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The image of what a perfect body should look like has been greatly changed in comparison to the past. Nowadays, the focus isn’t on the aesthetics of a body – it’s on its functionality and strength. Thus, adding more muscle mass has become the number one goal of all devoted gym-goers. Being regular at the gym is definitely the right first step towards success, but it needs to be followed by a special diet that facilitates muscle gain. In case you aren’t sure how to create the best menu for yourself, you should feel free to consult us here at DubaiPT. We can create the best 7 day meal plan for muscle gain that will be adjusted to your needs, goals, and capabilities.

Healthy foods in a pan will be a part of a 7 day meal plan for muscle gain.
Build muscle and strength by focusing on proper nutrition.

Meal Plans That Will Transform Your Body

Improve your lifestyle and workout routine with tailored meal plans created by nutrition experts for your specific needs.

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Meal Plans That Will Transform Your Body

Improve your lifestyle and workout routine with tailored meal plans created by nutrition experts for your specific needs.

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DubaiPT will help you achieve all of your personal goals

Whether the decision to be more active is a part of your New Year’s resolutions list, or it’s something that has been recommended by a doctor, we wholeheartedly support your journey. Becoming fit and healthy might be one of those rare processes that have no downsides. Making the decision to get into the best shape of your life is easy – but actually turning your decision into reality is the difficult part. In order to help you in your journey, we here at DubaiPT offer a platform that is filled with licensed and qualified personal trainers in Dubai. Our trainers specialize in different disciplines and sports, which is why you can opt for:

Both male and female fitness trainers will be at your complete disposal, as you are free to choose an individual you can get along with the best. Securing that you have the most suitable personal trainer is half the work done. The other half consists of obtaining the perfect meal plan in Dubai that will be personalized to your needs. DubaiPT can help you get access to:

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Your job is to give us particularities regarding your fitness journey – our job is to provide you with all the tools necessary for smooth sailing. Our aim is for you to reach your goals in a quick yet realistic time span. That’s why our muscle gain diet plan is going to be imperative for the end result of your gym sessions. Thus, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team and share your needs. We are going to need some pieces of information in order to provide you with a meal plan that works.

Broccoli and carrots in a pan.
Healthy food is going to be your best ally if you want to build muscle and lose fat.

Complement your workout results with our 7 day meal plan for muscle gain

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced weightlifter, you will need to provide your muscles with enough fuel if you want them to grow. When it comes to muscle gain and muscle growth, the main nutrient you want to focus on is protein. Of course, you also need to ensure that you get a sufficient intake of other essential macronutrients, such as carbs and fat. Our bodies are complex machines, and they need to be properly fueled. All of these macronutrients can be found in different sources of food. Learning which foods are the best sources of different macros takes a significant amount of time. The good news is that you already have a handy solution at your fingertips.

With our muscle building diet plan, you will get a seven-day meal plan that will provide your body with the optimal nutrients. Your meal plan for the day will ensure that you hit the target for macros through the foods that you consume. Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for more than just strength and muscle gain – it’s the building block of a person’s good health. A nourished body is a flourishing body, and it’s a body that can achieve great things and live a long life of great quality.

Our specialists adjust the plan to your weight and body measurements

For DubaiPT, meal plans are a highly individual thing. We know that every person’s body is going to require a different amount of essential macronutrients. Naturally, a person that weighs 200 pounds is going to require more protein and carbs than someone who weighs 130 pounds. Our job is going to be to assess your needs based on three criteria – your weight, your goals, and your activity levels.

Once we know how many grams of protein you are going to need throughout the day, our seasoned experts are going to compose the optimal meal plan for muscle gain. When we say ‘optimal’, we mean optimal for your body and way of life. That’s why two persons can’t share a meal plan – in these matters, individuality is the key to success.

A woman creating a 7 day meal plan for muscle gain on a laptop.
You can get an electronic or a written version of your unique muscle gain diet plan.

Bear in mind that we are also going to take into account any food intolerances that you might have. A significant portion of people has an intolerance to gluten or dairy. Likewise, many people are allergic to different food groups, such as berries. Our experts are going to take your allergies into consideration, creating a meal plan that will be void of any foods that could give you unpleasant symptoms.

We take your lifestyle into account during the creation of your diet plan for muscle gain and fat loss

A properly structured 7 day meal plan for muscle gain should be easily implemented into your daily life. A person that works 12-hour shifts will have a completely different lifestyle than a stay-at-home parent. Of course, every profession and lifestyle is worthy of respect, and we are going to provide you with respect every step of the way. That’s why our specialists take your lifestyle and work hours into account when creating your meal plan. Thus, you don’ have to worry if you have thirty minutes per day to dedicate to cooking. We are going to make sure that you use those thirty minutes in the best possible way.

