enjoyed it – and what you enjoyed the most. Tell them they were amazing and why, and you will motivate your child to stay in karate with ease.

Just like the best personal trainer Dubai does – praise your kids for effort, not just for winning. Training karate is usually quite a challenge. Kids love these – they strive to defeat challenges instead of just enjoy what they are doing. However, sometimes, your kids might not be able to defeat the challenge. This can make them sad, and they will start feeling like giving up. However, if you appreciate their effort, they will have the incentive to improve more than just win. So say things like “I’ve seen you’re been working hard” instead of “I love how you defeated that person,” and they will focus more on improving instead of just winning. After all, participating is what you need to enjoy when doing a sport. Not winning all the time.

Motivate your child to stay in karate by helping them learn from their mistakes

One of the best things you will learn from karate is how to conquer your mistakes. Even better, you can teach your kid how they can learn from them, too. The best thing? Kids actually do enjoy making mistakes – and learning from them. It is like an adventure story that everyone loves. The hero has difficulties, they make mistakes, but they end up being a better person after it.

That’s why, when your kid makes a mistake, you can help them learn from it. They will feel much better because of it because they will be learning a new skill. What’s more, your kids will learn not to be embarrassed by mistakes as well. This way, karate can help them become a much more well-rounded adult at an early age – at least in this regard.

a boy who made a mistake
Mistakes happen – but it’s important to learn from them.

How can you help them with this? Talk to them about their training sessions. Pay particular attention to the things that they have learned. This way, you encourage them to pay attention, and think about the mistakes, but also what they can learn from them. Your kids want to understand that this is all the learning experience. When they are not afraid to ask questions and make mistake, they will enjoy karate more. This way, you also make exercise fun for kids too.

Get them to enjoy the sport instead of competing in it

Another huge problem that kids often have with their motivation is the need to compete. They can become obsessive about winning every single tournament or sparring. When they lose – which they will inevitably do – it can kill their motivation. So, in order to stop this from happening, you will want to curb their competitiveness.

So, make sure you explain to your kids that they need to think about just how hard they are working. Then, they should realize that everyone is working just as hard. Talk to them about not making fun of other people. They might even try to help them when they can. Together they will achieve great things. Again, you can praise their behavior when you notice them learning the lessons. This will inspire and motivate them to keep pursuing karate.

friends in kimonos
Karate can bring many amazing new friends.

The relationship they nurture with their partners is important. By being nice and respectful, they can create long-lasting friendships. Of course, they will have a lot of fun along the way too. In order to motivate your child to stay in karate, you should also explain to them that their new friends will miss them if they are not there. Make them feel like an essential beginner karate student. This way, they will know they are an organic part of their club and will love going there.

Parents can do a lot to motivate your child to stay in karate

To conclude, there is quite a lot that you can do to boost your kid’s confidence and motivation levels. This is an important thing to do. Remember, your kids will reap a lot of benefits from karate training. They will not only be physically fit but will also gain discipline, confidence, as well as learn how to manage goals and expectations. Therefore, try to motivate your child to stay in karate as much as you can. They will shape out to become wonderful adults.

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