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Published: September 26, 2019

Exercising is very important for many different reasons. From keeping your body in shape to staying healthy. It also has many mental health benefits as well. But, many people ask themselves how to start exercising for the first time. While it takes some time, patience and determination, it isn’t as hard as it seems. And in no time you will be healthy and fit.

How to start exercising for the first time and see quick results

It’s quite important how to start exercising for the first time. If you have a plan and a good coach, you will see results much faster. On the other hand, if you just start doing random exercises it won’t be as effective. So, before you ask yourself how to start exercising for the first time, you need to know why. What is your goal? Do you want a weight loss exercise routine to help you slim down? Or do you want to gain more muscle and overall strength? Knowing all of that will help you get to your goal much faster

women doing exercises thinking on How to start exercising for the first time
Every start can be hard, but working out with a great trainer can be easy!

Why start exercising for the first time?

There are many reasons why you would want to start exercising. Even if you’ve never done it before you can still gain many benefits. Health benefits of exercising are one of the obvious reasons. You can prevent many illnesses and lead a healthier life overall. Mental health benefits of working out are also quite important. You will start to feel much better about yourself. And that boost of self-confidence will lead to many other great things. You will be stronger, more flexible and will be able to live your life more fully.

Decide what you want to achieve with exercises

Now that you know why you should definitely start exercising, it’s time to choose your goal. Do you want to see some specific results or do you just want to be healthier and have some fun? That will determine how to start exercising for the first time. And what steps you should take towards achieving that goal. If you just want to have a healthy activity that will boost your overall fitness, then boxing classes Dubai for gentlemen are a great choice. Or you can go swimming or playing any sport. As long as you do it regularly, and with some guidance or research, you will do great. On the other hand, if you want to see specific results, then you should seek out some more help.

sign that says change
You can change your current lifestyle, and lead a healthier lifestyle just choose what is your goal

Choose a personal trainer to teach you how to start exercising for the first time

If you’ve never been to a gym before, all the different machines and exercises might seem quite confusing. You don’t know how to act or what to do. And you might feel lost. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a freelance personal trainer Dubai to guide you through your first couple of months. A personal trainer can show you how to start exercising for the first time properly. What to do and what not to do. And how to properly do your exercises without risking injury. 

Be realistic with your goals

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they expect to see the results of their workout right away. And that leads to many disappointments. So, when choosing your goal it’s important to keep things realistic. First of all, it’s easy to find out how to start exercising for the first time. It’s much harder to keep doing it. At least until you start seeing the first results. There’s a lot that you need to do if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. You need to start eating properly. And maybe even get rid of some of your bad habits. But don’t worry, you will be glad you did, as you will start to feel much better. 

man trying to open a jar as a representation on how to start exercising for the first time
Set your goals, but be realistic!

Another thing to know is that you can’t expect to look or do things other people at the gym are doing for day one. It takes a lot of time and practice. Patience is a big virtue in exercising. So, make realistic goals and stick with your plan. 

Start exercising slowly

Once you start exercising, you will start feeling much better about yourself. And you will want to do more and more. But, you need to start slowly. Otherwise, you risk overexerting yourself or even injury. So, take it one step at a time. And follow the instructions of your coach. That’s the best way to avoid exercising injuries and progress at a good pace. It’s not always about how much you do in a day. Rest is equally as important as exercising. And over-doing things can lead to you quitting before you’ve even begun. 

Make an exercise plan

One of the important things, when you want to know how to start exercising for the first time, is to know how and when to do it. And so, it’s very beneficial to make your own workout routine with the help of your trainer. One that follows your rhythm and suits your current state. That way you will know when to do which exercises and when to stop and rest. 

key to health
A good exercise plan is a key to good health!

How to start exercising for the first time on your own?

Many people prefer to exercise alone. Either at the gym or in their own home. And while having a good Dubai fitness trainer can help you progress much faster, it’s also beneficial to work out alone. It’s better to do it alone with the help of articles like this than not to do it at all

To start exercising on your own in Dubai, you first need to know which exercises you need. So, identify the problems that you are having and find some exercises that will help you solve them. Then, go online and read articles and watch videos about doing those exercises. It’s important to do as much research as possible since you won’t have anyone to guide you. It will allow you to do your exercises properly and avoid negative side-effects. And in no time you will start feeling much better. And lead a healthier lifestyle. 


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