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Published: December 6, 2019

Planning outdoor training in a place such as Dubai is not going all that easy. The complications that you are going to face are directly related to the heat. If you are thinking about moving to Dubai, by now you have realized that you are going to have to put up with high temperatures daily. Luckily, there are parts of the year when CrossFit training in Dubai can be done out in the open. We are talking about the wintertime now. So, the first thing that you should make sure to bear in mind is that you should not even fool yourself into thinking about planning training out in the open during summer. Now that we have got that straight, let us point out that we are going to share some of the best places for outdoor training in this article today.

A place for CrossFit training in Dubai can be easily found
Locating the right place for CrossFit in Dubai is not that difficult

Is training outdoors really an option in Dubai?

Is outdoor CrossFit training in Dubai a viable option? This is a legitimate question for sure. After all, given the fact that the scorching heat is something that is an everyday occurrence, you might have trouble finding a fitness instructor Dubai. Still, the good news is that it is possible to train outside in this place. Still, at certain times, you might have to do your outdoor CrossFit training in Dubai on your own.

However, there are places and local gyms that do work out in the open. Today, we are going to share some of them with you.

What are the best places to do CrossFit training in Dubai out in the open?

As we have promised already, we are going to take a look at the best outdoor workout spots in Dubai. Following is the list of the gyms that you should make sure to take into account:

  • Fit Hub
  • Skydive Dubai
  • Warehouse Muscle Beach
  • Barsha Park
  • Talise Fitness
  • Native Club
  • Fit Inc.

No time to waste, let’s take a look at them!

A fit Hub is a great place for CrossFit training in Dubai

The first place that we are going to talk about today is Fit Hub.

Fit Hub sprung out of Dubai’s Laguna Waterpark at La Mer. This place was opened in May 2018 but now has reopened with additional space where all of you guys looking to train outside can do just that.

There are many great things about training at Fit Hub. The best one is the fact that there are group training organized under the supervision of trained professionals who are there to help you perform the moves correctly and make sure that you suffer no injuries.

Skydive Dubai

The next is the place with the most attractive name.

climbing the rope
Even though some of the gyms may be located on the beach and out in the open, they have the necessary equipment for doing rope climbs

Skydive Dubai is located right next to the beach. Even so, this is a fully equipped gym. While in the open and next to the sea, you are not going to have to deal with any sand. The guys keep this place sand-free. Additionally, specialist flooring ensures that you train on one of the best training surfaces available. 

Warehouse Muscle Beach should be on your list for CrossFit training in Dubai

We are moving on to another beach-side place that is great for outdoor Crossfit Training in Dubai.

Warehouse Muscle Beach is a great place if you are into genuine CrossFit. Here, no matter whether you are looking to train by yourself, in a group or with the help from professional trainers, you are going to be able to find exactly what you need.

Therefore, waste no more time. Get on the phone today and book your first session with DubaiPT! We will make sure to get you in shape in no time!

Barsha Park

The next place on our list is Barsha Park.

This is an outdoor gym where CrossFit training in Dubai can be somewhat challenging since the training grounds are not as equipped as at the places that we had previously mentioned. Still, if you are looking to do some basic stuff that is going to help you get back in shape, this is the place to start from. Afterward, you can go on and look for a more demanding place and the crew to work out with.

Talise Fitness

Talise Fitness is located in one of the numerous Dubai hotels. However, this is not just an ordinary hotel gym. In Talise, you can find all the necessary requisites for proper CrossFit training.

Native Club

Native Club is a great place for those of you who are still not sure whether outdoor training is for them or perhaps, they would like to play it traditionally and stay indoors.

girl training
Choose a gym that has all the equipment that you need

No matter what option you end up choosing, you will find the necessary gym equipment in either of the two. Therefore, if CrossFit training in Dubai is what you are after, you should make sure to pay close attention to the Native Club.

Fit Inc.

We have reached the last option on our list. Even though we have placed it last on our list it does not mean that Fit Inc. is the least quality option. Training at all of the above-mentioned options has both good and negative sides to them.

When it comes to Fit Inc., the major advantage that it holds is due to the fact that this is a large gym with plenty of equipment. Therefore, waiting in line is something that should not be happening here. 


As you have seen, there are many different options if you are looking for the most appropriate CrossFit training in Dubai. All that you have to do is to decide whether this is for you or not

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