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Published: September 4, 2019

Reaching your weight-loss goal is admirable and we congratulate you! But it will not always be the end of your weight-loss journey. Trying to stop yo-yo dieting is a frustrating occurrence for so many people around the world. It more often than not happens just like this. Your job is sedentary, you cannot find the time to do our best exercise to lose weight. And you add a vacation on top of all that which will set you back a lot if you’re not careful. But our thinking surrounding weight loss is often problematic as well. People like to think of a diet as a hassle that they need to go on and then get off as quickly as possible. But lasting weight loss requires making permanent changes.

Keeping track of calories on an app can help you stop yo-yo dieting
Studies show that tracking what you eat every day can help you lose up to twice as much weight as people who improvise.

If you don’t stop yo-yo dieting you can have serious setbacks which will make your health goals even more unattainable

  • Repeated weight cycling causes metabolic hormones, such as insulin to rise. It elevates levels of estrogen and all of these changes will have an impact on you to start putting on weight around your middle. Research claims that this process links to insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
  • However, on another note, torturing your body with too many hours of heavy-duty cardio and low-calorie/low-fat diets? This lifestyle is equally damaging because it can lead to metabolic failure. Start working with a professional female personal trainer Dubai who help you balance yourself hormonally, metabolically, and behaviorally.
  • So how can you stop yo-yo dieting and start pursuing your health goals for life? To avoid weight cycling follow our golden tips.
Smile on a post-it

If you don’t stop yo-yo dieting, your confidence can also hit bottom. The more times you go through weight-cycling, the less sure you become in yourself and your power to break free from the constant highs and lows.

Stop stress eating

Stress eating will quickly turn into a binge if you don’t pay attention to your body. We don’t register that we’re full because we stuff the food down so fast. When you are feeling stressed, instead of choosing an unhealthy snack, make a list of other calming foods. Or even activities like going for a run, doing exercises to lose belly fat, meditating, enjoying a good book. When you feel overwhelmed turn to your list and choose an activity you can execute in the next 10 minutes.

Setting new goals can stop yo-yo dieting

There will always be a celebration, a birthday, or vacation full of tempting foods that you will first prepare for. You are going to diet to look and feel your best for them and then break your diet while attending them. But next time you have such an occasion try something different. Instead of keeping the pounds off just long enough for the event, think about rewarding yourself for some long-term achievements. Maybe you can book a spa treatment before a special occasion. Then set your next big goal – like training for your first half-marathon or getting in shape to scale the Grand Canyon. Setting a big new goal each time you complete one means you are on your way to making permanent changes to your lifestyle.

Focus on the positive changes and you’ll easily stop yo-yo dieting

If counting calories is all you ever think about, it will be very hard for you to stick to your goals. Especially if you don’t see immediate results. Sometimes, your weight will fluctuate based on hormones, time of day, or if you are hydrated or not. In fact, studies have shown that women who focus solely on counting calories and restricting their diet say they feel more stressed. They have higher levels of cortisol, which has a direct link to overeating. Instead of obsessing about your food intake, think about how eating healthy produce and exercising make you feel. Most people report they have more energy. You might soon start to notice that you are able to keep up with your kids. Just take the time to notice the positive effects of each new healthy habit. You’ll see yourself starting to push away the plate before you have cleaned it.

Join a weight-loss community

Having a group or at least one friend along for the weight-loss ride can help keep you accountable. In fact, people who have joined an online support group could finally meet their goals. Find yourself an online squad. A group will provide you with the support that is necessary to stay on your goals to stop yo-yo dieting.

You should work out harder on the days you feel like quitting

Instead of avoiding sweating when you’re not feeling inspired, get over the obstacle by pushing yourself. Intensifying your efforts a bit more than usual will help you take on and tackle tough challenges. Pushing through the hard times will boost your confidence. The more energetic you are, the easier it is to recover from inevitable setbacks.

Find a success story to get inspired

Trying to stop yo-yo dieting is easier if you have an inspiration to look up to. Team up with someone who is already on track with their health goals. Teaming up with a mentor means you will get the support you need. If your mentor can empathize with you and help you avert a potential crisis, they will remind you of how good it feels to be in control of your body.

Healthy green foods in a bowl
It might sound strange but a messy kitchen can interfere with your efforts to make healthy meal choices.

Consider a new category of healthy and happy

If you find yourself stuck at a certain weight or frustrated with counting calories but you are still the same size, It just means that you’re fighting an unnecessary battle. Try to turn to some other measures of health and body positivity ideas. Do you feel stronger? Are your days happier? Are you sleeping better? All of these signals that your body is sending you are good indicators that you’re on the right track. You will stop yo-yo dieting when you quit worrying and start feeling the change!

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