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Published: September 6, 2022

Weight loss is a journey, not a race. Besides losing pounds, the goal is to develop a healthy lifestyle and relationship with food and exercise. There are just some of the valid reasons why hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life for the better. Hence why the coach who’s taking care of our weight loss process must be qualified and experienced. In this simple yet comprehensive guide, we at DubaiPT share tips for finding the right coach who will help you attain the physique you want. On the other hand, you may cut time searching by hiring us! Our licensed, world-class coaches take their job seriously and work in the best interest of each client. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get closer to your fitness goals.

The benefits of hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai

If you struggle with weight loss, no matter what your weight goal is, maybe it’s time to seek guidance. Even if you once were an active athlete, time and lifestyle affected your metabolism and physical shape. Rest assured that everyone, including elite athletes, needs the guidance of an expert coach.  Just because you need a professional to help you, doesn’t mean you’re weak to do it on your own. Hiring a coach can kickstart you into a healthier lifestyle, or help you get back on track.

two people exercising in a gym
Hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life for the better with every workout.

Improved health and physical shape

The first thing you’ll notice is that your health is getting much better with every workout. Furthermore, your condition is improving, and suddenly, you can run more miles than before. At first, it might seem impossible for you to suddenly run 30min or lift heavier weights. However, with the right guidance, patience, and time, you’ll get to that point.

A healthier relationship with food

One of the major reasons that keep people stuck in a never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting is a poor relationship with food. Fortunately, the fitness industry has come a long way since the days when rigid dieting was all the rage. Now, you can have a healthier 7-day meal plan for muscle gain, and enjoy diverse food choices at the same time.

Working with a professional coach will free you from quick fixes like the lemon-maple syrup diet, egg diet, and other nonsensical ways to lose weight. It will also teach you how to pick the right foods, and how many grams of macronutrients you need.

Lifestyle changes

Workout is more than a bunch of exercises to lose belly fat. A good coach will curate the training program that engages all your muscles. After a month or two, you’ll see the first result and begin working out on your own when you have time. That being said, you’ll easily get introduced to an active lifestyle that benefits your mind and body alike. Your time spent at the gym with a good coach is also the ultimate opportunity to learn how to treat your body right. Also, you’ll realize that a sedentary lifestyle won’t do you any good in the long run.

A coach can help you discover the activities you’d enjoy: boxing, climbing, etc. Also, you’ll learn what kind of cardio workout fits you the most. For instance, some love running, others rope skipping. If you’re more of an indoor person, then exercising on a treadmill will do just fine.


What is also developing during your workout regime is discipline. If you have a hard time keeping up with your workout plan, hire a coach who knows how to get the work done. By following your workout program and eating enough kcal meal plan Dubai proscribes, you’ll become independent in your workout journey. The process of weight loss will teach you how to train your body, and even get back on track if you happen to have long breaks (that may last for months).

weighs, rope, and sign
There are many reasons why hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life.

According to various conducted studies. working out is one of the least enjoyable things people like to do. Certainly, there’s also a high percentage of those who enjoy strenuous cardio, weight lifting, etc. However, the moment the difficulty level goes up, anyone’s personal motivation gets challenged. That’s why a coach is there to help you develop mental discipline.


A gym membership, professional assistance and commitment to your fitness journey open the door to a whole new community. This is how you can connect with like-minded people who share similar weight loss goals as you. So, don’t hesitate to ask your coach about the meet-ups, for example.

Stress-free life

People who lift weights and do cardio experience fewer cortisol spikes. Hormones get balanced, mood improved, and therefore life becomes easier to handle. Workouts before or after work will help you cope with daily life and any stress that catches you by surprise. Most importantly, your workouts must be diverse so you don’t get bored. That’s why hiring a well-versed coach is a must. A diverse workout regimen will make exercising much more joyful and help you stay motivated.

Learn to recognize expert weight loss Dubai coaches

Here’s what makes a coach qualified and trustworthy:

  • Education – Don’t get fooled by certifications. Just because someone completed a beginner-level program and stopped there doesn’t mean they are an expert coach. Further education is necessary in order to gain more insight into modern methodologies of weight loss. A good coach is one who is always eager to learn more.
  • Experience – If your weight loss journey is a bit more complex, you might want to consider a coach with experience.
  • Versatility – A coach that knows how to include all important exercises and make a weight loss and workout process fun for you is worth your time.
  • Commitment – Every client has different needs and goals, which is something an expert coach should be aware of. That’s why it’s important to find a coach who is able to design customized training and fitness meal plans Dubai.

