How to start your professional Zumba instructor career in UAE?

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Published: October 31, 2021

Fitness has become extremely popular worldwide in the past two decades. Millions of people around the world go to the gym and practice some kind of fitness. Whether it is cross-fit, pilates, classical aerobic, or yoga, working out and taking care of your health and looks have become a must in modern times. In recent years, the dance-fitness type of training has become extremely popular. Therefore, the demand for Zumba instructors has increased. If you are wondering how to start your professional Zumba instructor career in UAE, DubaiPT offers some useful tips. Besides advice on how to become a trainer, Dubai Personal Trainers also present the best workout apps to streamline your training sessions.

How to start your professional Zumba instructor career in UAE?

Emirates is a culturally diverse and economically powerful country that offers many job opportunities, especially for professional trainers. There are numerous fitness centers that provide good working conditions for trainers. But before applying for a job, be sure to check what it takes to become a professional Zumba trainer. Here are the recommendations for starting a career properly:

  • practice Zumba
  • enroll in the right training programs
  • obtain your license
  • send resumes and attract employers and clients
  • always be alert and never stop learning
people attending Zumba class
Love what you do and pass that passion on to your clients

Practice Zumba

Zumba is training that combines the elements of Latin American dances, hip-hop, and classical aerobics. It is an extremely upbeat workout that generates a great atmosphere and good energy. Zumba is a fun way of getting into shape. If you are striving to become a professional Zumba instructor, first you have to practice it yourself and enjoy it. Passing that passion on to your trainees and motivating them will be one of your main tasks as an instructor. Sign up for various classes and try to master different levels of Zumba. Bear in mind that once you start teaching, you will need to be familiar with all levels of Zumba in order to pass the knowledge on to your trainees.

Enroll in the right training programs

Zumba is a trademark exercise program, and you will need to obtain your license from a certified Zumba Academy. After completing the licensed Zumba course, you get the certificate with which you can apply for a Zumba instructor position. There are numerous courses available, it is up to you to decide which one suits you best. They all combine lectures with practical training. Some lectures are held online, but most of them are in person, due to the nature of the profession. Anyone above the age of 18 is allowed to enroll in a Zumba training course. Dance and fitness backgrounds are desirable, but not mandatory for the courses.

a woman browsing through the internet sitting on a yoga mat
Choose a training course that best suits you, and get the license that enables you to work as a Zumba instructor in UAE

Once you obtain a Zumba instructor’s license, remember that it has to be renewed every year. Always keep in mind that your license must be up to date. Also, make sure to always be on top of the task and never stop learning. Study various techniques from different instructors, and choose what style of teaching suits you best. Also, in order to be a professional instructor, you must be in top condition. Being familiar with fitness techniques such as warm-up and stretching is essential for any dance or fitness instructor. Teaching any sort of exercise class entails hours and hours of classes weekly, therefore your physical readiness must be at the highest level. Also, it is recommendable to complete a first aid course, just to be prepared in case of emergency.

How to find a job

The level of expertise required for the position of Zumba instructor varies among numerous fitness studios in UAE. Before setting off on a job hunt and sending resumes, check if any studio you would apply for requires any additional skills and courses. Take up any extra courses necessary, and make yourself fully prepared to start your career as a Zumba instructor.

Besides sending resumes to numerous gyms and fitness studios in the country, you may want to use the standard marketing tools for advertising yourself. Print out business cards and hand them out to other personal trainers, gyms, local businesses, friends, and family members, and thus expand the network of contacts you already have. This way you will draw the attention of both the employers and your potential clients.

Choose a reliable employer and a renowned studio

Having a responsible and professional employer makes the job easier to a great extent. Professional training and fitness studio such as Dubai Personal Trainers offer great working conditions for coaches and instructors. For those who wish to attend the best Zumba classes in Dubai, DubaiPT is the perfect place. Choose the best place for your working environment, a studio that offers top-notch service to its clients.

a gym space with a couple of exercise bicycles
Find a reliable company to work for that enables a positive working atmosphere

Companies such as DubaiPT allow trainers to have a creative approach to their Zumba classes. Apply for a company that nurtures good business values, hires the best trainers and coaches, and offers excellent conditions to its clients. In surroundings like this, you will be able to fully develop your potential and keep upgrading.

How to attract clients?

Owing to the vast popularity of Zumba, attracting clients should not be a hard task. The most popular marketing tool nowadays is creating your own page on social media. Ask people to follow you on Instagram or Facebook, hand out your business cards to local shops, or ask your current clients for a referral. Use every opportunity to make people aware of the perks of Zumba training and that you are the right person to train them. The best way to start your professional Zumba instructor career in UAE is to invest all your time and energy in courses, marketing, and job hunt. Be the right address for the people looking for an affordable personal trainer Dubai.


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