Indoor rock climbing for beginners – All you have to know

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The majority of people have dreamt about conquering a mountain top at least once in their lifetime. However, for one reason or another, that might not be possible. Or at least it isn’t for the time being. So what do you do if you feel that passion for climbing but aren’t able to go mountain climbing? You obviously find the nearest indoor rock climbing venue! But this is much easier said than done. If you want to include this activity in your workout routine, rest assured you will have to do some research. Luckily for you, we are here and ready to help you out by covering the basics and providing you with all the vital information about this exciting activity. One indoor rock climbing for beginners guide coming right up!

What are the benefits of indoor rock climbing?

Obviously, rock climbing is so fun that it could very easily be the sole reason for you to indulge in it. But fun is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything this activity has to offer. It will also work wonders for your health and will have a plethora of positive effects.

  • Rock climbing will provide you with both cardio and strength training.
  • It will help with your stability and balance.
  • Conquering your fears (especially of heights) will help you get stronger mentally, as well as physically.
A woman showing her muscles.
You will become a much stronger version of yourself after taking up indoor rock climbing.

Since climbing uses many different parts of the body, you can expect to see improved strength all-over. That being said, one of the questions that’s most frequently asked is whether or not you need to hire a fitness instructor Dubai to help you out with your sessions. While you most certainly can do that, you don’t absolutely have to. Indoor rock climbing gyms are designed to provide you with every commodity – and that brings us to the next point of order.

Indoor rock climbing for beginners – safe or not?

This is one of the biggest concerns out there because, in all honesty, rock climbing can sometimes seem intimidating. That’s why the answer to this question might come as a bit of a shock, but rock climbing is actually much safer than a lot of other sports! How come? For starters, indoor climbing gyms were designed to eliminate all the variables that could lead to an injury or an accident. Yes – accidents still happen here and there. But they are also present in many other sports.

Secondly, gyms have well-trained climbing instructors. They are there to help you out and make sure you remain as safe as possible. Moreover, staff members inspect all the equipment regularly because it’s also in their best interest to eliminate all the chances for accidents. If you have trust in us here at Dubai PT, then you can rest assured you will be as safe as possible while indoor rock climbing.

A man giving a fingerprint on a board.
Security won’t be an issue when you choose a good gym.

As an added bonus, you don’t need any equipment to take up indoor rock climbing! All the equipment is provided by the gym, and the only thing you have to supply is your own outfit!

What are the three different types of indoor rock climbing for beginners?

The good news is that you won’t be bored should you choose this sport. There are three different variants that you can try out depending on your mood and skills. Bouldering, top-roping, lead climbing – all you have to do is choose one for the day. And we’ll explain what they are in essence.


Bouldering is a type of indoor climbing that helps you stay closer to the ground as it has low walls. This activity takes place over thick mats that will cushion the blow should you fall. But don’t let this description fool you into thinking that bouldering is easy. This activity is made out of short sequences that require powerful movements, making them a great way to train your body. A lot of smaller cities only have low walls in their rock climbing gyms. But if you are living in one of the best neighborhoods for ex-pats in Dubai, you can rest assured you won’t experience a lack of options.

Top roping

Because toprope walls are larger, mats alone won’t be enough protection. That’s why climbers are connected to and protected by ropes that keep them from falling down. Usually, this type of climbing is done in pairs. One person climbs on the wall and the second person secures the other side of the rope that’s attached to the climber. This way, they form a belay. Toprope falls usually aren’t more than a few inches high, which gives the belayer just enough time to catch them during a fall. If you like participating in group activities and if you have someone you trust, then this type of rock climbing is the best solution for you!

Lead climbing

In a lot of ways, lead climbing is very similar to top-roping. Once again, you have the climber and a belayer – with the difference that much more responsibility is placed in the hands of the climber. Lead climbing is a bit riskier than top-roping which is why every professional will suggest that you start with top-roping and work your way to lead climbing.

A man participating in indoor rock climbing for beginners.
If you are an experienced climber, then lead climbing will probably provide you with the challenge you need!

Even kids can do it!

Perhaps, the best way to understand just how safe indoor rock climbing is is by knowing that it belongs to kid-friendly activities. In fact, a lot of indoor rock climbing gyms are kid-friendly! Kids are natural climbers so they will love this type of activity!

Whether you take your kids with you or not, we hope that you will have fun! And we hope that this indoor rock climbing for beginners (both kids and adults) guide was useful! Choose the type you prefer and you are going to have fun!

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