DubaiPT is also going to take into account your love for cooking – or lack thereof. If you love to spend all of your free time in the kitchen, then your gym diet plan for muscle gain is going to consist of more elaborate meals. On the other hand, you needn’t worry if you go into the kitchen only when absolutely necessary. Our experts are going to recommend simple yet nutrient-dense meals that won’t take up too much of your time. Contrary to popular belief, many of the most nutritious meals can be made quickly.

Save your time by getting a tailored meal plan for muscle gain

One of the main aims of our platform is to help you reach your goals without losing a lot of time. Thus, we put a plethora of personal trainer and meal planning options at your disposal. We understand that every second of your time is precious, which is why you should use it wisely. If you are not someone who loves to read and learn about nutrition, then you don’t have to waste your time reading up on the topic. You can simply contact us and get a muscle gain diet plan for 7 days – 100% tailored to your needs.

A black alarm clock and a woman that is sleeping.
We are going to invest our time so that you can spend yours doing what you love.

Even if you do have some basic knowledge about nutrition, creating a meal plan for the entire week is going to take effort. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will manage to create a suitable plan even if you invest sufficient time in it. With DubaiPT, you won’t have to worry about wasting hours or creating an inappropriate plan. We are going to take our time to carve out a plan that will hit the goal for all of your macros. Your only job is going to be to follow the meal plan day in, day out.

Free up your time with our quick yet nutrient-dense recipes

A huge number of the population equates healthy food with hours in the kitchen spent making it. Likewise, they equate unhealthy food choices with something that is more convenient. We here at DubaiPT aim to change that way of thinking. Thus, have in mind that we will do our best to provide you with quick and healthy recipes. You will not have to spend all of your free time preparing your food or compromising on other pleasures in life. We know that some people are inclined to give up on their diet if they notice that it’s taking up too much of their time. Our goal is for you to feel a surge of motivation once you notice how easy it can be to eat well and take care of your body. In this life, there is nothing that matters more than your health and wellbeing.

Meal Plans That Will Transform Your Body

Improve your lifestyle and workout routine with tailored meal plans created by nutrition experts for your specific needs.

Get Free Consultation

Meal Plans That Will Transform Your Body

Improve your lifestyle and workout routine with tailored meal plans created by nutrition experts for your specific needs.

Get Free Consultation

Enjoy delicious yet healthy foods that will be a part of your 7 day meal plan for muscle gain

We see a huge number of people with the wrong belief that healthy food usually lacks flavor. The truth is quite the opposite, as healthy food can be incredibly tasty. It just takes the right combination of the right healthy ingredients in order to prepare delicious meals. Of course, a lot of people who are spending all of their free time in the gym wouldn’t mind making the sacrifice of eating tasteless food if it means that they get to build muscle quickly. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer through meals that don’t give your taste buds any pleasure. Likewise, you don’t have to make your peace with slow to stagnant progress in the gym. You can enjoy tasty meals that will be full of the nutrients that your muscles need most.

Our specialists thrive in creating a muscle gain diet plan 7 days that your body is going to love. We know that the tastiest food can oftentimes be the healthiest thing for you. Thus, we focus on including meals that will be rich in flavor. Our experts are going to show you that you can enjoy your meal even when it contains mostly broccoli, vegetables, and rice.

Fried rice that will be a part of your 7 day meal plan for muscle gain.
DubaiPT will help you include different food groups into your diet.

Get access to diverse recipes

Nobody likes to eat the same food over and over again. We understand that by repeating the same recipes, your fitness and health routine might become a chore rather than a source of pleasure and personal development. Thus, we are going to focus on diversity. It’s our goal for you to have access to various food groups, making sure you aren’t deprived of anything. Thus, we will manage to help you stop binge eating as your body and mind won’t be in a state of constant deprivation. When it comes to our muscle gain diet plan, moderation is the leading principle.

Contact DubaiPT and receive your individual meal plan for muscle gain

If you have been spending a lot of your time thinking about creating a special diet plan for muscle gain and fat loss, this is the right moment to take the necessary action. Feel free to contact DubaiPT, tell us a bit about your fitness routine and goals, and allow us to create the optimal 7 day meal plan for muscle gain. We are going to focus our efforts on tailoring a plan that will best fit your needs, lifestyle, and preferences. With a unique meal plan at hand, you will be able to accomplish your fitness goals much faster and with less effort.


Meal Plans That Will Transform Your Body

Improve your lifestyle and workout routine with tailored meal plans created by nutrution experts for your specific needs


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