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So you want to start training for a triathlon in Dubai? Ever since they were “invented” in 1974, when the first 46 contestants did the race in San Diego, California, triathlon has become quite a beast. Nowadays, it is a challenging sport which many find addicting as well. With more than 2 million people participating in the activities each year, it is no wonder that it has reached Dubai! However, to participate in it, there are a couple of things you will need. First, you will need to work with a personal trainer Dubai to create a good training plan. After all, you need to increase your performance in running, swimming as well as biking! What’s more, you will also need to stay in shape as you prepare! To help you, we have created a list of the best tips you need to keep in mind in this article!

Understand different distances and the challenges they pose

One of the first things you need to go through is understanding the different distances there are. Furthermore, you will need to decide what type of triathlon in Dubai, you will want to conquer! Fortunately, there is a wide selection for you to pick from:

  • Sprint is the perfect choice if you are just starting getting into triathlon. This is why in this article we will be talking about this distance the most. It consists of a 0.5 miles swimming portion, while the bike is 12.4 miles. The other 3.1 miles (which makes up a total of 16 miles) is for running.
  • Olympic triathlon doubles the values of the Sprint one (when looking at kilometers, to be more precise). The name comes from the first version of this triathlon, which was in 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. It consists of a 0.93-mile swim, as well as the 24.8-mile bike track and a 6.2-mile run. This totals at 31.93 miles.
olympic sign
The Olympic triathlon comes from the Olympic games!
  • Half Ironman is for those who have been doing a triathlon in Dubai before. It will challenge your endurance, and it’s a great test to see just how ready you are for the hardest one of all – the Ironman triathlon. The swim here is 1.2 miles, bike track is 56 miles and the run is 13.1 miles. The total distance of the race is 70.3 miles. (Take care – the Dubai version actually goes by the name of Ironman!)
  • Ironman is the last, and the most challenging type of triathlon. Usually, this doubles the tracks of the Half Ironman (obviously) so you get a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race, and a 26.2-mile run.

Start preparing for your triathlon in Dubai with a good training plan

Once you know all the different distances, as well as what you will be running, it’s time to create a plan. Usually, you will be looking into the sprint triathlon, because it is the easiest but also a great entry point. It will give you the feel of how the race unfolds without exerting too much pressure on your body. To prepare, you will most likely need 12 weeks of condition, some strength, and cardio exercises. If you are an already fit person, you might do it in eight weeks, while starting from nothing will take you around 16 weeks.

Your weekly routine should have a mix of all three activities included in the triathlon. Experts also recommend you do a minimum of two sessions of each per week. What’s more, you should also do what is called a “brick session”, where you do swim and bike workout back-to-back, or the bike to running one. Of course, you should adjust it to your triathlon in Dubai. For example, if the swimming part doesn’t happen in the pool, then you might want to do an open water exercise as well.

men running through water
Include open water exercises in your routine.

For starters, you should be able to complete 10 percent of the whole race in each sport. This means that you need a 0.55-mile swim, 13.6-mile bike ride as well as 3.4-mile run. If you cannot do this, then you need to work on your endurance more before attempting a trial run. Then, as you start actually doing the runs, you should strive to increase your distance over time – but never more than 10 percent per week. This is why you need 12-16 weeks if you are only now starting to prepare for your triathlon.

Don’t forget to train your resistance, when preparing for a triathlon in Dubai!

In a race such as a triathlon, endurance is very important. This is how you will manage to cover greater distances without exerting too much stress on yourself. However, you should also include resistance training in your routines. This can be anything from CrossFit training to basic strength exercises. The main point is that you need to strengthen your primary muscles. That way, you can gain a lot of mobility and stability. In turn, you get a range of motion that is really important for a triathlon.

If you are wondering what your primary muscles are, we can help you with that too! Swimming requires you to work on your back, shoulders, and arms, and to gain mobility in your trunk region. The bike will require you to work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and to ensure that your trunk and chest are stable. Finally, running will need you to build strength in your legs – obviously – as well as mobility up to the hips. You should also try to boost the stability in your trunk and shoulders for this activity too.

gym kettle
Do some strength exercises too!

Then, you should also add the rest periods in your routine. Preparing for a triathlon in Dubai is hard, and you will need one or two days each week to recover. Place this day either before or after you do your brick workout. If you have set aside two days, then do both! Finally, don’t be afraid to contact us if you need more professional help!

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