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The human body is made out of many things – and a lot of substances are a part of our daily metabolism. This applies to minerals as well. From so many of them coursing through our body in various amounts, magnesium is the fourth most abundant. This is fortunate because it plays a couple of very important roles in our body – including our brain! However, there is also no denying magnesium benefits on your exercise performance. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you should know these as well. This way, you can regulate the intake of the mineral in your body. In this article, we look at the top ways in which magnesium can affect your body.

Magnesium gives you stronger bones

When you talk about your bones, one of the first things that pop into your mind is calcium. This is because this mineral is essential in many bone functions. Your bones are constantly restored. Some are being resorbed and formed every second. Don’t worry, though – it takes about 10 years for all the bones to be renewed in this way! However, for this to happen, you need some calcium – and bones are its main storage. This is why most of the research you can find online focuses on calcium when it comes to your bone structure.

Magnesium helps regulate bone strength.

However, there was research in 2013 that showed that magnesium can also affect bone density. The more you have in your organism, the denser your bones will be! It can also boost bone crystal formation, and thus lower the risk of osteoporosis in females at later stages in life. What’s more, it also helps our bodies to regulate just how much calcium and vitamin D we have in our bodies. Since these are the two most important nutrients tied to our bones, magnesium is pretty important in our everyday life!

Of course, it goes without saying that having good bones is an important part of your exercise performance. Osteoporosis is a real threat, especially as we age, and we can help fight it with good workout – and strong bones. What’s more, having less dense bones can only increase the risk of injury during a workout – so the intake of magnesium is important!

Magnesium benefits your exercise performance in many ways

Let us now dive deeper into the direct roles magnesium can play in your fat loss workout – or similar exercise performance. PubMed Center published research that says you need at least 10-20% more of the mineral when exercising than when you are resting. Of course, this depends on the activity you are doing. However, it is proof enough that your body requires magnesium for exercise – and thus, it benefits your performance.

Other than helping balance your calcium and vitamin D, magnesium helps “feeding” your muscles. It does this by helping to move blood sugar into them, and move lactate out. Lactate is a substance that builds up in your muscles when you are exercising and can lead to muscle pain. So, by doing this, magnesium allows you to work out longer before feeling soreness.

magnesium benefits include stronger muscles
Magnesium helps “feed” your muscles!

There were even studies with professional athletes taking magnesium each day to see if it benefits their exercise performance. In the first study, volleyball players took 250 mg of it per day and found out they were jumping better, as well as having a better arm movement. The second one showed that athletes were running faster, swimming and cycling better after using magnesium for four weeks. So, if you are preparing for a triathlon, then magnesium benefits are countless!

Magnesium deficiency can lower exercise performance easily

You can see magnesium benefits on your exercise performance by looking at how much its deficiency can cause you to slow down, too! Although usually deficiency symptoms are rare with people who do the cardio workout and live a healthy lifestyle, they can still cause trouble. Officially, the deficiency is called hypomagnesemia, and there are many causes for it. It can be a side effect of some medications and health conditions, but can also occur with consuming too much alcohol.

nauseated woman
Magnesium deficiency can cause nausea.

The symptoms include a loss of appetite and nausea with vomiting. Also, you will feel fatigued or weak. As you might imagine, all of these can greatly lower your exercise performance – and some are even similar to working out too much! This is especially true when you look at some of the more advanced symptoms. They include muscle cramps and numbness with tingling. In extreme cases, it can lead to seizures and personality changes, and a change in the heart rhythm.

Some still dispute magnesium benefits on exercise performance

There is a thing to note at the end of the magnesium discussion, though. To be objective, we need to address the fact that there are still people and studies disputing magnesium benefits. Some studies showed that there are no changes in people’s exercise performance even with the magnesium intake, and cast doubt and shadow over how helpful it can be. Whether this is true or not we cannot know for sure.

What we do know is that magnesium really does benefit our body in many ways. It helps regulate other substances that help our bones grow stronger. It can lower the risk of diabetes and increase your cardiovascular health. And there are still other researches who sware in its effectiveness. So, there is at least a big part that is true when considering its effect on the body for sure. What is one hundred percent true, though, is that with good Dubai personal trainers and a healthy diet, there are ways to get in shape and increase your exercise performance with ease! So call us today for a new, healthier life!

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