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Published: March 22, 2020

Over 90% of women have it, yet most of them are trying to hide it or reduce it as much as possible. What is it? Well, the ladies’ arch-nemesis of course, cellulite! Even though it is completely normal and so common among women, there are still ladies who feel insecure about it. While some flaunt their orange-peel skin and are not ashamed of it, others prefer to minimize it. Whichever group you belong in, it is okay. There are no female fitness trainers which will tell you that you have to reduce cellulite in order to be beautiful. However, if it makes you feel more confident and if you are more comfortable in the skin without so many lumps and bumps, read on. We’ll tell you all the tips and tricks on how to reduce cellulite and still feel good in your body!

woman drinking water by a bike in the desert
Having smooth and toned legs is a goal for most women. It’s not easy, but there are ways to make them look this good!

First things first – what exactly is cellulite?

In order to think of the most effective ways of getting rid of the orange-peel skin, we have to know what it is. Getting to know your enemy is the first step to defeating it, isn’t it? Cellulite is the irregular dimpling of the skin, most commonly found on one’s thighs, bottom and stomach. Essentially, it is fat deposits that come up through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Cellulite is more common in women than men for one simple reason. Simply, men have more criss-cross connective tissue, which doesn’t allow the fat to peek through. Therefore, the more body fat you have, the more likely you are to have cellulite. However, it is not all that simple. Many ladies who are in great shape, and keep a healthy lifestyle still have cellulite. Let’s see why this happens.

What really causes cellulite? 

The most common myth related to this is that if you’re fit, you shouldn’t have any cellulite. That simply isn’t true. For instance, there is no specific diet that will prevent cellulite from appearing. You can stick to a Keto diet, a vegan/vegetarian diet, or any other and still have bumps on your thighs. The real cause of cellulite isn’t a single thing. It is a mix of genetics, hormones, and poor blood circulation. A general unhealthy lifestyle (alcohol, cigarettes, lots of stress) can only boost the cellulite appearance, but it is not the main cause of it. Not to worry – even though you can’t really control whether you get lots of cellulite or barely any, there are ways how to reduce cellulite on your body.

How to reduce cellulite with proper nutrition

We’ve all already learned that proper nutrition is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Every elite athlete has good nutrition, with a little help from professionals. You don’t have to go to a nutritionist to know what foods to eat and what to avoid if you want to reduce cellulite. Here are some examples of foods you should consume in order to break those fat cells apart:

  • Potassium-rich foods. Bananas, artichokes, apricots, and ginger are just a few examples of foods that are rich in potassium. This mineral will help bring enough oxygen to your cells. 
  • Low-sodium foods. Excess salt that you consume retains the liquid in your body and makes the cellulite even more visible on your skin. Which brings us to our third point…
  • … Water. Drink lots of liquids, mainly water, and help eliminate the waste products and transport vital nutrients to your cells.
  • Food that has lots of vitamin C is also helpful in getting rid of cellulite. 
woman cutting fruit in the kitchen
Ingesting only the nutrients your body needs is the key to reducing cellulite. If the body can’t process it – it produces excess fat, which can lead to bumps in the skin.

Avoid crash diets and unhealthy foods

The popular crash diets (fast diets) are actually really bad for reducing cellulite. Also, with these diets, you can even lose muscle, which can make the existing cellulite even more visible. Salt-heavy foods cause bloating and actually enhance the appearance of cellulite. Soft drinks and alcohol also contribute to fat storage. And the most obvious one – you should avoid processed sugar as much as possible. 

How to reduce cellulite with exercise 

While taking care of your nutrition is helpful, you should also consider proper exercise as a great tool to eliminate cellulite on your body. You can get help from a female personal trainer Dubai in order to see which exercises are the most helpful in this situation. Your ultimate goal will be to enhance your muscles and tighten your connective tissue in order to reduce cellulite on your thighs and bottom. Our tips are the following: 

  • Squats and lunges are the most popular exercises for these types of muscles. If you want to step up your game, you can add a kettlebell or a dumbbell to your workouts. Weighted squats and lunges are more effective that way.
  • Glute bridges and hip thrusts are also a great way to strengthen your leg and bottom muscles.
woman doing lunges
Combining great nutrition with regular exercise can definitely contribute to less cellulite on your body – you just have to be persistent at it.

Will massaging reduce cellulite on your body? 

Apart from nutrition and exercise, there is one more way to eliminate the bumps on your legs. That is, by massaging the tissue. There are specific cellulite treatments that experts can do which will simulate the blood flow and break apart the fat tissue. You can also find various cremes and scrubs you can apply at home, but they won’t be as effective unless you rub them in quite hard. Dry brushing is also a way you can reduce cellulite at home without spending money on expensive salon treatments. However, none of this will work 100%, and we still advise you to incorporate healthy nutrition and regular exercise in order to win this battle with cellulite. 


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