Knee strengthening exercises- what to try and what to avoid?

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The knee is without a doubt the largest joint in your body. Whenever you walk, run, jump or climb, the knee is in use. Over time, the joint is prone to wear and tear, and is very prone to injury and pain. To prevent this and extend the health of your joints, Dubai PT recommends doing some very beneficial knee strengthening exercises. If the knee isn’t properly exercised, you may experience various knee pains, most common of which is known as runner’s knee. However, injuries of the knee can also occur even when you exercise. This can easily happen if you don’t use proper techniques or overexert your knees when working out. This is why it is very important to exercise the right way. We’re here to tell you about the exercises you can do to keep your joints healthy, and what to avoid in order to prevent negative effects.

Why knee strengthening exercises are beneficial to your health

Many studies have shown that strong and flexible muscles are the main factor when it comes to keeping your knees healthy and preventing injury. In addition to this, exercise is the most effective way to treat issues such as osteoarthritis without surgery. Exercising the knee doesn’t affect the joint itself, but the muscles around it. With strong muscles, you provide good support to your knees, and can easily achieve a healthy lifestyle. Knee pains often happen when the joints take on too much stress, which you can easily counter by being active. The exercises we’ll be talking about are meant to strengthen the muscles. If you experience any kind of pain during them, or already have existing pains, you should consult your doctor or gym instructor. For best effects, it is good to warp up before exercising with walking, light cycling, or an elliptical machine.

person getting a knee treatment
Without proper exercise, your knees can deteriorate easily and cause you discomfort

Leg lifts are beneficial to more than just the knee

When doing leg lifts, besides the knee, you are also strengthening your quads and abdominal muscles. Lie down on the floor and keep your back flat at all times. Bend your right leg in the knee, while keeping your left leg straight. Pull your abdominal muscles inward brings your lower back closer to the floor and provides extra support. Start lifting your leg slowly and don’t bend the knee. Bring your leg about 12 inches from the floor, and stop. Hold your leg up for about 5 seconds, and slowly bring it back down. Since this exercise focuses on the legs, you can combine it with arm workouts for women to boost efficiency. With leg lifts, you strengthen your knee muscles, while also putting your stomach muscles to work. When doing this, it is important to allow the foot to remain in its natural, flat position, without pointing your toes.

Put your knees and glutes to good work with standing hamstring curls

For this exercise, start by standing straight with your knees slightly apart. Hold on to a chair or a countertop to maintain your balance. Then, slowly bend one knee behind you, and keep your thighs aligned. Slowly lift your knee in a smooth motion until it reaches a 90-degree angle. Hold your leg up for about 5 seconds and kept it slightly bent to avoid locking it, then slowly lower it back down. Repeat two or three more times, and then switch sides and repeat. Like with the leg lifts, your foot should remain in its natural position. This exercise isn’t about the ankle joints, so don’t flex your foot while doing this. These repeated bends not only boost your knee muscles but your thigh muscles too. Since the exercise requires good balance, it also calls on your glutes for support, which is an added bonus.

man exercising his knees with a trainer
With a good trainer, and proper guidance, you can greatly improve your knee strength

Knee strengthening exercises can be done in a few easy steps!

Even something simple as walking or stepping can greatly boost your knee muscle mass. This is why good knee strengthening exercises can come in the shape of simple step workouts. Get yourself a sturdy stool or step exercise platform of about 6 inches. Then, simply step onto the stool with the right foot, while your left foot follows behind. Keep in mind that your left foot shouldn’t be on the stool as well, but hang behind it instead. Shift your body weight onto your right foot and hold the position for about 5 seconds. Slowly lower yourself down, repeat the step a few times, and switch legs. During this exercise, it is important not to lock the knee, so always keep it slightly bent. The foot you’re stepping with needs to be firmly on the platform. Lastly, if you have issues with balance, you should abstain from performing this workout.

Leg dips can greatly boost your joint stability and strength

The perfect way to exercise both of your knees at once, as well as other lower muscles, is by trying out single leg dips. You can easily do this workout at home by using two chairs placed on both sides of the body. For balance, place your hands on the chair backs. Lift your right leg roughly 12 inches from the ground, and shift your full weight to the left leg. Slowly bend down, pushing your weight onto the supporting leg. Hold this position for a while then slowly straighten up. Repeat and switch sides. This allows you to simultaneously exercise both knee joints. Just remember to not lean back when lifting your leg. Always keep your back and upper body straight to maintain balance and avoid injury. And don’t bend too low, your supporting knee shouldn’t go over your toes.

people walking down a hiking trail
Be active in between the exercises, go on walks or run, and your knees will thank you!

Knee strengthening exercises are a non-invasive and healthy way to strengthen your legs and prevent injury, as well as prologue the durability of your joints. With them, you can also work your way through minor pains from overuse, arthritis, or other natural causes. In addition to these workouts, it is very beneficial to be active daily. Simply walking around or doing slight stretching can really help your knees stay in good shape in between the exercises. Just be mindful of your existing joint conditions, if there are any, and always rely on your doctor or one of our gym trainers for help and advice. With these simple workouts, your knees will be in their prime for a long, long time!


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