Importance of proper hydration during exercise routines

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Published: October 30, 2019

As you know, one of the most important things for any workout routine is being hydrated! Every exercise routine requires you to be hydrated before, during and after the exercising. Our whole body is mostly water, and when you exercise you lose a lot of water. A lot of people don’t really understand the importance of proper hydration during exercise and we will do our best to explain to you the basics, so you can be aware the next time you decide to exercise. You can be sure that exercising next time, once you realized how important is to be hydrated during an exercise routine, your body will be more functional.

Why is hydration during exercise routine important?

Well, the water is as you probably already know very important. If you are just starting to exercise for the first time and you are not sure how much water is enough, we will answer that question as well. Water regulates our body temperature and lubricates our joints. During exercise, our temperature can raise, and that is when the water comes in. Besides that, hydration during exercise helps our body transport nutrients and keep the energy level high. There are different symptoms of dehydration, and we will talk about them, so you can learn to recognize them.

water glass that means and helps with hydration during exercise
No matter the level of your workout, you should be drinking enough water!

Is dehydration dangerous?

Well, depending on how much you actually are dehydrated it can affect your body in different ways. You need to be careful when you exercise in hot weather because your body will need more water. When you exercise, you are breathing faster and deeper. And naturally, when you exercise – you sweat more. All of that can easily lead yo dehydration. Long-term lack of water can lead to some serious health issues. So, the best thing that you can do is to pay attention to your water levels during exercising. With that simple act, you will be able to prevent much more serious problems.

What are the signs of dehydration?

Well, the sings will begin to show as soon as your water level drops. You will feel that you have less energy. After that, you will probably notice that you have a lot of muscle cramps. Other common symptoms are dizziness and constipation. One of the most useful tips to recognize is your body lacking water is the color and consistency of your urine. Urine that is a deep yellow or golden color usually means that you need more water.

woman holding her head
If you feel dizzy, or have a headache make sure to rest and drink more water

If you also feel confused, dizzy those are also signs to start drinking more water. And, if you notice that you are having common headaches after the training that means that you should pay attention to your hydration during exercise. There are numerous tips on how to improve your workouts, and the most important one is to be very well hydrated.

Hydration during exercise – when is enough?

Well, we need to talk first about the hydration before the workout. Generally, the formula for understanding how much water your body needs is to simply take your weight in pounds, and then divide that number in half. The number that you get is the approximate amount of water you should take in ounces daily. But, if you train regularly, you will probably need more water. A basic guideline to drink water during exercising is:

  • Take 17 to 20 ounces of water 2 to 3 hours prior to the workout
  • Drink 8 ounces of water 20 to 30 minutes before the training ( you can drink it during your warm-up)
  • Take 7 to 10 ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes while you workout
  • Drink 8 ounces of water after the workout, no more than 30 minutes after
sport equipment to help hydration during exercise
Proper sports equipment is also very important while exercising

Of course, we need to remind you that these are some general guidelines. The intake of water depends on the type of exercise you are doing. Also, one of the important factors is the type of clothes you are wearing during a workout. Hydration during exercise is much more than simply drinking water. If you ask any male or female fitness trainers, they will tell you the exact same thing. Stay hydrated and pay attention to the signs that your body sends you.

Should you drink sports drinks?

Well, this also depends on the type of workout. Sports drinks can sometimes be very useful, while on the other hand, they can sometimes be the wrong choice. A lot of professional athletes use some type of sports drink to boost their system with electrolytes and other nutrients. If you want to be sure did you choose the right drink – read the label. Pay special attention to the nutrition label. Sometimes, those drinks are full of sugar and caffeine and they can make things even worse. So – pay attention and don’t drink anything. Water still should be your number one choice.

What to do in case of dehydration?

The first thing you need to do is to discipline yourself in your daily exercises. You should really avoid to workout one day too much and the next day – nothing. You should keep your workout routine in balance. That way – you will be on a good path to avoid dehydration. But in case you do get dehydrated you should take the water immediately. A great thing that you can do is also to sip on coconut water. It is rich in different nutrients and your body will recover faster. Also, try eating food that has a lot of water – like melons, berries, celery, etc. Stop your training, and start drinking water.

girl drinking water
To avoid being dehydrated, make sure to drink enough water

Hydration during exercise is the key to a good health

While training is definitely a way to stay fit and healthy, you need to think about your water intake. Drinking water during exercise is important, but also it is important to drink it before and after. You can drink herbal teas, they can also be a great addition to your workout routine. Keep in mind, that exercising, drinking enough water and eating healthy are all the things that will help you to improve your body and health. So, pay equal attention to all of them.

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