How to pick the right personal trainer for kids?

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Published: December 18, 2018

When it comes to exercising, it is never too early to start! Regular physical activity keeps us happy and healthy and improves our posture, as well as body image. Really, the benefits of exercises are endless, and you have many different options for getting your daily dose of working out. In case you want to teach your child to start working out and to view regular physical activity as a part of daily life, then you need to learn how to pick the right personal trainer for kids. Working out with an approachable and friendly trainer will make your kids fall in love with exercising, just as much as you did.

A woman and a child doing push-ups.
A good relationship with a personal trainer will make working out so much more fun!

Does your child really need a personal trainer?

A lot of people feel skeptic about kids working out with personal trainers. They view this as a sort of a luxury, one that might instill undesirable behavior in your children. However, there are instances when getting a personal trainer is a must if you want to get your child out of his chair and put him on a treadmill. For starters, some individuals are too shy and self-conscious to work out in front of a group of people. Then there are those who are not physically fit and cannot sustain the fast-pace of any course. Recognizing that you are at the moment not as physically capable as others is not shameful. We here at DubaiPT believe that everyone can benefit from personal trainers. And, if your child has:

  • any medical condition, which requires the constant supervision of a trained professional;
  • a preference for individual sports instead of group activities;
  • showed a desire to work with a personal trainer;

then you need to make sure you get a good professional for your kid. Of course, this is easier said than done, as there are a lot of criteria for picking one. Don’t worry just yet – that’s what we are here for. Let us help you hire an affordable personal trainer in Dubai for your child, and watch him/her become a fitness enthusiast.

A blue trainer next to blue dumbbells.
The right personal trainer for kids will make even a tedious thing such as lifting weights fun!

What to look for when hiring a personal trainer for kids

There is no reason for this to be a hasty decision. Sure, you can change the trainer in case you make a wrong choice, but that won’t be beneficial for your child. Having a stable environment is crucial for their wellbeing, and this situation is no different. Believe it or not, the decision goes way beyond deciding between a male vs female personal trainer. Following are some things to pay attention to when interviewing potential candidates for the job. 

Find a trainer with a bubbly personality

Remember, your goal is for your child to start loving physical activity and maintain good health in the process. Rest assured that if you hire a coach that is too strict, it will take all the fun out of exercising. This is not to say that you should hire a lenient personal trainer, either. Instead, find someone who will be able to motivate your kid, and connect with him/her. When working out with a personal trainer, it is very important that your personalities match. So, whether you are looking for karate trainers in Dubai or football coaches, make sure they have a fun approach to exercising.

Which options do they offer?

First of all, when picking the right personal trainer for kids, you need to have your priorities in check. Are you looking for someone who will come to your home and do exercises with your child? Maybe you wish to drop off your kid to a nearby gym where he or she can work with gym equipment? Whatever you want is fine, but you need to have it cleared up before you start interviewing candidates. Only then can you know whether they will be the right fit for your situation. It’s obvious that you won’t hire a trainer that works only in the gym and you are looking for an outdoor trainer, and vice versa.  

A yellow pilates ball on a green yoga mat.
Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor trainer for your kid?

Ask for references

Some people feel ashamed asking for references. They think it shows a lack of trust in what the other person is saying, so they refrain from it, trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, don’t do that when searching for the right personal trainer for kids! You absolutely need to ask for references and make sure you check them. Most likely, you will get a confirmation of what you already know, but still – it does not hurt to be sure. 

Listen closely to what you are asked

One conversation can reveal a lot of things – for example, whether or not you are dealing with a licensed and professional personal trainer. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking with boxing trainers in Dubai or fitness instructors – there are some things all of them should check if they are worth their salt. For example, every decent personal trainer should inquire about your child’s health. They will want to know whether there are any health issues they should be aware of so that they can create the best possible workout programme. If they skip this question, consider this the biggest red flag you could ever get. And be careful, as not every trainer is equally qualified for working with your child.

Watch your child have the time of his/her life!

You will be so proud of yourself the first time your kid comes home all excited about the workout he/she just had. And that would not be possible had you not chosen the best personal trainer for kids out there. Make sure you participate in the enthusiasm your child is experiencing, and be there for everything he or she is going through. You are most likely witnessing the creation of healthy habits that will last for a lifetime.

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