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Published: March 8, 2019

Exercising is a must if you wish to stay healthy! However, more than half of the people who start exercising, usually give up within the first few months. But why does this happen so often? How to motivate yourself and keep working out even when you don’t feel like exercising at the moment? Well, we have an answer to your troubles! Keep on reading to get the best lifelong exercise tips for beginners.

The importance of making exercise a habit

You’ve probably heard lots of times how exercise is good for you. But no one ever really tells you why it’s important to work out often. This is such a shame because people who’re not informed about these benefits lack in motivation to finally accept a healthy lifestyle and make changes to their everyday routine. However, we want to change this and motivate you to start working out on a regular basis. So, here are a few important exercise tips and what regular workouts will do for you:

  • Improve health – by following good exercise tips for beginners, you’ll manage to lower your blood pressure, build stronger and more durable muscles, as well as overall stamina.
  • Build up self-confidence – people who exercise regularly, burn more calories and manage to keep their bodies at a healthy weight. You’ll look good, and feel even better.
  • Set a good example for others – encourage others to start exercising! This is the best way for motivating family and friends to start working out with you.
  • Boost energy levels – lifelong exercise will make you feel less stressed, fatigued, and tired. You’ll feel both mentally and physically more capable.
  • Reduce stress levels – any form of exercising makes dealing with stress easier. Remember, mental health is as important as physical health.
Woman doing yoga outside.
Regular exercising slows down the aging process, so your body will thank you later for sticking to the exercise routine.

What are the best exercise tips for beginners that will boost your enthusiasm?

Even though to some of you sticking to exercising looks like an impossible mission, it really isn’t. In order to prove you this, we’ve prepared top exercise tips for beginners that will help you make exercise an unbreakable habit.

Have a purpose­

A lot of experts say our reasons for starting exercising are fundamental to whether we will continue doing it or not. Therefore, giving an answer to the question “why” or “for what” will give you a purpose for sticking to your exercising routine. And your purpose doesn’t have to be high-minded! Just visualize what you want and use it as a motivation. Find out what works the best for you.

Be realistic but optimistic

Some of the best workout tips will tell you to set your goals before you dive into this new lifestyle. After finding a reason for exercising, set small objectives or goals that will lead you to your main goal. However, don’t let these goals trap you. Objectives are there as a motivator but don’t just focus on them. Focus on the process, not just on the results.

Also, when it comes to setting goals, make sure you are realistic. This is very important because unrealistic goals can lead to bad injuries and you want to prevent injuries when you exercise. For example, if you want to go to the gym but you’ve never exercised before, you can’t expect to go there every day. Instead, set reasonable goals and change them as you make progress.

Woman stretching.
One of the most important exercise tips for beginners is to start slow. Making exercise a lifelong habit takes time so there’s no point in rushing things.

Create a routine but stay flexible

There are no right periods of time for working out. Some workout tips will advise you to exercise in the morning, while others will tell you to do it in the evening. Instead of following these tips, you should build your own workout routine. Only you can know when you’ll have the most time to devote yourself to exercise. If you don’t know how to do it, find someone who can help you. However, even if you create the best workout routine ever, something will come up eventually. Don’t let these unexpected things affect your workouts. In these situations, you’ll have to stay devoted and find the time to do your workouts. Be flexible and don’t give up at the first hurdle you encounter!

Find people to work out with

Sticking to the exercise routine is easier if you have someone who will work out with you. They can motivate you to continue exercising when you don’t feel like it. And, as it turns out, some new researches claim that competition is the best workout motivator! Therefore, you can finally use your competitive nature for sticking to a healthier lifestyle! If by any chance none of your friends want to join you, don’t worry. You can get a personal trainer who will know how to motivate you the right way. All you have to do is find a physical activity that suits you best. Whether you’re into Zumba, Fitness or Power yoga Dubai, you’ll have no problem in finding the best personal trainer.

People putting hands together.
A good team can make everything easier.

Invest in it

Whether you want to exercise at home or go to the gym, you’ll need to have the proper gear. Even though it sounds crazy, the clothes and shoes you choose can have a big impact on your performance. It turns out that the gear you have will help you get in the right mindset for the gym, but will also make working out easier and safer. The appropriate gear will provide you with comfort, protection from the environment, and the proper range of motion.

Forget excuses and don’t give up

If you want to make exercise a lifelong habit, forget about excuses! Finding the time, money, and will for sticking to workout routine sometimes seems impossible. However, in these situations, you’ll have to stay strong, find a way to motivate yourself and continue what you’ve started. With the right attitude, good exercise tips for beginners, and your workout buddies, you’ll manage to overcome any obstacle!

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