How to motivate yourself to exercise this winter?

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Published: November 17, 2021

Do you find it difficult to stick to the workout schedule you established during the summer? You are not the only one who feels this way. On cold, gloomy mornings and evenings, getting to the gym or going for a run requires a lot more effort than it does in July. We asked some of DubaiPT fitness experts how they stay in shape when the weather cools and the days grow shorter. They offer some tips on how to motivate yourself to exercise this winter.

man and woman running to motivate yourself to exercise this winter
Call a friend and exercise together

Have the proper equipment

There is no such thing as poor weather; there are only bad clothing choices. If you plan on going outside, you should purchase some high-quality winter activewear. What we mean is thermal leggings, gloves, and headbands, among other things. It improves the comfort of outdoor training and minimizes the danger of developing a cold.

It is not just if you are working out outside. Investing in new workout clothing, even if you are only going to the gym, can help you stay motivated. Buying some new, bright kit can usually get a person inspired. It is difficult not to try on a new pair of sneakers or flaunt your new gym gear.

Make a plan that you must follow

Just like with most things, making a plan for your goals is a terrific way to stay motivated. Rather than waiting for New Year’s resolutions, begin setting goals today. It does not matter if you want to feel better about yourself, transform your body, or simply de-stress. Once you have decided on your goals, make a plan to achieve them, even if it is just putting the workouts on your schedule to make them more important.

Another thing you can do is schedule your workouts, write them down in your diary, and pretend it is a doctor’s visit you cannot miss.

Stay in the house.

Even if you do not have a gym membership, the cold weather outside does not mean you cannot workout. With just your own body weight, you can easily workout in your own house. Visit YouTube, where you can get free workouts that do not require any equipment. Also, keep in mind that not going to the gym means more time in bed. Some of the exercises you can do at home include hiit workout.

Join a group or book a class.

With so many entertaining and intriguing classes available, it is probably the best time ever to be a fitness fanatic. Going to aerobic exercise or hot yoga class may not only appear more enticing than running down a cold road, but the cancellation charge is terrific encouragement to get you there on time! Some of the aerobic exercises you can do with others are:

  • running
  • swimming
  • cycling
  • walking
  • rowing
  • hiking
  • climbing steps

If you are a natural runner who does not care for lessons, consider joining a running club to keep you motivated. Trainers would encourage people to join a running group and allow themselves to be motivated by anything other than running. Making new friends, reconnecting with existing ones, and defining collective goals all assist to keep you motivated.

aerobics class
Join a class to motivate yourself to exercise this winter

Have a pal by your side to motivate you to exercise

Just like joining a club, agreeing to workout with a friend provides you with an incentive to do something active that is not exercising. If you are having trouble motivating yourself through these gloomy months, consider teaming up with a pal. It will help you see working out in a new light, one that is more fun and social. It is also a lot harder to cancel on a buddy than it is to just decide not to go. So grab your gear, meet up with your friend and get down to doing that fat loss workout like a team.

Remind yourself of why it is crucial to motivate yourself to exercise this winter

It can be tough to recall how amazing you will feel after climbing out of a warm, cozy bed and into the cold. Exercising on those gloomy, cold days will help enhance your body’s “feel good” endorphins, which will help blow away those winter blues. Exercising has been shown to increase serotonin, norepinephrine, and the stress response in the body, resulting in a natural state of calm leading up to the frenetic holiday season. That should suffice as an incentive. So, whether you decide to go the gym and do some crossfiting training or simply sign up for cardio exercises, you will see for yourself that you will feel better after.

Above all, be gentle with yourself and your body

It is much tougher to stay motivated when you do not take enough time to relax and recover, leaving you fatigued and sluggish. Treat yourself to a good mug of hot cocoa and a lengthy hot bath with some salts when you get home from fat burning workouts to ease fatigued and sore muscles. It is also critical to ensure that you are receiving an adequate amount of sleep.

woman drinking hot drink in a room
Do not forget to relax after exercising

How to motivate yourself to exercise this winter – summing up

There are a lot of ways to motivate yourself to exercise this winter. The most important thing is to have a strong will. All the other ways are just extra motivation. We do know that the dark silences motivation, but your determination is the key. If you get too lazy at home, then sign up for a gym. Call your best friend and make the exercise more fun. Children are able to do many things through playing and having fun, so follow their example. If you are still having trouble with motivating yourself, find a personal trainer, and they will provide you with that missing factor – motivation. Just remember why you are exercising, and that it will make you feel better. Visit our website for more advice, and workout examples. You can do it, just do not give up!



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