How to Stay in Shape During Winter?

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Published: February 10, 2022

Most people start dieting and exercising in spring, to get their bodies ready for the summer. They usually take up exhausting workouts and rigorous diets to achieve great results in a short time. But health and fitness should not be prerogatives reserved only for the summer months. We should all strive to stay in shape during winter as well. With the advice from professional trainers at DubaiPT, one can learn how to remain fit throughout the year. Top trainers offer useful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during winter.

Habits that help you stay in shape during winter 

If your daily routine consists of bad habits, that would have to change, for you to be in good shape. Start including healthy rituals into your everyday life little by little, and eventually your bad habit pattern will change. Although it is easy to fall into the humdrum winter regime of excessive eating and staying in front of the TV, caring about your health should be a priority. Here are some of the activities to focus on during wintertime:

  • Stay physically active
  • eat healthy food and take healthy drinks
  • Nurture your skin
  • Do not hesitate to spend time outside
  • Dress in layers
Look for the best workout videos and continue to work out even during the winter months

Training during wintertime

Going to the gym or for a run when it is cold outside might be just perfect. Unlike in the summer, there is no hot weather to make your exercise even harder. Therefore, this is the perfect time for cardio exercises, as they are less demanding when done in the cold. Building your stamina via cardio exercises throughout the year, and especially in the winter, will keep your body fit and your mind alert in the gloomy winter weather. Find the type of cardio exercise that best suits you, or consult your Dubai Personal Trainers, as the importance of cardio workout in any type of training is indisputable.

A healthy diet helps with staying fit

The festive season brings a lot of family gatherings that always include a table full of various food and delicious desserts. However, not all the food that we consume during the holidays is healthy. Try to substitute unhealthy and greasy food with fish, nuts, and avocado, which are rich in good fats. Any food that will boost the level of vitamin D which we lack in winter is also welcome. Tuna and salmon will provide you with an abundance of this vitamin. Also, eat as much seasonal fruit and vegetables as you can. Remember to have enough intake of fiber through oatmeal and calcium via milk and cheese. This type of food will keep you strong throughout winter.

Combine healthy meals with any type of workout to stay in shape during winter

If you are looking to lose weight, besides staying healthy, combine your nutrition habits with fat-burning workouts. Prevent the fat from accumulating around your waist by starting to exercise and eating healthy way before summer starts. Also, make sure to keep your good nutrition habits all year round, not just during the winter months. Health and fitness are always a blessing in our lives and can only do good for our overall condition.

The importance of skincare during winter

Skin is the most exposed human organ. Harsh winter may cause damage to our skin, and we must nourish it constantly with face lotions, hand moisturizers, and lip balms. Apart from this, taking enough water during the day is good for your skin and complexion. Staying hydrated is extremely important even during winter. Also, it is vital when it comes to high-intensity workouts such as CrossFit training.

Spending time outdoors as a way of healthy living

No matter how cold or rainy the winter might be, having outdoor activities helps boost our immune system. There are plenty of activities to be done in the winter, like ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, or a simple walk in a park. Also, spending time outside in the daylight increases the level of Vitamin D in the body. There is no reason to be inside the house constantly during winter. Even families with kids can find a multitude of fun winter activities to try out and keep themselves fit and healthy.

Spending time outside boosts your immune system

Put several layers of clothes to keep warm

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing. This saying is true, as nowadays one can buy clothes for any type of weather. Layers are easy to take off and back on, depending on the temperature that is changing outside during the day. Also, if you work out outside, remember to put sweat-resistant clothes on, as well as wind-resistant. With adequate clothes that will keep you warm, you can stay outside for a few hours even if the temperature is below zero. Layered clothes are important even for not-so-cold winters, such as the one in Dubai.

Other tips on staying healthy during the winter

Winter is a time of the year when we are pestered by numerous viruses. To prevent yourself from getting sick, wash your hands regularly, open the windows every now and then to let the fresh air in, and take hot drinks like tea. Chances are, with regular workouts and healthy meals, you will maintain your fitness level even during the cold months. Also, sleep is very important for a healthy life. Get enough sleep, and keep your stress level as low as possible.

Whoever strives to stay in shape during winter should equally take care of food and exercise. Whether you prefer cardio workouts, yoga, high-intensity training, or a fat loss workout, you must not interrupt your training regime during the winter. If you are uncertain how to organize your training during the winter months, Dubai Personal Trainers are here at your disposal. They will tailor the perfect training that would best suit your training preferences and physical condition.

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