A good coach is educated in the field of nutrition as well

Since you’re determined to find a great coach, search for those who are expert nutritionists as well. Only that way you’ll get meal plans in Dubai that, combined with a proper workout, bring results. However, make sure a coach has a track record of positive results. That means, the coach will send you to the lab first to have a blood test before you hit the gym.

delicious snacks
You’ll adopt better food habits thanks to a qualified coach.

Don’t forget to check where a coach you’re researching got their credentials. Next, check the institution, its staff, and how valuable is that certificate in the world. The extra research is important for a simple reason – everyone nowadays can get a certification in no time. That being said, when you look for a good coach, aim for professionals who got their credentials in reputable institutions.

Patience is the trait of professional coaches

Professional fitness specialist knows there will be cheat days, doubts, and other factors that may hinder the client’s progress. However, what a coach must do is hold each client accountable while remaining patient and empathetic. This is especially important when working with overweight people with confidence issues. The decision to make healthier choices is already a huge step for them. The last they need is a coach yelling and insulting them.

Contrary to popular notion, fitness coaches who help the client approach every obstacle with proper guidance are more likely to gauge the best results. On the other hand, showing “tough love” isn’t the healthiest motivation. As it’s mentioned, anyone on the weight loss journey, including you, has a common goal – to develop a healthier lifestyle. T

Avoid one-size-fits-all coaches

There’s no such thing as a weight loss regiment that fits everyone. Lots of factors come into play when you embark on a weight loss journey. Body type, basal metabolic index, health, and food intolerance are one of them. What works for somebody else may not work for you, and vice versa. Instead of generic fat burning workouts for men and women, search for a coach who customizes workouts according to each client.

random man lifting weights
Your weight loss journey will help you adopt an active lifestyle.

Online presence is essential

Before you contact a coach, check their website and social media. The amount of work they put into online content is also telling. People will rather hire a coach who showcases before and after pictures, thus proving their expertise. Businesses need an online presence, so don’t let anyone tell you a website doesn’t matter. If a coach doesn’t have a personal portfolio that speaks of their work, you can’t tell he/she is right for you.

How to hire a qualified weight loss coach in Dubai?

Not every coach has the same workout system. This is why thorough research is important in order to get in touch with the right coach for yourself. If you are, for example, a vegan, you have to specifically look for coaches who specialize in vegan meal planning among other ones. Once you get a vegan meal plan Dubai coach curated according to you, you’ll easily embody your nutritional preferences with training sessions.

coaches explaining why hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life
Hire a coach you can trust.

Whether you look for male or female fitness trainers in Dubai, ensure they have sufficient knowledge and expertise to help you. Experience is another important aspect you have to pay attention to. Losing weight mustn’t jeopardize your health. So, the coach you choose has to be someone who puts our well-being above all.

Start looking for licensed, top-rated coaches

Rely on experiences previous customers had. However, pay attention to what their fitness goals were. The coach you look for has to know how to assess the client’s needs. If you know someone who’s been in the gym for quite some time, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation. On the other hand, you won’t make a mistake if you look for the gym first. Every gym has its unique reputation due to the effort its coaches put into everyone’s weight loss process.

Do a background check on each coach in a gym. Focus on those who offer meal planning in addition to training programs. Look for reviews and their social media. If they have a YouTube channel, take a look and decide for yourself.

Ask for multiple consultations

Out of five interviewed coaches, one will be the right one for you. So, make sure to schedule consultations. Pay attention to the following:

  • Is the coach asking you about your health and activity level?
  • How does a coach present themselves?
  • Would you say the coach understands that each weight loss project is unique?

These questions will help you decide whether you should hire a coach or not. It’s also essential to do a background check on any particular coach. Also, there’s no better recommendation than the one given by someone you know.

focused couple discussing how hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life while boxing
The coach you choose has to be the one who will design the best workout for you.

The kind of coaches to avoid

It’s good to know what not to settle for when looking for a good coach in the city of Dubai:

  • Know-it-all coaches who often belittle their colleagues.
  • Coaches that don’t live what they preach to their clients.
  • Impatient and disrespectful coaches who don’t care about their client’s well-being.
  • Coaches that don’t have an online presence.

The coach you hire has to be the one whom you can trust

Undoubtedly, hiring a weight loss coach in Dubai can change your life for the better. Keep in mind, however, that weight loss is also a matter of your health. That’s why you have to work only with an experienced professional who cares about your well-being from start to finish. And remember – losing weight must be a transition into a new lifestyle that gives you energy and keeps you healthy and balanced. Therefore, find a coach who is eager to help you achieve your goals one workout at a time.


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