Inside Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic – is it over?

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Published: June 19, 2021

Exercising is a good way to work both on your mental and physical health. If you’re used to working out at home, the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t have much effect on you. However, if you’re a gym fan, that’s a different story. The pandemic resulted in social distancing recommendations. All public places, including gyms, had to either cut their hours significantly. Furthermore, fewer people were able to be at the gym at the same time. Of course, if someone needed personal trainer workout tips for beginners, the internet is always an option. However, all of that takes a certain charm out of it. Especially in expanding areas like Dubai. Even now, with the vaccination process taking over, Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic. Because of all the conflicting information we get through different media, people wonder is it really over?

Home work out or gym work out?

It’s important to stay fit, even when you don’t feel like it. Your health should be your priority. We’ve all found ourselves in the new territory. Quarantine and social distancing have limited our possibilities. Going to the gym is hardly possible on a daily basis anymore. Because of that, many gym-goers had to perform their workout routine in their own home. Unfortunately, as practical as that is, it’s still not the same. Many people need social interaction during their training. It’s simply easier for them to keep up the good work when they have someone to talk to. Furthermore, it also helps to have professionals nearby during a workout. However, as we all hope that the pandemic will be over soon, it may be time to reconsider going back to the gym.

Illustration ofDubai gyms' struggle to survive the pandemic
People are craving social interaction because of the Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic.

Many gym goers suffer because of the Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic

One of the main reasons for going to the gym is practicality. It’s simply much easier to work out if you have all the equipment available. All you have to do is appear in the gym and you’ll find everything you need in the palm of your hand. It’s easier to get motivated and invested when everyone around you is also exercising. When training at home, you need to prepare everything yourself. If you don’t like the gyms, chances are you’ve wondered more than once how to train at home properly. There are certain benefits to it, but the truth is that it’s much more practical to do it at the gym.

Gym can really save your life

Apart from being easier and more practical, training at the gym is often even necessary. Certain sports require you to have a gym buddy. Aside from helping you to stay motivated, there are certain feats you can’t perform on your own. Muay Thai training, for example, is all the rage in Dubai, but you can’t do it alone. Like most full-contact sports, you need to have someone to train with you. Furthermore, you of course need the right equipment. Not only is the sports equipment unreasonably pricey, but it’s also hard to come by. You have to have someone to help you make the right choice. It’s easy to make mistakes when training at home. That also applies to buying the right equipment. Gyms, on the other hand, often offer free use of their equipment when you’re a member. Furthermore, you have professionals that will help you along the way.

Man is frustrated because of the Dubai gyms' struggle to survive the pandemic
Gyms have the advantage of having the proper equipment

Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic has a good reason behind it

Many people wonder is it even still possible to go to the gym even during the pandemic. Chances are that there are gyms in your area that still work. However, it’s important to follow all the rules that apply to your country. Wearing a mask during a workout can be difficult. But, if you need a gym-like environment to get your routine done, there is no other choice. Remember to behave responsibly all the way. Here’s a list of rules you should follow:

  • wear a mask
  • use hand sanitizer
  • skip the days when there are lots of people
  • keep social interaction to the minimum
  • don’t go anywhere else in your gym clothes
  • wash your gym clothes after every workout

If you follow these simple rules, you won’t have to worry. You can go to the gym and it will be ok.

Pick your battles

While we’re all hoping that things will go back to normal, it’s not over yet. Until that time comes, you should still avoid public places like gyms. Of course, if it’s necessary for you to go, that is still okay. As we mentioned, there are still ways to do so and be responsible. However, you need to evaluate your priorities. It’s okay to frequent the gyms for routines that require gym equipment. Exercises you need to do in pairs or in a group are also okay. But, your abs workout can easily be done at home. Avoid crowds unless it’s necessary. It’s understandable that you need social interaction. However, now is not the time to be unreasonable. We all must pick our battles if we want life to go back to normal.

Woman can't go to the gym, so she struggles at home
Exercising at home is no real substitute for proper gym exercise, but you might not have a choice.

Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic will have a favorable outcome

It’s important to understand the gym business. Dubai gyms’ struggle to survive the pandemic, for example, is easy to understand. People working there don’t want to endanger anyone. However, it’s crucial for them to stay in business and have clients. Of course, the Best personal trainers in Dubai also try to be responsible at the same time. Gyms themselves limit the number of people every day. Don’t make it hard for them. It’s perfectly okay to go to the gym. Just remember to be socially responsible. No one expects us to remain in our homes forever, after all.



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