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Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want something similar to CrossFit workouts that will push your comfort zone and stress your muscles in just the right way? Then it’s time to start interval training for beginners! This is a method of training that will force you for some time and then give you a recovery period. If you want to learn more about it – then this is the perfect place! In this article, find out all that beginners need to know about interval training!

What’s so great about interval training for beginners?

What is it that makes interval training one of the best fat burning workouts for men? It is the variety of exercises and ways in which you can do it! If you want more intensity, for example, you will get advanced exercises. If you want something less stressful, then you can again modify the exercises to something a little more relaxing and up to your tempo.

What makes interval training so popular? It is because it is amazing for both building up endurance and burning fat. The high levels of intensity it offers will get your heart pumping and your whole body working to do this. With this training, you will be losing weight like nothing!

weight scales
Interval training is amazing for burning fat and losing weight!

But it’s not only that! Interval training is endlessly fun! Usually, when working out, you will be doing everything at the same pace. This can go for the entire workout, which can end up being pretty burning. With this workout method, you will be mixing things up. When you are switching the pace, you will feel like the exercise went by pretty quickly – while still getting the highest efficiency possible!

Interval training is good for everyone

When you are exploring it, interval training can seem quite intense. This is why many are afraid to venture into this amazing workout method. This is the wrong approach! There are many amazing male and female personal trainer Dubai who can help you with interval training if you are a beginner.

Not only that, but you can get quite a lot from it – which we already mentioned! Not only do you get a huge variety of exercises and levels of intensity, but you can oscillate these while getting used to working out. This way, you can build up to a steady pace and get your body used to more intensity through time. You also give your body an amazing opportunity to get used to working out step by step.

a stopwatch
This time-based workout method will give you comfort but also challenge you!

What’s more, the type of workout gives you amazing levels of comfort. You will work hard for some time, and then relaxing for some time too. This way, you can be as comfortable as you want. This is better than working for long periods of time, which can exhaust you and stress your body.

Start with sprinting

Sprints are a great exercise to start with. You can do them for a short amount of time – as fast as you can – and then take a little rest before doing it again. Best of all, you can do them wherever you want – on a treadmill or outside.

However, what’s important is that you need to balance it out and start really slow with the routine. Especially if you are new to sprinting. First, a warm-up for a couple of minutes. Then, sprint as fast as you can for 15 seconds, after recovering for 60 seconds. You will want to repeat this 10-12 times. Again, if you are new, you will want to start with 4 to 6 sprints at most.

Tabata is another great thing you can try

If you want to use any exercise for your workout, then it is Tabata you are looking into!  This is an exercise routine done by busy moms as well as fitness buffs! The important thing you need to remember is that you need to follow the 20/10 rule! First, you start with 20 seconds workout where you can go all out! Then, you will rest for 10 seconds.

You can structure up the workout with only one exercise – or you can use many! Create six or eight sets of 20 second periods for the best efficiency! Of course, this will depend on your level of fitness. However, even beginners can complete some challenging workouts – so it doesn’t really hurt to try!

Circuit training is similar to Tabata

Another thing that you need to add to your interval training for beginners is circuit training. It is similar to Tabata – but it also adds the compound, muscle-building movements. Because of this, some believe circuit training is one of the best types of training that you can include in your training.

push ups
Circuit training might be the best set of exercises to add to your interval training.

This is because the compound weighted movements will put the focus on some of the main muscle groups in your body all at the same time. This will massively increase your afterburn – which we are going for, after all.

For example, you can start with pushups or push press with a barbell. Then, you can move on to deadlifts or dumbbell lunges. After that, it’s squats to overhead press using a barbell, and renegade rows. Finish with lateral lunges with dumbbells. You can repeat every step for 60 seconds. The rest periods will take around 90 seconds between each exercise. You should aim for six rounds of training.

Cycling can be an exercise for your treadmill

Another amazing thing you can add to your interval training for beginners is cycling. When you do this method, you can exclude a treadmill from your exercise – and you will work your leg muscles like nothing! All you need is to start with a short warm-up – 2 to 3 minutes. Then, pedal at the high-intensity level or resistance for less than a minute – 30 or 45 seconds will be enough. You can recover for 45 or 60 seconds and then repeat for 15 to 20 intervals.

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