Losing weight after the lockdown – All you have to know

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Published: May 28, 2020

The global pandemic has definitely put a hold on too many normal activities around the world. There are, no doubt, things that you hoped to achieve by now that had to be scrapped due to self-isolation and other necessities of a lockdown. However, luckily, this is all coming to an end, we hope permanently, People are slowly but surely reclaiming the streets of their cities with local businesses reopening. Among them, of course, are gyms which you have surely missed dearly. What happens when the gym was really missed? Many people had bad luck with diet and weight loss exercise do to massive changes to daily habits and lack of sports equipment availability during the lockdown. Well, then you need to swiftly rectify the situation. With summer-time coming up and all the beaches prepare, you will need to know exactly how to be successful in losing weight after the lockdown.

Losing weight after the lockdown by getting out

What is the first thing that a concerned parent or a roommate tells a person that is getting a little bit too overweight? Usually, it is a form of the “You need to get out more” comment. That is a bit of frequent advice that happens to be a pretty good one. The argument is based on simple yet sound logic. You are not a plant – you are meant to move. You need to get energy by eating and spend it by doing physical activity (as any fitness instructor Dubai will tell you).

Therefore, when you are stuck in quarantine, it is easy to simply continue eating without having the proper ability to do all the physical activity you would usually do. For that reason, you will definitely be going to see an increase in weight during the lockdown. However, that also means that the problem is easily fixable.

losing weight after the lockdown - A woman running on a beach
Jogging is a great way to lose weight while enjoying the outdoors.

Steps to take after the lockdown

There are plenty of activities that you can do to know that the quarantine is over/coming to an end. We are sure that you miss being out and free to roam. There are some of the things we recommend you get to when going out.

  • Running. Humans have an innate ability to run for dozens of miles without having to stop. Therefore, running is a perfect, natural way to get your metabolism and cardio out while losing weight after the lockdown.
  • Outside exercises. In general, doing most exercises you have been doing at home you can now do in nature. Go to the local park and do your regular sets and reps.
  • Just walk and be outside! Finally, you can simply go out and walk! Physical activity of any kind, like exploring your city after a lockdown, is a great way to regain body balance.

Find a personal trainer and a nutritionist

Ok, so, in summary, you need to reactivate. To leave the confines of your home once more and find reason and energy to get your body going. With that covered, what more should you do? What if losing weight after the lockdown is a mission for you that needs to be done thoroughly? Well, if that is the case, then regular running and physical activity, in general, won’t cut it. Sure, it is a good way to lose health, but it is not fast nor fail-proof. Therefore, you will need something else. You will need help from the professionals!

Diet and workout specialists can help you lose weight after the lockdown

The first thing that pops into the minds of most people when personal trainers are mentioned is Hollywood actors that have extremely expensive personal trainers to get them ready to look like soldiers, superheroes, etc. However, the use of a personal trainer should not be limited to the world of celebrities… There is no reason why you shouldn’t use one!

There are plenty of affordable personal trainers. All you need is to search for cheap personal trainer Dubai and then start planning out your future look. Stick to their advice and formula and you will be looking at your absolute best in no time.

Professional nutritionists can, also, help you to create a healthier lifestyle. These experts can be hired to help you losing weight after the lockdown with some thoughtful and custom diets. Using the services of a personal nutritionist is a great idea if you want to find out what kind of foods you do or don’t enjoy.

Go to the gym

While the lockdown was an effect, maybe you have lost the will and discipline needed for regular workouts. Or, on the other hand, maybe you did continue with regular fitness programs in the privacy of your home. Whatever the case may be, we would argue that you should hit the gym (again).

A man excercising with weights
Get ready to hit the gym!

There are definitely benefits to a home workout, we will not deny this. You can be dressed in whatever you liked, there is no (possibly unpleasant) company and there is literary no commuting. It is always accessible and, best of all, it is free. If you do regular home workouts, you will most surely see benefits. However, if you are planning on losing weight after the lockdown in any meaningful time, you need more than just effective, you need efficient.

In the gym, you will have access to much better tools to help you build your perfect body and will be surrounded by people that can provide you with help and advice. Losing weight that way will be much faster and easier.

Try a diet!

Finally, this guide would not be complete without mentioning the importance of healthy eating. A lot of us lost their way when it comes to eating while in quarantine.

fruits ina hearth position
Enjoy sweet but healthy

Many a diet plan was abandoned during the quarantine. It is high time to get back to eating healthy and in reasonable amounts. Maybe try out interesting fasting or meal prepping?

Losing weight after the lockdown – In conclusion

The key to losing weight after the lockdown is reenergizing. Feel comfortable outside again, return to the gym, and get back your discipline. Prepare well and ask for help You need to hit the ground running!

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