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Published: January 22, 2021

Kettlebells are a staple of fitness. They are especially efficient if your goal is weight loss. But if you want to get the most out of them, you are going to need to figure out the proper kettlebell workout for weight loss. The easiest way to do so is to hire the services of a personal trainer Dubai has to offer. If this is your first time encountering kettlebells, it is your best option. But you can do a lot with them on your own as well. All you need is some knowledge that you can find in this article.

The kettlebell workout for weight loss – Useful advice

Here is what we are going to be covering in this article:

  • What are kettlebells and how to use kettlebells for weight loss?
  • Hire a professional trainer
  • Always warm-up before kettlebell workout for weight loss
  • Pass the kettlebell around the body
  • Deadlift
  • An amazing kettlebell workout for weight loss – Squats
  • Single swing

There are more nuances to kettlebells but for their basic use, this is all that you will need. But if you want to know more, we have some Kettlebell workout tips in store for you, too. We want to provide you with all the information you might need to create an optimal routine, after all. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, too, we are always happy to assist!

What are kettlebells and how to use kettlebells for weight loss?

Alright, let’s start with the basics. The term itself comes from the Russian word “girya”, as that is where the kettlebells originate from. In essence, it is a cast-iron weight that looks similar to a cannonball with a handle on it. The handle is what makes this tool so good and unique. Standard dumbbells have a different center of mass, which makes them less suitable for most exercises. Almost all weight loss trainers employ kettlebells in their programs nowadays. The reason for it is that they allow motions that combine several exercises at once, such as cardio, flexibility, and strength. This means that your whole body is engaged at once, making for an impressive workout!

kettlebells in gym
Due to their unique “kettle” shape, kettlebells are great for weight loss workouts.

Hire a professional trainer

If you want to get the most from your exercises, there is nothing better than having someone to instruct you in exactly what you should be doing. Having a professional trainer by your side will maximize your efforts, providing you with a workout that is both fun and extremely effective. Your trainer will also provide you with specific instructions on how to prevent an injury while exercising at home. In times of pandemics, for example, this might actually be really important. You will need to spend more time at home and knowing how to exercise properly will be invaluable. Not to mention all the other benefits that come with having a personal trainer, like motivation and support.

Always warm-up before kettlebell workout for weight loss

Now, here’s something that you can never forget. Always make sure to properly warm-up before starting your kettlebell routine. Your workout is going to be intense and your muscles need to be prepared for it. Otherwise, you are risking an injury from which you may take weeks to recover from. It is always better not to risk it, even if you are feeling great. Besides, warming up will add to the calories burned, further enhancing your weight loss. Sure, it might take a bit of extra time but it is definitely worth it. Once you take your kettlebells and want to start working out with them, here are some sample exercises:

Pass the kettlebell around the body

This is a great way to start your routine. What you are going to do is pass the kettlebell around your body while having your hips facing forward. You will want to change the tempo of the movement while also switching directions frequently. You want to give each direction around 30 seconds, for maximum effect. Also, you will want to use a light kettlebell for this workout, as heavier ones can really tax you. And this is just the start!

kettlebell workout
Around the body pass is a great way to start your routine.


The next exercise is going to target your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. Place the kettlebell on the ground and stand around shoulder-width apart from the bell. The way you are going to pick up the weight is by having your chest lifted and with your hips sitting back. Grab the handle with both hands and stand up, all the while firmly pressing your feet into the floor. Once you are in the upright position, reset and repeat. For starting out, ten repetitions are quite enough. Don’t increase that until you finish the entire routine and see how you feel. If it is really easy for you, increase the number of reps.

An amazing kettlebell workout for weight loss – Squats

Squats are a great exercise on their own. The kettlebell further enhances them by adding some weight. Hold the weight in front of you, holding it with both hands, just a bit above chest level. Palms up, forearms against the body, squat and stand up. Simple and effective! Again, start with 10 repetitions and increase if necessary.

You should also follow these exercises with some joint mobility ones. Try to rotate all of your major joints, like shoulders, neck, and hips. Do this in a circular motion, in both clockwise and anticlockwise fashion. Repeat at least ten times, ideally twenty.

squats with kettlebell
Kettlebell squats (also known as “Goblet squats”) are one of the best exercises for weight loss.

 Single swing

The last essential kettlebell workout for weight loss is the single swing. For this workout, you will be standing with your feet apart, around hip-width. Your kettlebell will be in front of you, on the floor. Start the exercise by grabbing the handle with one hand, while sitting back with your hips. Then, shoulders back, chest lifted, swing the kettlebell in between the legs. When you get to the endpoint, stand up, extend the torso, hips, ankles, and knees. You should be experiencing a pendulum motion, which you will continue throughout the set. Each rep should be around 20 seconds. The rest period between switching arms is around 10 seconds but feel free to adjust as necessary.


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